Attitude Performance Review Phrases Examples

Attitude Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He has a very positive and friendly demeanor which makes working with him a very pleasant experience.
I enjoyed his consistent professionalism and positive attitude.
He has been such an energetic person always with a positive attitude.
He was a dedicated professional with a level of creativity that got things done, and with accuracy.
He understands the people's needs extremely well and provides well reflected and effective solutions.
He possesses an outstanding capacity to deal with difficult challenges and volatile situations in a calm and sensitive manner.
He is tirelessly passionate about his work and a positive role model to all.
His can-do, positive attitude reflects in everything he does.
From my experience it has been a real pleasure to work with John.
He's an absolute pleasure to be around, is always in a good mood, and is an eternal optimist.
That's a pleasure to work with such persons.
His enthusiastic and positive attitude is much appreciated and helpful.
He is a stand-up guy who always follows through on his commitments.
He is a real pro and brings a high energy level to each assignment.
He is highly professional with an accuracy and precision that will take you to the next level.
His positive energy makes him an ideal candidate to deal with any sensitive situations.
His attitude of continuous improvement allows him to maintain a position of constant learning by allowing him to grow without limits, both professionally and personally.
It is a pleasure to be acquainted with him, someone who brings smiles to others.
His wonderful sense of humor, adventurous life experiences has given him the ability to see any situation with a positive attitude.
He is always ready to help others with a friendly smile whatever the situation may be.
John is a thorough professional and a helpful person.
He is an exceptional professional, you can simply trust him without a second thought.
John's unique blend of professionalism, integrity and highly personal nature makes him a pleasure to do business with.
His customer focus and charisma separate him from the masses.
Day to day, he was a pleasure to work with and was a very positive influence on the overall atmosphere within our team.
John is one of the brightest and most talented people I've had the pleasure of working with and is an ultimate professional.
I have never seen a person with such enthusiasm even when the task is perceived by most people as daunting.
John's energy, enthusiasm and amiable nature enabled him to build strong relationships and made him a pleasure to work with.
His positive attitude and personable demeanor make him a great asset to any team.
John is a cheerful, hardworking and a delight to work alongside.
Very helping a colleague with a positive attitude.
His enthusiastic approach to his work makes him a rare find.
Thank you for all your help and support.
John was a pleasure to deal with in our professional relationship.
No matter who you are or what level you are in, you will truly be amazed by John's determination and persistence.
It's rare to find someone that can be positive and resilient in any situation, and John does just that.
John has the most amazing energy and just gets things done.
John is one of the best sales leaders I've ever worked with.
It's a pleasure to watch someone do good work and see how much they enjoy what they're doing, through all the ups and downs.
It is truly an honor and pleasure to work with such a talented professional.
It was a great pleasure to work with John.
Very professional, approachable and happy to help.
Energetic, bright, highly skilled person.
It's a real pleasure to work with you, John.
Professional, dedicated and highly effective.
John you really helped me to get more self-confidence.
John is an amazing person to work with.
John is an amazing person, always positive and always supportive.
Thank you for the work we have done together.
John is a wonderful manager and enthusiastic boss who can motivate the team during tight delivery times and still provide the client with professional quality work.
John is an expert communicator and problem solver.
John is a highly effective net-worker who brings a fantastic level of focus and energy to the table.
John is by all means the most positive, creative and passionate person I have ever had the opportunity to work with.
It's rare to find someone so happy to see you succeed and get the plaudits.
John is a smart, capable, respectful and a very professional employee.
John has always been easy to work with and reliable.
It has been a pleasure working with such a passionate and innovative leader.
A highly dependable team player who is always smiling and happy to help where needed.
Highly motivated and an excellent team player always polite and friendly.
I'm sure you'll be pleased to work with a creative, enthusiastic and smart professional like John.