Assistant Team Leader Performance Review Phrases Examples

Assistant Team Leader Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He's good at growing teams and team leaders and hopefully we'll work again together in the future.
I found him great to work with because as a team leader, he made sure the team progressed.
He is also a very good team leader and is able to get the work done from his team.
He is a great team leader that truly inspires his team to do the best work.
John was an excellent team leader who made working on his team a pleasure.
John is a team leader who brings out the best in any team he works with.
John works well within a team and is also effective as a team leader.
He enjoys being a team leader, and enjoys working with his team.
John is organized, a team player and if you are lucky enough to have him on your team-your team will excel.
Being a team player, he loves to troubleshoot and help out whenever team members need any assistance.
He took our needs very personally, immersed himself in our team, and became quite literally our team's leader.
He is an ideal person to have on your team and is also a team leader.
John is a different kind of leader than your traditional leaders.
John was liked and respected by his whole team, and also the other teams in the department.
I am certain that my team, his team and my peers would all agree.
On-site both he and his team were willing to assist an anyway possible, it really was a one team philosophy working with them.
John has always been a team player, often offering his assistance and knowledge to the team.
I've worked with this guy in teams where he has often proved his efficiency as team leader, team player and does his role to perfection.
He is a strong leader and team builder who is always focused on the success of the team.
John's teams have been consistently successful, which says everything you need to know about him as a leader.
John is one of those leaders that inspires his team to truly believe in what they are selling and delivering.
He is one of the few leaders who really makes an effort to connect with his overall team and is involved.
John was an exceptional leader and one who is willing to do what it takes to make his team successful.
John is a successful leader that has the vision and knows how to get the most out of his team.
He is the kind of leader you need on your team if you are looking to go from good to great.
Above all, he is a natural leader - not just for his own team but for the whole company.
John is one of the greatest leaders who can be trusted and is always on his team's side.
John is a great leader who has always gone above and beyond for his team and company.
More than anything else he is a true leader that his team get behind and really trust.
John is an energetic leader that always makes all-out efforts to see his team succeed.
He always tries to create more leaders in his team and never tried to create followers.
Easy-going style makes him the most popular leader amongst the whole leadership team.
John is a team leader that has your back, not one you have to watch your back around.
John is a first-rate leader who makes his team and others around him much stronger.
John was more than my boss, but really our team's vision and inspired leader.
He is very responsive to the needs of his team and an excellent leader overall.
John always seemed to go far beyond as a team player and leader of the company.
John showed all of us, in and beyond, our team, what being a leader is all about.
John is truly a leader that any company would be lucky to have on their team.
As a leader, he delivers value not only to the company, but also to his teams.
A calm and authoritative leader, he was both liked and respected by his team.
He instilled those values within his team and amongst other company leaders.
John is an excellent leader and highly respected by all those in his team.
The John editorial team that scores him as their leader is very, very fortunate.
Overall, he was a great leader, well-respected and well-liked by the team.
In my book he is a natural leader and someone you would want on your team.
I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a trusted team leader.
John synonymously maintains the respect of his team and his leaders.
John's team was always ranked at the top and on all the leaders boards.
He is an inspiring leader and one that command respect from the team.
John is an incredible leader that his team will follow in any battle.
John has made that wonderful environment as a leader for our team.
He trusts teams leaders, empowers them and make sure they succeed.
He was the trusted, and respected, unofficial leader on our team.
John is an enthusiastic and persistent positive team leader.
He was an inspiring leader to his team and to the entire company.
John has been an approachable leader and mentor for his team.
He has always been a major contributor and leader for the team.
People in his team respect and look up to him as a true leader.
I observed his abilities as an amazing leader within his team.