Brand Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Brand Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has been significant in my knowledge of brands and brand management.
He is a brilliant experience manager and brand manager.
John has an uncanny ability to see what others can, not when it comes to brand management.
Him ownership of the brands he represents is at times more than the brand managers.
He took the time to get to know his team and the different brands he managed.
His understanding of brand strategy and brand management is very impressive.
No brand management group would be better off with any other individual.
He manages to do this and keep his brand's objectives at the forefront.
He is dedicated and passionate about the brands he manages.
A very capable individual who is more into brand management.
John is very good at establishing and managing new brands.
He is excellent in branding and reputation management.
His understanding of brand management is unsurpassed.
John is a fantastic brand manager and an exceptional stakeholder manager.
John was my lecturer in brand management, and you bet now I know what is critical in managing a brand.
He builds brands and knows how to make you the brand.
He was responsible for managing several brands and oversaw all design efforts and was ultimately the brand manager for these brands.
His passion for branding and brands really comes through in everything he does.
I always know that the end result will be exactly what is right for the brand.
John knows that in every brand there is an inherent truth about that brand.
Sincere, genuine, actually really passionate about brands and branding.
He's certainly one of the best when it comes to branding and licensing.
He also has used his name with him brand that is really memorable.
I always believe that he wants the best for the brand and clients.
Anyone who gets to know him becomes an immediate brand advocate.
They will take you and your brand to an entirely new level.
He knows how to do this across brands and across channels.
More so, he can help you brand yourself for scalability.
Personal branding without taking yourself too seriously.
Aside from this, he was also very effective in managing the discussions during our briefing for the various brands.
John demonstrated early that his "brand" of management was certainly different than that of his peers.
He is the quintessential brand strategist for the most important brand you'll ever manage - yourself.
A true champion in the understanding of brand stewardship, brand positioning and brand management.
He is responsible for managing the company's flagship brand and its portfolio of sub-brands.
John worked with me on the change management process for one of our brands.
Wise and proactive manager who truly cares about brands and its employees.
Thanks to his help we managed to generate greater exposure for our brand.
His focus and knowledge on brands makes him a very good brand manager.
John was known for his enthusiasm and as a committed brand manager.
John is a leader in strategic brand management and brand valuation.
He taught me about how to improve and manage individual branding.
John is more than an all-star brand strategist and ideal manager.
John is absolutely incredible with brand management and naming.
The branding work he has managed in my opinion is exceptional.
He understands how to manage global brands across geographies.
John's approach to brand management is refreshing and unique.
John is an excellent and proven brand management executive.
John defines advertising and brand management excellence.
He had deep experience in the world of brand management.
John is a strategic and thoughtful brand manager.
Would recommend him for senior brand management roles.
He takes the role of brand manager above and beyond.
John is a master at all aspects of brand management.
I have not seen many brand managers who have impressed me the way John has.
His brand management initiatives across our company has been commendable.
John manages all of the complexities of the our company brand creative.
I wish all brand managers were as professional as John is.
John is one of the best brand manager's I've worked with.
As brand manager I am sure has the best strategic mindset.
Worked with him during my brand management stint at our company.
Moreover, he had to manage this challenge across four brands in five countries.
His expertise in branding and brand management can really help the companies to strengthen their brand positioning in the market.
He made us to think widely in all related to brands and its management.
Omniture is indebted to him for the way he has managed and matured their brand over these past several years.
He will always go the extra mile and would be an asset to any brand he manages.
Our company's at our company would look to John as the authority when it came to brand management.
He just won't depend on the only organization brand, he elevates the brand of job and manager as a compliment
He always stays on brand and on message without getting stale or predictable, and is a strong brand manager.
John brings keen insight into what truly is branding management and is a stalwart defender of brand standards.
They came to see him as their visual brand manager and steward.
Him management of the brand and key strategies are outstanding.
Working with him is always very rewarding and he made a big difference to the way we manage our brand.
When things are at their heaviest he always manages to preserve his own particular brand of wry humor.
