Brand Representative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Brand Representative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He gets that you don't just need a new thing to "leave behind" you need something that represents your brand.
John represents himself and the brand of the company very strong and that makes him different than others.
We needed to brand ourselves into something that best represented all aspects of our company.
It will help him stand out and truly represent his values - as you say its brand not bland.
John represents him brands with the attentiveness and dedication that they deserve.
He goes above and beyond to ensure our brand is represented with high-standards.
He is driven to get results and always focuses on the brand he represents.
He's an incredible representative for the company and the brand at all times.
He adds value as an ambassador to any brand that he chooses to represent.
He is very focused, determined and a value to any brand he is representing.
He represented the brand and image as the expectations were set.
His new website is beautiful and it represents his brand perfectly.
John has a passion for the brands he represents and it shows.
His approach to branding, or re-defining an existing brand is always with the best interests of the brand at heart.
He has been instrumental in positioning the brand quotient and aligning the right value proposition for the brand he represents.
He knows what he is looking for and is clear with his direction on how to represent the brand properly.
John is wonderful not only for the brands he represents but for the future of our sport.
He definitely represents the "&" in being agile and passionate to the company brand.
He is passionate and knowledgeable about what he does and the brand he represents.
He does and will do fantastic work with whatever brand he represents.
He can negotiate well and can represent his brand at the highest level.
He clearly understands branding and how to obtain brand awareness.
He transformed brands, he created brands where nothing existed.
He gets branding and understands that brands live and breathe.
John is highly instrumental in the success of any brand that he represented.
John listened to our needs and how we want to represent our brand, and elevated us to a whole new level.
He has always been committed to exceeding the objectives of the company and brands he represents.
If only we might steal away his passion and loyalty to represent our company and brands.
John is a loyal employee who gives everything to the brand and the company he represents.
John brand that he represents undoubtedly would improve with his ethics and standards.
John knows his craft inside and out and a huge asset to any brand he represents.
He's also very comfortable representing a brand and getting candidates interested.
John came to represent a brand and was the reason for the growth in the section.
And on top of all this, he's a wonderful ambassador for the brand he represents.
He understood the essence of the brands we represented and nailed the brief.
He represents everything that a successful company wants their brand to be.
His enthusiasm for and dedication to representing a brand is unparallelled.
John represented the brand expertly and was very professional.
These are opportunities that would otherwise not exist in our company and more importantly for the brands we represent.
He'll more than certainly do the same for you, your agency or your brand.
John really knows what he is talking about when it comes to branding.
He's certainly one of the best when it comes to branding and licensing.
He also has used his name with him brand that is really memorable.
If you need help with your branding, he is definitely your girl.
And he'll take your brand there, before anyone else gets there.
He is an influential brand advocate and takes great pride and passion in the brands he represents.
If you are looking for the best person to represent your brand, you've found him.
He makes sure to not only introduce himself, but to also represent his team and the company brand.
He does all this and more with incredible energy and pride for the brand he represents.
That being said, it was noticeable that his brand was not crystal clear and did not represent him in the best light.
Each interaction with him represents exactly what him company brand wishes to achieve.
John goes out of his way to create works that are unique to represent brands.
He gave his best with every interaction and was a great brand representative.
He represented our company and our brand with the highest of integrity.
He treats the brands he represents like his work directly at them.
Highly recommended to have him represent your brand and to engage well with customers.
John's brand recommendations have helped us remake our brand over the last few years.
People who own its brand can see the true potential of his/his brand through him.
John spoke about branding, and how to determine a company's brand.
He can create a brand or take an existing brand to the next level.
John also is keenly aware of brand awareness and brand protection.
John is a brand champion and all-encompassing brand incubator.
The various brands he represents has chosen a fantastic person for their brand representation.
He's very articulate and represented the brand well both internally and externally.
He supported one of the most challenging brands our company represents.
There is no guessing and when he represents you and your brand, you can guarantee he can answer almost any question that may come his way.
One who not only represents your brand well, but also goes the extra mile to ensure he is fulfilling upon that representation.
He will always go the extra mile to ensure things are the best they can be and he truly cares for the brand he represents.
Tenacious and accommodating, he ensures the company and brand is represented to the best of him/and its abilities.
Anyone who has the opportunity to have him and his company represent their brand will without a doubt get results.
Needless to say, he is a huge asset to any company that's lucky enough to have him represent that brand.
His vision, tenacity and charm make him an asset to any organization and the brands he represents.
We can always depend on him to carry out our tournament vision and represent our brand as his own.
He wore his brand on his sleeve and represented them with honour, enthusiasm and confidence.
John is a detailed individual and an excellent brand representative.
John is the epitome of human kindness, representing the our company brand at all times.
