Booking Agent Performance Review Phrases Examples

Booking Agent Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has been a trusted booking agent to him for several years.
His first book was a wonderful success and the second book on courage in the workplace is with an agent.
Johns book is a must for the agent who has lost their our company and needs to be re-ignited.
He's definitely someone you would want to help get your book out in the world.
He will be the first to tell you that he's made every mistake in the book.
In his book, that is one of the best things you can say about someone.
We're already looking at having him in when his new book comes out.
Please don't book him up too much though, because he's on his rider.
His first book was so much better because of his involvement.
Reach out to him when you want to find an agent or publishing house for your book.
Designed the book cover for his soon to be released third book.
His extensive experience as an entertainer gives him insight that other booking agents just don't have.
He successfully booked his daughter with a our company agent and we couldn't be happier.
He made sure that everything was done according to the timeline and been an incredible help to him throughout the course of the book.
When he said something didn't make sense, he was almost always right, and the book is much better for his review.
Some of this has been from his book, but mostly it's been through conversations and his blog.
He is so passionate about what he does and his books are an example of his passion.
Artists continue telling him that his book is one of the best-looking books out there.
It is not surprising that he has always believed in doing things according to the book
John's so passionate about his books and makes it seems that it could happen.
That's just one of the leaves of his book we can take away among many others.
We booked many, many more cruises through him and we were never disappointed.
Working alongside, he navigated the book towards each and every milestone.
If there is one thing in his books which counts for everything, this is it.
John not only knows everything by the book, but by the experience he has.
His advice made the book much better than it would have been without him.
His fundamentals are so clear, even those cannot be found in the books.
He never makes you feel like your just another freelancer on the books.
He really wants the best for him authors and the books he has signed.
It is when your book is actually out that you will know his real worth.
Recruiters need to take a leaf out of his book or simply get his book.
Since then he has done some amazing things with his blog and now his book.
John knows his stuff, if you haven't booked in already, get it done.
However, his willingness to help did not stop at only doing the book.
John definitely goes down in the books as one of his favorite bosses.
He always goes by the books and never ever lets others get away with it.
He did everything he could to help ensure the success of his book.
He can create your book for you or edit to make your book perfect.
When it comes to book launches, he really knows what he is doing.
And it's not just from what he has gleaned from books and articles.
If you haven't picked up one of his books, you're behind the curve.
He makes himself available even if him calendar is double booked.
And in his book, goodwill is the one thing that we cannot measure.
He knows just how to position your book and is very collaborative.
Hire him now before he's totally booked up, and never let him go.
John is now helping him to get to the manuscript for his second book.
He comes not from textbooks but from actually doing it himself.
Now he has inspired him with ideas for three to four more books.
Jump on it because he's likely to be booked next time you ask.
You are treated as if you are the only candidate on his books.
You'll miss out if you don't get him in your address book now.
He is very helpful with - and featured in - one of his books.
We have already booked him for another webinar in the future.
He is forever in his little black book of must have keynotes.
He also provided him with an excellent foreword for his book.
Our company for the books - John has never had to do this to date.
Our company Luck in all that you do and congratulations on the book.