Automation Test Engineer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Automation Test Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John came in to provide automation for as much of our testing as possible.
John is passionate about achieving excellence in test engineering.
He was new to test automation, but picked up so well - got awarded for the effort.
I can definitely recommend him on any challenging test automation endeavour.
In the end, he was instrumental in enhancing our automated testing.
He was the only engineer who stepped up to work on an automated testing proof of concept.
His leadership here led to a good balance of manual testing and test automation.
He was also working on getting his team to automate testing, introduce stress testing and introduce fuzz testing.
Over time, he automated a large amount of test cases and test sequences improving our automated test coverage by several folds.
He really surprised me by the way he had automated all the test cases.
In addition to that, he has experience with automated testing.
John is the type of test engineer that never settles on what he is doing well at the time.
John is a very sharp test engineer and makes great use of our testing tools and other solutions.
His approach towards testing automation is both pragmatic and innovative.
He is equally well-versed with manual as well as automated testing.
He brought the right balance of automation and manual testing.
Specifically, his proficiency is at test automation, test planning and strategy creation.
John sat next door to me for years and was always running compiler tests and looking for ways to better automate his test suite.
He understands all aspects of white box and black box testing, and is well versed in test automation.
John is experienced, smart and prospective automation engineer.
He was extremely thorough in analysing the test requirements and produced some excellent test automation.
Based on my interactions with him, he is recommended for both automated and manual testing.
John was instrumental in establishing our prioritization and tasking of offshore automation testing engineers.
John is very strong with automation testing tools and knows how to use these properly.
I particularly valued his help when creating and debugging automated test suites.
He can automate and extend platform testing with/without provided requirements.
He automated our regression test suite and made it easier for engineers to react to errors by sending summary emails to the appropriate engineer automatically.
Additionally, he also created the team's local test automation environment for regression testing.
I have learned a lot from him during this time, particularly in the area of test automation and exploratory testing.
He is always willing to listen to new ideas and perspectives for test automation approaches and for testing in general.
He was sensitive to users who will be using and maintaining the automated tests.
John is highly motivated and oriented on automation approaches in testing.
John's strong advocacy for test automation makes him an immeasurable asset for any company that values automation.
He has strong knowledge of performance testing, test automation and problem solving.
He often pitched in on automation testing and did an excellent job at it.
He is also very capable with test automation, write test code and managing other engineers.
John is also a seasoned test automation expert and has given many presentations on the topic of building efficient test automation frameworks.
John understands the importance of repeatability in the testing process and is very keen on automating and tests that can be so as to improve testing reliability and reduce testing time.
John has a passion for test automation that is unique to see from someone at his level.
His ability to adapt automation tests for evolving features has been indispensable.
He was successful performing all testing from black box to white box to automate and load testing.
He is a big believer in automation and always looks for ways to improve test coverage through automation.
He added automated test suite to improve the efficiency of the test team.
He has been instrumental in setting up large offshore testing teams from scratch and also setting up a test factory for automated testing.
He joins us and expressed an interest in learning more about test automation.
I'm pleased to be part of this test automation journey with him.
He did a fantastic job by automating test buckets which we used a lot along with unit testing.
John is proficient in the use of test suite automation systems and advanced testing tools.
His engineering analysis skillet is a proven, tested toolset.
He tries to figure out how to create and automate tests for new areas, that was quite impressive for me.
He has excelled at anything that has been thrown at him including writing automation tests and scripts.
He's methodical, experienced, and strikes just the right balance between manual and automated testing.
He successfully automated all client scenarios which were later used for regression testing.
He is also passionate about test automation and technology at large.
It was great to see how (automated) test scripts are actually set up and how they work.
He was always a champion for test automation and disciplined work.
He has shown very good knowledge in the test automation discipline.
He showed me the power of diversifying testing and exploratory testing, which he has really mastered.
Generally speaking, he is the first in our team that look after test automation seriously.
He helped us identify the best automation tools for our needs, and then trained our test engineers to use them.