Associate Creative Director Performance Review Phrases Examples

Associate Creative Director Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is the creative director you always wanted but never knew you could find.
John has everything you could possibly hope for in a creative director.
John is an inspiring, energetic, and passionate creative director.
John was always quick out of the blocks as a creative director.
John is the type of creative director that every agency needs.
John was an outstanding director with a very creative vision.
John is a very talented art director and inspiring creative director.
John came in and kept our creative director's seat warm whilst he was away on maternity leave.
I recommend him highly and wish he were still the creative director for our new owners.
And anyone looking for a creative director out there, you'd be crazy not to hire him.
John is an excellent creative director and any company would be lucky to have him.
John exemplifies what it means to be a great creative director.
His skills as a creative director go way beyond the vision of the creative.
He is a very talented and creative director who knows what he wants and how to get it.
He's the kind of creative who makes any creative group better.
John is very creative and instantaneous when it comes to engaging associates or keeping them motivated.
He encouraged a healthy, creative and imaginative dialogue from all his associates.
He showed unbridled enthusiasm for his job as creative director.
During that time, he has made significant, lasting contributions to our agency, both as a copywriter and as an associate creative director.
Whether things went well or not, it was as a team, and he would always make sure that we were congratulated as such rather than himself as our creative director.
John is the type of creative director with whom you'll know you need to dial it up—and then, you'll find he'll always have your back.
Him creativity, paired with his kindness, makes for the ideal combination as a director.
He is both an accomplished creative director and a forward-thinking editor/producer.
He's a terrific creative director who's overflowing with killer ideas.
As a creative director him instincts and feedback are dead on.
I consider him a valued creative director, mentor, and a friend.
John worked with me as our art director, eventually earning the position of creative director.
John is a highly competent, creative director who gets the best out of his people.
In my view he is the consummate association executive director.
John is an extremely rare combination of leader/manager/coach/mentor and hands-on creative director.
He's one of that vanishing breed of creative directors who have great copy sense.
John, like other talented, creative directors, has a history of delivering.
He's incredibly knowledgeable and has the creativity you need from a director and cameraman.
John and his associates are phenomenally effective, and their creativity, dedication and insight have been invaluable to us.
He brought new and creative ideas to the group and helped grow the association.
John is a perfect creative director and copywriter, as well as excellent colleague and friend.
As creative director, he pushes his teams to their absolute best.
I wish him all the success and look forward to continued association with him.
John followed up after the conference by further demonstrating his creativity.
I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a top-notch creative director/art director.
John is a great and creative director with an eye for budgetary concerns along the way.
Oh, and he's also very creative in a basically non-creative field.
He was an incredibly diligent, professional, creative and smart associate.
Similarly, his creativity is such that when he writes it's always engaging.
After tons of hard graft he earned his place as a well respected associate director.
John has provided me with recourses, and helped me see how my creativity can be used for success.
He is always looking for new and creative ways to help his salespeople be more successful.
He was consistently available in his listening and creative in his observations.
He is very creative and his ideas are both non-traditional and successful.
He is bright, creative and articulates clearly how to be more successful.
He is also very creative and very thoughtful about all of his activities.
He was creative, thorough, and helpful in helping us make the transition.
John has given us his enthusiastic, fast, creative, and thorough response.
He is so creative and keeps the momentum rolling on toward success.
He is creative yet knows the rules and applies them when required.
He's creative, focused and very successful in whatever he does.
His intellect and creativity are the foundations of his success.
John also is creative and is always moving into new territories.
John is thoughtful and creative, listens but also challenges.
He is never short of creative ideas to make something better.