Aviation Operations Specialist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Aviation Operations Specialist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I can say that the cooperation between him and me is excellent.
I must say that his help in our co-operations was inestimable.
John is always co-operative and will go out of his way to exceed expectations.
He was always available and did whatever was needed to keep operations smooth.
Also, he was very co - operative, but at the same consciousness of his priorities.
It was because of his contribution; things operated without any hiccups.
John never backed down and put in whatever it took to get us operational.
John also keeps the overall picture in whatever context, he is operating.
He provides us with off-site backup operations that are tried and true.
He has helped us whenever we needed before and during the operation.
If you're looking for an experienced operator, then he's your man.
He is very co-operative and always willing to go that extra mile.
Whenever needed, he doesn't hesitate to help out in the operation.
He is always pleasant and very co-operative whatever the request.
John is extremely proficient at what he does and how he operates.
He operates under the principle of what goes around comes around.
John is an excellent operator who really knows him marketplace.
He is always ready to take new challenges given by operations.
John is one of those guys in operations that you don't forget.
The co-operation through he was very efficient and accurate.
He would be an excellent addition to any operation in need of someone who can make things happen.
John is really suited for the operations role as he follows up and makes sure things get done.
When it comes to operational excellence he has always made sure that all given targets are met.
We operate remotely, but he is always amenable and makes himself as available as possible.
He always welcomed input as to how things could be operated better and more efficiently.
John operates autonomously, without drama often associated with sourcing/recruiting.
If he were ever available, only a fool would let him slip away from their operation.
He is not only great at what he does, but he operates quickly and effectively.
John's the guy you want to run operations when no one else knows the next step.
He provides an excellent example for others in the entire operation to emulate.
John organisation would be well served to have him involved in their operations.
Time and again he was able to take my broad sketches and make them operational.
I was really impressed with the way he operates and the outcome he delivered.
John's help was absolutely invaluable in helping us to get it operational.
He is very passionate about value creation through operational excellence.
He was very meticulous and his understanding of operations was phenomenal.
John was concise and very clear on the potential for our two operations.
He always honors others first, regardless of the role he is operating in.
He loves operations and is constantly looking to take it up one notch.
He operates with excellence in all he does and has abundant capacity.
He streamlines the way they operate to maximise the value they bring.
He is incredibly experienced and gifted when it comes to operations.
We would not be able to operate as effectively as we do without him.
John's been the glue that's kept this whole crazy operation going.
John operates with such passion and vision in everything he does.
Furthermore, and more importantly, he operates with strong values.
John is an effective operator and very collegiate in his approach.
John was always easy to approach and was cooperative and helpful.
John is well rounded and understands every facet of an operation.
He really understands what we do and the space that we operate in.
Wherever he is, operations immediately get significantly better.
You will not go wrong in adding his expertise to your operation.
John's in-depth understanding of the operation was outstanding.
He has provided an amazing Renaissance to our entire operation.
I highly recommended him and have enjoyed all our co-operation.
He pulls an operation together and takes it where it has to go.
Working with him on operational matters was always a pleasure.
John operates with excellence and elevates everyone in his orbit.
He always kept in touch, but gave us enough space to operate.
His ability to operate through turbulence is and was amazing.