Backend Developer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Backend Developer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John can energize people to go for it and develop themselves by developing their companies.
He's not dependent on back-end developers and gets things done.
John takes the time to not just develop, but to actually think about the best, most efficient way to develop code.
We both have the interest in developing people (first) and with it develops organisations.
He helped him develop his true value in growth & the development of his people.
Back then he was quite new in front-end development, but had rigorous back-end experience.
Not to mention he also capable of involving in back-end development.
He has years of experience in core development and as a result, he understands what it takes to actually develop and accordingly he deals with the developers.
John took the time to help other developers when they came to him with questions.
John has provided critical value to his growth and development.
John led two developers and did much of the back-end coding himself.
He developed great relationships and continues to develop others around him.
John developed a very good relationship with the development groups.
Helping him in his reflections and development, through his unique and effective approach in developing people.
He is a great developer of others and puts people development first.
Commercially up there with the best of them & passionate about developing his people.
He's always fun to be around and goes above and beyond when developing people.
At the same time he also makes sure that developers are not over stressed.
He can really encourage people to think more about self development.
And he would do this whilst positively motivating them to develop.
He knows how to develop people and how to take the best out of them.
He believes not only in himself, but in developing his people.
As for him, it's a rare peculiarity for the back-end oriented developer.
His focus on developing himself and those around him is inspiring.
Finally, he is a professional, someone who continues to develop and to develop those around him.
John completed his development tasks quickly and was always willing to help other developers and answer any questions about our company.
John goes out of his way to make himself available to those in need of professional development.
Him developers are above and beyond and can follow his wishes, but also they truly listen.
Communication, developing partnerships, and follow through are his best strengths.
Since then he has really developed his style and confidence in his ability.
John provided him with excellent results to help develop his resume.
John has completed several development efforts for his company.
John is different - he has an understanding of the technology developers use and how developers think.
John on in our development process, we partnered with an agency to help us develop our ideas.
John develops relationships and through his generosity of spirit, develops others and inspires their potential.
Looking forward to continuing his relationship with him and to see how it develops.
His relationships are well developed, and help him to get things done.
He knows how to develop relationships and value in everything he does.
Our company with John and you'll value the relationship you develop.
He provides solutions for leadership development, career development and sustainability.
He takes time and effort to develop his employees and provides them with development resources.
John developed the architecture for an offshore development team to follow.
As a developer, he made it very easy to develop and implement him mock-ups.
His motivation to help others develop to their full potential is matched by a thoroughgoing commitment to his own development.
John developed many of our development policies and procedures, formalizing and socializing them through the organization.
He drives to remove question marks, helps everyone get everyone on the same page and keep the developers developing.
He is a strong developer of his people and he is constantly seeking ways to further develop himself.
Excellence in whatever he does can be seen in the relations he has developed with all the other employees in our organization.
Most importantly, he is adept at developing others and getting the most out of him people.
He always has time for people and goes out of his way to help others develop and succeed.
He seeks the most out of his people and is always looking to help them develop and grow.
He also takes his own development very seriously and is an example for people to follow.
And, of course, his sincere thoughtfulness towards the people and their development.
And he developed the people around him so that they could maximise their potential.
John distinguishes from others by powerful self-motivation and self-development.
One of the best examples of that is the way he has grown and developed his people.
Helped as much as he could to develop people in the best and most efficient way.
Many of the improvements we have developed were directly related to his feedback.
The best thing about him is his genuine concern for people and their development.
He continuously provided encouragement and on-going development for his people.
He will get to the right people and develop an opportunity if one can be.
However, what is most impressive to him is his ability to develop people.
He also always makes time to develop people around him in his own way.
He made sure development has been always at the top of the "people" agenda.
He is very people focussed and does all he can develop individuals.
His passion for self development is an example to many people around.
His code is well written and is understandable by other developers.
John also empowers people to take ownership of their own development.
John has both the experience and insight into developing people.
His understanding of people and their development needs is strong.
He's also great with developer relations and is very experienced.
He is dedicated to the development of all people he encounters.
John is a developer that took very well to agile methodologies.
Spoon feeding people - especially developers - is not his style.
He develops people by truly taking an interest in their success.
John is an extremely competent developer in many disciplines.
John can help any organization succeed by developing its people.
He has always been committed to people development and growth.
For example, he developed and motivated purpose in each of us.
Leads through his people and encourages development of others.
Net developer, he is a motivator for all of those around him.
He took time to listen and help him to develop his direction.
During our company the learning and development function developed tremendously under his guidance.
His responsibilities have included client interaction, development, and supervising developers.
His style is one that develops leadership capacity, thus developing future leaders.
He is a great developer with the essential ability to always focus on the end user with everything he develops.
And if that is not enough, he will stretch and develop that until it accomplishes the goals.
Above all he is a wonderful human being, always available to help others develop.
John is passionate and proactive about whatever goal, he has developed.
Only then did he develop some alternatives to help him achieve his goals.
Intelligent and diligent he always has his eye on development goals.
John is also concerned with sustainability and human development.
John helped with developing both his message and our delivery.
But his focus is not on developing the deals he comes across.
His efforts have and still continue to encourage him to further develop his career in sports development.
He also motivates people and provides the right environment to develop.
John did this by developing and motivating people under his command.
John goes out of his way to develop solutions for his clients.
John not only developed the company's message, but also helped them develop their vision or future state of the organization.
He is a developer and thinks like one, but he also has the ability to jump that track and see the non-developer perspective.
Would actively look out for the well being and personal/professional development of those under his watch.
Working with him has given him an insight on his strengths and opportunities for growth and development.
He spent time with him at each phase of development-this was different from his other experience.
This showed both when he was developing new components and also when troubleshooting problems.
He always makes time for helping out other developers and is willing to listen to new ideas.
He is the catalyst that made sure growth and development for his organization improved.
John keens on self-development all the time, encourages others to self improvement.
He never criticizes mistakes, only looks for opportunities to develop our strengths.
He sets example, who knows how to develop employees by focusing on their strengths.
John set the benchmark for him with respect to co-development and co-facilitating.
John is very, very good at group facilitation for organizational development.
Him the ability to develop confidence in others is what sets him out from the rest.
He is dedicated to doing all he could to help them develop professionally.
Two great years of growth and development for him also thanks to his style.
He kept the company moving forward, even at times of stagnant development.
He makes everyone better, taking pride in their professional development.
He is always looking for opportunities for his professional development.
His ability to recommend and develop appropriate messages is first rate.
John, thank you for the impact you had on his professional development.
He always made sure the developers had a chance to improve all the time.
His out of the box thinking makes him different from normal developmental
He develops himself constantly- that helps him to improve his results.
He continues to contribute to, develop, and improve that experience.
He has an excellent attitude to problem solving and development.
He can logically analyze problems and develop what-if scenario's.
User ratings he helped develop for our company seemed impressive.
He sought out and actively participated in his own development.
During that time he displayed incredible growth and development.
He looked after the development of commuter airline for the company.
John accurately assessed his strengths and his developmental needs.
He solves problems with the least amount of developer involvement.
Our company assessment and development is John's top strengths.