Brand Director Performance Review Phrases Examples

Brand Director Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I would thoroughly recommend him if you are looking to dive into what makes your brand a brand.
He transformed brands, he created brands where nothing existed.
He gets branding and understands that brands live and breathe.
John is an extremely accomplished brand director, but that alone does not separate him from the crowd.
He'll more than certainly do the same for you, your agency or your brand.
John really knows what he is talking about when it comes to branding.
He also has used his name with him brand that is really memorable.
Just ask him what your brand could do better and be enlightened.
And he'll take your brand there, before anyone else gets there.
John's brand recommendations have helped us remake our brand over the last few years.
John has a solid understanding of branding and brand consistency.
John spoke about branding, and how to determine a company's brand.
I met him on a recent brand retreat where he was the brand photographer.
He's certainly one of the best when it comes to branding and licensing.
It allows him to focus on not just what the brand will say to consumers, but how the brand will behave towards shoppers.
He's a strong steward of his company's brand-and his own brand.
He will tell you that he has already made all the branding mistakes, so you don't have to.
Frankly, we wouldn't be where we are as a brand without his help and dedication.
He will not stop until he knows he's done the absolute best for your brand.
He constantly makes you think about your branding and how it can be better.
He has an understanding of branding that goes well beyond the superficial.
If you need a brand that is different and not just so-so, he's your man.
Reach out to him if you are in need of focusing and growing your brand.
John knows his brands - so much so that he has created one of him own.
John knows more than anyone about what makes a brand truly authentic.
John is very loyal towards both the brand as well as his colleagues.
And that's become a branding under his name whenever you inquired.
Anyone who gets to know him becomes an immediate brand advocate.
John chooses to do what is right for the brand; not what is easy.
Together, these two attributes help him take his brands forward.
I found him to be enthusiastic and passionate about his brands.
The brand's best interests were always his first consideration.
He has helped me with the branding of two different companies.
I do not think there is anything he cannot put your brand on.
John is his own brand which is both unique and unforgettable.
John's feel for specific brands and his ability to align those brands is second to none.
He elevated my brand, helping to articulate my brand's core mission.
He can change your company brand and grow up new brand very fast.
He understands how to launch news brands and revamp old brands.
He has and always will be very motivated to help your brand in any way possible.
He is ahead of most because he is living proof with his own brand.
He takes the time to understand the brand messaging and what that brand wants to accomplish.
John is a true professional and had a huge impact with both our brand ambassadors, and brand directors.
And, his innate sense of brand and the value of brand perception consistently pushes him to create brands that add value to their organizations.
If you are looking for someone that will help you with your resume, profile, and overall brand he is the best.
Throughout those periods of re-branding the new me, he never gave up on me despite my shortcomings.
John has an amazing way of asking all the right questions and getting to the heart of the brand.
Not only will he add value to your brand, but he'll become one of your most valuable contacts.
He has really helped me to see my brand and help me differentiate myself from the competition.
I am confident that you will be seeing his brand in one form or another in the near future.
He is absolutely committed to whatever he does and always brands it with "excellence".
While his role was similar for both, the two brands couldn't have been more different.
He ensures our brand and company is much better than it was when he first got there.
More than that, he asks the right questions on how you want your brand to evolve.
I know from several perspectives that he can make your brand outshine any other.
If you, your brand or your company need any of those, then book him right away.
And this is evident in how he has successfully branded himself and his company.
John has been extremely beneficial for me in branding myself and my website.
I have zero hesitation in recommending him to anyone for their branding needs.
The way he can inspire you and can tell you about a brand is very impressive.
John's one of those rare creative directors that can do it all, for any brand.
John could be used as a prototype for the perfect brand director.
It's his hope to have him as our director for quite some time.
What convinced him to go in the end was his fellow directors.
At that time, he has always impressed him with his overall knowledge of brands and branding.
John's role as art director kept us on track and within brand guidelines.
John is a fantastic director and he always made sure everything was followed up on completely.
As his director, all decisions were always accurate and very well thought.
As strategy director, he not only showed him the ropes to branding, but also led us by example.
John is the one who saw potential in him; he became not only his director but also his mentor.
That's what makes him such a director, facilitator and most of all, mentor.
John, as director, is an inspiring influence to everyone in his department.
John has been an outstanding member of our board of directors.
John is very humble and dedicated director of the department.
John is, hands down, one of his favorite directors of all time.
He is the director of his department and was an amazing boss.
John directors and copywriters were falling out of the trees.
He understands the brands he works for and gives these brands their journalistic backbone.
John is well liked by the directors, practitioners and clients.
John made swift contact with the company directly on his behalf, to which the director responded and drove down to see him that afternoon.
If you're looking for a brand strategist or a creative director, he's definitely your man.
He listens to exactly what the director is going for and comes back with options that surprise and delight.
He follows through until problems are solved to the satisfaction of all and to boards of directors.
Although he was a director - his style was clearly more "leadership vs. authoritative".
It is his pleasure to serve and be affiliated with him on the same board of directors.
We were very fortunate to have his voice and leadership on our board of directors.
He knows that in a role as a director, you can't please everyone all the time.
It's no surprise that he's on his way to becoming a great film director.
He ran the institute whenever the president and director were away.
He knew the company well and believed in its board of directors.
He is an ideal director with vast experience in his profession.
John is an extraordinary director of photography and shooter.
John is a director of our company at the time of his internship.
Great director and our company's loss will be another company's gain.