He manages tasks with ease and poise while always looking for the next opportunity for him brands.
John knew what he was doing as a brand manager and was always on top of his datelines.
He launched our major brands and found and managed the necessary local distributors.
His passion for the brand and his management style are matched by no other.
John managed one of our most critical and high profile brands with aplomb.
Which not only won him the hearts and minds of brand managers, but awards.
It took persistence to persuade brand managers to embrace his ideas.
To him, he was a great example of what a brand manager should be.
John is an energetic, passionate, results-driven brand manager.
His attention to detail on the brands he manages is incredible.
The brands he managed at our company were consistently profitable for the company.
With his departure from our company, we miss a great brand manager.
He directly managed a division of one of our primary brands, our company.
His expertise and brilliance in brand management will be missed at our company.
He always manages to see things for the first time, even with the tremendous longevity he has had with him brands, managing risks and vision effortlessly.
The brand managers and digital managers always trusted and relied on him expert advice.
He also has an excellent understanding of marketing and branding principles and helps manage the brand and maintain our branding standards.
Technically, he's strong, and he has a broad experience in the different ways brands and brand experiences can be measured and managed.
He wasn't his direct manager, but he always reached out to inspire and give his best to the brand.
Him work directly contributes to the success of the three brands he manages.
His passion for brand management and user acquisition was contagious.
John shows passion and drive for the premium brands he manages.
John managed his brand and directed with his focussed road map.
He hadn't only managed to place him with an amazing brand, but went out of his way to match him with the right job.
He manages several university brands at the same time and always gets the job done efficiently.
John did an excellent job of managing the expectations of both brands under different leadership.
He managed to challenging goals and always made sure that the brand's interests were being met.
John shows you just how important this arena is and how to manage your brand within it.
He's courageous with his brand-management, and his strategies pay off every time.
John's invaluable to anyone looking for top-notch brand strategy and management.
He manages a very large brand in our portfolio and has been very successful.
John demonstrates continually all the qualities you would expect from an our company / brand manager who is looking after one of your brands.
He not only understands the importance of branding, he is an experienced brand builder.
He managed to capture the tone and essence of his brand and came up with some fantastic suggestions.
He has a vision for the brands he manages and the tenacity and perseverance to make it come true.
He's naturally ambitious, energetic and one of the most dedicated brand managers known to man.
John fulfilled the role of brand manager well and pursued several new initiatives with gusto.
He is an exceptional brand manager who will always be on his short list of potential hires.
So much so, that at one time we offered him a brand manager position which he declined.
Always ready to help, he enjoys good contacts with both brand managers and agencies.
He is an astute brand manager with an eye on the bottom line.
It was under his leadership of brand reputation management that our company grew in stature.
Our company Media management is his natural environment, especially for big brands.
He manages individuals with a brand of management that he tailors for each person uniquely.
John also managed the relationships and delivered workshops to several global brands.
The brands he has managed over the years, have all benefited from his care.
He will remain his go-to person for any brand management advice.
He is a forward thinker and understands how the work he manages intersects with brand perception and management.
John's first assignment of his team was to manage a very challenging brand.
Not only is he a strong brand manager, but an incredible strategist.
He also took the effort to understand the brands he managed, and did not shy away from expressing his ideas which he believed will help grow the brands further.
He is passionate in everything he managed and it showed by delivering the best you could ask for in a brand campaign.
He's an out-of-the-box thinker, knows brand management inside and out, and isn't afraid to ask hard questions.
John has a vision and an implicit understanding of what people expect from the brands he manages.
He consistently raises the bar while managing one of the biggest brands in our company.
He managed two of the most successful private label brands in the company's history.
John also helped facilitate integration of the new brand managers in their role.
Genuinely cares about the brands he manages and knows digital inside and out.
His know-how in building brands and managing diverse channels is remarkable.
It was a privilege to work on some of the fantastic brands he has managed.
He knows what it takes to build and manage a brand in all aspects.
All of these events provided very tangible and impactful results for the brands he managed.
He understands brand management and how to maintain brand consistency across multiple communication channels.