Attentive Performance Review Phrases Examples

Attentive Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is very attentive to details, sometimes even more than very attentive.
He has been very attentive to his needs and has given him the personal attention that counts.
He always makes himself available to anyone and any situation that needs his attentions.
John always makes himself available and is very attentive to the needs of the customer.
John is very attentive to our needs and always followed up to make sure all was ok.
People on the outside looking in always why he gets the attention he does for him.
This was above and beyond, and we really appreciate his attention to the matter.
He knows how to get your attention and listens attentively to your concerns.
He does things that need to be done that requires his immediate attention.
Yuvesh was the one of them, who took his attention at the very first our company.
John is very thorough and attentive to the needs of the organization.
He is very attentive attentive and would be an asset to any company.
He is attentive to his needs and always came through with an answer.
He is attentive and his attention to follow through is over the top.
This would not have been possible without him attentive interaction.
He is still as attentive as when he was trying to get our business.
Anything with his name on the by-line will likely get his attention.
John is always attentive to what would be best for the client.
He makes sure that each one was given the attention they deserved.
John is attentive to the needs of his customers and will do everything possible to make sure they get what they need.
He can our company on hundred different things, while still making sure that every one of those is getting the right attention.
He is willing to go above and beyond for his employees to handle whatever comes up that needs his attention.
Understanding and attentive, he pays attention to the needs of each one of his clients as well as his staff.
During the course of his contract with him, he was attentive and always made himself available when needed.
He is very attentive and does what needs to be done to make things right for his customer and his company.
He is generous with him our company and gives all his attention toward any project that needs his attention.
John's attention to his needs, which sometime were somewhat off the wall, has been outstanding.
John is among the first to look into stories about athletes who normally don't get much attention.
Once he has your attention the message is one that you can take with you and actually implement.
Someone, our company was paying attention, not only to what was being said, but who was saying it.
When he says he's going to do something, he does it and his attention to detail is exemplary.
John is well known for his attention to detail and for always doing it right the first our company.
John's attention to detail and attentiveness made it so you wanted him on all your projects.
He is very attentive to not only the customers needs but also the well being of his company.
What really got his attention is how he would help with issues that he really didn't have to.
He has an attention to detail where necessary, while always considering the overall picture.
The way he does it is sublime, he can keep your attention to the end and it asks for more.
This, however, doesn't mean he isn't paying attention to you because he most definitely is.
He always goes above and beyond for all of his clients with his attention to every detail.
John has been attentive, functional, and if he says he'll do something, he'll get it done.
His attention to detail is second to none and he knows how to get the best from his team.
John can get through to practically anyone, and when he does, he gets positive attention.
He is very attentive and knows what is going on with all of the horses on his property.
He is very attentive to our needs, and more importantly to us, the needs of our clients.
He is attentive to your wants and needs and him attention and eye for detail is superb
He always tries to consider all the possible solutions and is attentive to the details.
As one of his many end customers his attention to our particular needs was outstanding.
His presence commands attention, even if he isn't trying to be the center of attention.
If something needed attention, he was right there to help as if it was his own house.
He is all about service and for that alone, he deserves to get and keep your attention.
Not only the end results are important, but also the way to get there has his attention.
Second, because he gets it and third, because of his tenacity and attention to detail.
He is always attentive to the needs of everyone to ensure that there was no down our company.
He is very attentive and always seems to be available for questions or other support.
He is always very attentive and willing to help with different issues that came along.
If you don't take something away from his course, you're simply not paying attention.
He knows how to go after what he wants and his attention to detail is second to none.
John is attentive to the needs of the our company and is available to help in any area.
John comes across as someone who is professional and with an attention to details.
John you are detail oriented and attentive to all that need your undivided attention.