Attorney Performance Review Phrases Examples

Attorney Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is not just an attorney, he was an attorney with the ability to see beyond the obvious.
He goes above and beyond what most attorneys will not even think about.
That he is also an attorney is more than handy, especially because we were new to this subject.
He is knowledgeable and knows how to get the most from his attorneys and outside consultants.
John is an excellent attorney - clearly one of the best land use attorneys in the country.
He is the one attorney that has changed his stereotype around attorneys having no morals.
To say that he is an exceptional attorney, without more, would be an understatement.
As an attorney his client always comes first and he is always available when needed.
He is interesting and his wisdom is something that cannot be found in most attorneys.
John knows that being an attorney is more than staying in one's office.
He is efficient and intelligent, exactly what you want in your attorney.
Recently, it became necessary for him to retain an immigration attorney.
He is one of the few attorneys who actually will call you back himself.
He is easy to get along with and was well-liked by attorneys and staff.
Working with him is a must for an attorney who wants to see results.
He doesn't talk down to him, as many attorneys have done in the past.
He worked with the attorneys and followed through until the closing.
John is an excellent attorney who knows how to get things done.
He has been more than just an attorney to him and our young company.
John is truly one of the greatest attorneys that we have ever hired.
He is much more than most would typically expect from an attorney.
John has been his company's attorney for the our company several years.
He is very well rounded, not just as an attorney but in business.
John is certainly the attorney and counselor you should contact.
He is well regarded by all other attorneys on several panels.
John has all of the qualities that you expect in an attorney.
He is an attorney to rely on when you need the right answers.
Over that our company he has also worked for him as an attorney.
Our company will never need help from another attorney after speaking with John.
John has always been his friend first before he was his attorney.
Our company would be fortunate to have John as your attorney.