Associate Attorney Performance Review Phrases Examples

Associate Attorney Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He goes above and beyond what most attorneys will not even think about.
John, did we know just how important it was to have, not just a good attorney, but an outstanding attorney.
That he is also an attorney is more than handy, especially because we were new to this subject.
John is our go-to attorney: he helps us however he can whenever we need him in the courthouse
To say that he is an exceptional attorney, without more, would be an understatement.
If you are looking for an attorney, he is trustworthy and does what he promises.
Working with him is a must for an attorney who wants to see results.
He doesn't talk down to him, as many attorneys have done in the past.
John is an excellent attorney who knows how to get things done.
He is well regarded by all other attorneys on several panels.
John has always been his friend first before he was his attorney.
John is not only a great attorney, but he is very likeable, which is important when you are choosing an attorney.
It actually was about to expire and the other attorney had not even told him this.
In short, he displayed all of the characteristic one looks for in an attorney.
John is the attorney you want on your side if you have any trademark issues.
John possesses the perfect balance that everyone looks for in an attorney.
Unlike many attorneys, he is also down to earth and very straight forward.
John takes his role as your attorney seriously, and wants you to succeed.
He's defiantly not the cliche for an attorney, which is very refreshing.
He is an excellent attorney and will be an asset to any organization.
He has always been the epitome of what an ethical attorney should be.
He knows his stuff well and he really is an attorney with a heart.
There is no doubt in his mind that he will make an amazing attorney.
He is one of those exceptional attorneys who give before taking.
John is an extremely bright, thorough, and reliable attorney.
John and his company have collected monies owed several associations - some where attorneys were not able.
Radna was recommended to him by another attorney so you know he's respected by his peers.
Along with that, he also negotiated the key points with other attorneys.
He also makes valuable connections for you with builders and attorneys.
John is one of those attorneys, trustworthy as he is knowledgeable.
Originally we were introduced by an attorney for whom he was working.
He worked with the attorneys and followed through until the closing.
John has been his attorney on several occasions and he gets the job done.