Brand Ambassador Performance Review Phrases Examples

Brand Ambassador Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I also appreciated his ability to be an ambassador for the brand.
John's also been an excellent brand ambassador for our company.
When it comes to promoting a brand, there is none as unique as him, he goes all out and does things an average brand ambassador will never even think about doing to ensure that the brand gets maximum advantage.
He is not your typical branding coach, he becomes your brand ambassador and a cheerleader.
One of the top brand ambassadors who defends and advocates his brand at all times.
He was a very good ambassador for the organisation and the brand.
As a brand ambassador, he reflects the appropriate image of the brand at all times, never straying off message.
He is associated with all brands, well-known and reputed organization.
John is a brand ambassador and keeps the company interests in all that he does.
John was extremely effective as a connector and brand ambassador.
John is the best ambassador any company or brand could hope to have.
John was my creative guy as well as brand steward for three of my brands.
Because of him, we are now successfully pitching to major brands.
John has helped us to re-branding one of our major offerings.
He is fun to work with and is an excellent ambassador for his brand.
He has a very good understanding of brands and understands the way brands can use various platforms to get the best.
He went out of his way to be an ideal brand ambassador for his organisation every single day.
He is an ambassador for his company and keeps their needs at the forefront.
I am sure that he can prove to be an ambassador to any organisation.
The John company would be very lucky to have him as its ambassador.
John was brand new to the organization and had an assignment that no one envied.
John has been in charge of our brand image since its inception.
John will bring so much to any brand or organization he joins.
John has gone above and beyond to help create brand awareness and is a true company ambassador.
He will bring great value and be a great ambassador for your company and the brand.
As a brand ambassador, he has successfully convinced me to join the company.
And lastly, he hustles for his company by being a great brand ambassador.
He seems to be a natural and easily makes a terrific brand ambassador.
Additionally, he sourced candidates and was a fantastic brand ambassador.
He genuinely loved him brands, making him an excellent brand ambassador.
John knows brands and branding better than most any other agency principal.
Once he gets behind your brand he will be the best ambassador and will get results quickly.
Our company Centricity was at its best as brand ambassador of Mahindras.
Spend time with him as an employer and he'll be your brand ambassador.
John's dedication and work to his brand has made him a very capable brand ambassador.
This is usually on his own accord whilst linking back to being an influential brand ambassador.
Most of all, he is fun-and that's what makes his brand ambassadors keep coming back for more.
He then has been able to identify the right profile and been the brand ambassador.
He is a true brand ambassador who really knows how to get things done.
Equally heartening to see how his clients have become his best brand ambassadors.
Candidates that are interviewed by him, say he is an excellent brand ambassador and truly gets our world.
His passion for his work and the brand is infectious, turning anyone around him into a brand ambassador.
He went above and beyond the minimal requirements and strived to be more than just a brand ambassador.
John proved to be an invaluable expert and a very good ambassador for his brand.
Great brand ambassador for the company as he truly lives & breathes his role.
John's value as an ambassador of the our company brand during its ascent in recent years is unquestionable.
In addition, he was a wonderful ambassador of the our company brand.
His passion is brands and branding, but not just for academic benefit.
He typifies the brand ambassador that every client wants from an agency.
He championed the brand with all the regional stakeholders and became the key brand ambassador for alignment there.
What has impressed him the most is his ability to create a distinct brand for himself, and he is a great brand ambassador.
He is very committed for the company he works for, being an ambassador of the brand.