Associate Project Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Associate Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is propelled forward with a clear purpose for himself and in the projects with which he is associated.
John has a way to inspire associates even on those mundane, but values add projects.
He'll be an asset to any project he chooses to associate with.
He has the ability to see the big picture and manage a number of projects with associates successfully.
He has been able to manage project risk well and quick to rectify any project issues.
His ability and commitment would certainly raise the bar in any project with which he is associated.
He is an invaluable asset to any organization or project with which he is associated.
John has been a long time friend and associate on several different projects.
John worked as a project manager for a transition project in my organisation.
We've worked with him on multiple projects and couldn't be happier about the association.
I have always admired his association in several projects we worked together.
He did some exceptional work on the project that we were jointly associated.
Had a close association working with him on different projects.
John association for two projects made me appreciate his approach - work from whole to part in visualizing the big picture and in managing the project.
John was great at multi-tasking and managing multiple projects, no project was too big or too small.
John provided exceptional project management, leadership including rolling up his sleeves to help push the project through.
John was the primary project manager for a large project that we worked on together.
His association with any project raises the confidence level of all those in its perimeter.
John was recommended by an associate who wasn't able to take on a website project we had.
His project peers and associates (and management) appreciate his hard work and dedication.
John is a very hands-on project manager who follows through and keeps a project running smoothly, even when there are unforeseen difficulties.
John's ability to manage me, our projects, him own projects, and all the other everyday tasks that arise at a start-up is second to none.
John is a great project manager who takes full responsibility for the success of each project he's on.
John is a competent project manager who has successfully delivered mid and large scale projects.
He offers him wisdom and guidance to his colleagues and is an excellent mentor to associate project managers.
He always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of other associates.
John is a dedicated, detail-oriented project manager who absolutely goes above and beyond with every task and every project.
During our association he successfully led the team empowering us to manage very complex projects end-to-end.
John always leverages his knowledge and experiences with other associates and across projects.
John is very straight forward and knows exactly what he is looking for in a deal or a project which makes it easier to associate with him at a management level.
During that time, he was promoted from associate to senior associate to manager.
John a soft spoken project manager who was highly respected by his colleagues and subordinates and skillfully managed the plethora of personalities involved with him during his association with various projects.
John was well respected by both the management team and the associates who he supervised.
This allowed my associates and me to efficiently and effectively contribute to his projects within our area of expertise.
John is the perfect example of an active association member, and will bring value to any project in his sights.
John is the course manager and guides a group of four to six associate faculty.
He has managed difficult projects and has a tireless work ethic resulting in successful projects.
I look forward to working with him whenever possible and am grateful for the association and am always interested in the projects he is passionate about.
He found a way for associates have sustained pride in all their projects and their working environment.
He managed to steer the project through some very difficult political obstacles without compromising the original goals of the project.
John managed this project with minimal disruption to the client, meeting all of the key milestones for the project.
John is a very organised and efficient manager who has the unique ability to manage associates effectively from the project as well as a personal perspective.
John has made significant contributions and been a key success factor on every project with which he was associated.
His concern for the project and the associates he interacted with always made it a pleasurable experience.
John was an extremely hard working and dependable project manager on several projects while in my team.
He is precise, thoughtful, and detailed in managing his association responsibilities.
John is always willing to take that extra step, whether with clients, associates, or a volunteer project.
While fulfilling his role as a project manager, he has proven himself to be a tenacious individual; diligently following-up on different aspects of the project.
He always displayed an amiable style of project management that allowed him to maneuver through difficult projects under the extremely tight timelines.
He's able to manage projects both large and small and leaves no stone unturned until the project is completed or issue is resolved.
His experience and knowledge of association management has put a faltering association back on its feet.
John he is a marvelous associate showing his enthusiasm in every project he had the opportunity to participate in.
John is committed, professional, and steady at the helm of projects with which we have been mutually associated.
John had the unenviable task of assuming project management of an existing, large-scale project that was immensely challenging and complex.
He gave concrete examples of how project management principles, when used effectively and ineffectively, can make a project sink or swim.
He is organized, flexible, has great ideas, and keeps the momentum throughout the project-a sign of a great project manager.
He is an outstanding project leader who uses the democratic style of management.
I truly appreciated his excellent stewardship of this project as well as his ability to understand and visualize the needs of an association.
He mentored new associates and always gave a "helping hand" on projects when needed.
John has been an inspiration to me when it comes to his work ethic and abilities to achieve success within each project in which he has been associated.