He's been dedicated, creative and excellent at representing our brand on his campus.
Time and again he would come to him with ideas and things we should be doing, and they were always welcome, on brand, and smart.
He will tell you that he has already made all the branding mistakes, so you don't have to.
He knows what's going to be effective for your brand before you or anyone else does.
He knew what would be right for him and the brands that would get the best from him.
If you're looking for someone to take your brand to the next level, he's the one.
Frankly, we wouldn't be where we are as a brand without his help and dedication.
He will not stop until he knows he's done the absolute best for your brand.
John knows brands and he knows how to imbue them with the right meaning.
He constantly makes you think about your branding and how it can be better.
He has an understanding of branding that goes well beyond the superficial.
If you need a brand that is different and not just so-so, he's your man.
Reach out to him if you are in need of focusing and growing your brand.
John knows his brands- so much so that he has created one of him own.
Clients really appreciate his enthusiasm and passion for their brands.
He is ahead of most because he is living proof with his own brand.
John knows more than anyone about what makes a brand truly authentic.
Finally, he did all this while being cognizant of the global brand.
And that's become a branding under his name whenever you inquired.
He will definitely help take your brand story to the next level.
He always has something brand-new and out-of-the-box to suggest.
The brand's best interests were always his first consideration.
He gets connections and how making them happen for the brand.
Relationship between himself/his brand and opportunities/career.
He does this while respecting the brand and him partnerships.
He will always have the best interests of your brand at heart.
John is his own brand which is both unique and unforgettable.
It never occurred to him to think about what his own brand was.
Additionally, if you want to see just how good he is, look at what he has done with the our company brand.
Thank you for your branding advice and help with our company.
His energy and commitment to the brands and companies that he represents are unmatched.
His devotion to excellence is clearly a brand that he represents well.
John has a deep understanding of the vast array of brands he represents and more importantly, the consumers who are loyal to those brands.
John conveys a brand's message in ways that create consumer confidence and trust in whatever brand he's representing.
Its about the brands and the advertisers and artists he represented
Equally, feedback from candidates on how he has worked with them and represented our brand has never been anything less than positive.
He's relentless when it comes to representing brands in a light that is meaningful to their audiences.
With the highest level of integrity, he represented our brand in the marketplace.
His knowledge and understanding of how the brand is to be represented runs deep.
His ability to bring voice to the brands he represents drives results.
John has represented him and his company three different times through the years.
John can depend upon to deliver the message for whomever he represents.
Finally, he's as authentic as they come and represented our client's brand with integrity.
John doesn't take our brand off course, but instead infusing our brand presence with relevant thinking.
John's feel for specific brands and his ability to align those brands is second to none.
John loves and respects brands, across whatever medium the brand might participate in.
He elevated his brand, helping to articulate his brand's core mission.
John truly can uncover the essence of a brand or a brand promise.
John would always put the organisation first and ensured the employer brand was represented in the appropriate manner.
He learns about and understands the intricacies of your brand and your company so he can better represent you.
John is an excellent brand ambassador and advocate for all of the titles he represents.
His enthusiasm is contagious for the brands and products he represents.
Going out of his way to support us, this inspired us to go the extra mile for the brands he represented.
He understands the importance of the 'brand' and ensures all staff understand that everything we do and say represents the brand also.
He also walks you through the colours that best represent your brand and how to use them to evoke emotions in your target audience.
He is passionate about the brand he represents and his desire to grow and explore opportunities in unparalleled.
He understands the shoots represents your company's image and branding, which is why our success is his success.
He taught us to be relentless in our efforts to create sellable assortments that represented the brand.
He effectively represented our brand with the utmost professionalism and confidence.
John is a brand ambassador, and served as a great representative of our company.
He always dressed professionally, showed up and represented our brand perfectly.
He's a phenomenal public speaker and outstanding representative of any brand.
He understands branding, values and perceptions and is very focused on what our company should stand for and represent.
He is very passionate about the brand he represents, and is always able to transmit it throughout his trainings.
Definitely recommend him if you are looking to take your brand, your figure and your cause to the next level.
Throughout those periods of re-branding the new him, he never gave up on him despite his shortcomings.
Highly recommend him to all entrepreneurs that would like to take their brands to the next level.
He isn't bashful when it comes to something he truly believes in, and will fight for your brand.
Not only will he add value to your brand, but he'll become one of your most valuable contacts.
John always led by example and no one could out do his dedication to the success of our brand.
He is absolutely committed to whatever he does and always brands it with "excellence".
While his role was similar for both, the two brands couldn't have been more different.
John' intuition is always spot-on when it comes to brands and how they're perceived.
And he will make you laugh all along the way, even as he's moving your brand forward.