Brilliant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Brilliant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is brilliant at what he does and he certainly knows how helping you get results.
Working alongside someone who is brilliant at our company is obviously wonderful.
John is brilliant at what he does and got along very well with everyone.
John is brilliant in the way he always tried to think outside the square.
He is brilliant in every way, both with himself and with the clients.
John, thanks for all of your help, the results have been brilliant.
He will be brilliant at anything he does now and in the future.
He'll get it right and make you look brilliant in the process.
He is brilliant and has been consistently brilliant ever since.
John is really passionate about what he does and that comes through in the brilliant portraits.
He is also brilliant in what he does and anyone who has worked with him will tell you the same.
Creatively brilliant, he knows just what the message needs to be and how to get it across.
He comes up with some brilliant ideas which are different and will help get you noticed.
He is brilliant in that he can suggest things for you that you never even considered.
But if you really got to know him, then you would see the other brilliant side of him.
He is brilliant at relating to others, getting what they want and getting the "yes".
Communication has been always brilliant and he always had an answer to his questions.
Not only does he come up with brilliant strategies, but he makes them happen.
Aside from all that, he's brilliant to get on with, you can't fail to like him.
Not only is he brilliant at what he does, but he is an all-around great person.
John is personable and brilliant and goes above and beyond to help people.
He is also brilliant at getting the most and best out of people in his team.
Mutual colleagues will tell you things about how he's brilliant at his job.
Please let him know if you want any other information about this brilliant guy.
He really is brilliant, and does know how to unleash that on him clients.
He also seems to know virtually everyone and is brilliant at networking.
John is really brilliant, you will not be disappointed in him at all.
He has gone beyond expectation and made something unique and brilliant.
He kept him well informed and provided him with some brilliant resources.
He uses the situation to have us all come up with brilliant solutions.
Looking forward to see more of his brilliant ideas in the near future.
While he is brilliant at these things, they only scratch the surface.
Like anything, you get what you pay for and his service is brilliant.
John you are so brilliant and have an irresistible attraction.
Working with him is brilliant, so if you get the chance, you should.
John is not just brilliant in his strategy but also in negotiations.
He is thorough, brilliant, and always willing to go the extra mile.
If you need an outsourced, he function - use him - he is brilliant.
He is brilliant at his our company and would always be there for the team.
He's absolutely brilliant and very thorough in everything he does.
John's talent has blossomed from brilliant to brilliant and wise.
John's our company can often be described as nothing short of brilliant.
The main thing you need to know about him is this: he's brilliant.
He is one of those brilliant people who actually gets things done.
Listening to him was inspiring and his thinking is just brilliant.
He's brilliant at it as he is with all of the roles he undertakes.
John is one of the most brilliant students of his whole class.
He is not only passionate about his topic, he's also brilliant.
John can be described with two words, a brilliant and gentlemen
He's brilliant at his job and makes those around him look great.
John has been brilliant to our company with over the our company few months.
His experience of working with him has been nothing but brilliant.
Not only is he brilliant, but he is one of those truly nice guys.
John has been absolutely brilliant with his most recent contract.
He is definitely one to think outside the box and is brilliant.
But more than that, everything he touched turned out brilliant.
John is brilliant - one of the best and brightest in his field.
John is brilliant and will miss him, he has taught him so much.
We've worked on various projects together and he is brilliant.
It's not all about the numbers and he is brilliant at that too.