Board Operator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Board Operator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Since then we have taken on board all of his wise words and we are operating much more efficiently and transparently across the board.
An excellent operator for any company who brings him on board.
He punches at board level, but is operational enough to understand how things needs to get done.
It's refreshing to have someone on his board with actual, legit operating experience.
When he came in, we were all in agreement that we had to get him on board.
His recommendation to them was to do whatever it took to get him on board.
Unfortunately, he came on board when things had already gotten rough.
John, the ones who will have him on board of their organization.
If he is every available, don't hesitate, just get him on board.
We were so excited to bring someone with him expertise in payments and operations on board.
He sees and operates with the big picture in mind yet simplifies everything so that everyone is on board.
John seizes the opportunity to innovate and optimize operating efficiencies across the board.
John operates well at all levels, including board level, and can do so cross culturally.
He operates confidently and comfortably at all levels from investor and board down.
He can easily switch from board level discussions to operational topics.
John came on board with our company at a critical time for our company operations.
He's great to have on board when things are going well, but even more so when things aren't going the way you had hoped.
He's always looking for things that need to be done to make the board more effective, which will help the organization.
He often went beyond what was asked of him to make certain that our boards were available when needed.
He goes beyond just getting you the position and onboarding and is always there when you need him.
He would always let him know the progress of how things were going and take suggestions on board.
He believes in doing things the right way, getting everyone on board, and getting it done fast.
He has a charisma which makes you feel that anything is possible if he is on board.
Wishing the very best in whichever company is lucky enough to have him on board.
Since he came on board, we cannot imagine what we would have done without him.
He sees the whole board, not just the ones that need his immediate attention.
The value that he provides to the organization extends beyond onboarding
John organization and its employees are made better by having him on board.
Congratulations to any organization fortunate enough to have him on board.
John made sure that everyone in the class was on board and contribute.
If you want your company to be successful, you really need him on board.
His reputation for getting things done was recognized across the board.
He knows what to achieve and does this by keeping everyone on board.
John him around and hope we can have him on board sometime soon again.
He did this very well and, accordingly, our onboarding runs smoothly.
You will not have second thoughts with him on-board and being around.
He knew how to bring new affiliates on board and keep them on board.
Anyone would be truly blessed and very pleased to have him on board.
People like him are rare anyone would be lucky to get him on board.
Supporting yet challenging, he keeps us looking forward as a board.
We had nothing but positive experiences with him across the board.
You are very fortunate to have someone with him caliber on board.
And he'll make sure everyone is on-board and excited about it too.
He is very clear and what he said has been taken fully on board.
John really has taken our board to the next level of leadership.
He came on board when we really needed help and did just that.
He took on one of our most challenging positions on the board.
John came on board with an immediate and infectious enthusiasm.
He is well respected and his advice is always taken on board.
John came on board and showed us that there was another level.
John organization that can get him on board is very fortunate.