Broad-Minded Performance Review Phrases Examples

Broad-Minded Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is in his mind one of the best minds in the moving industry.
He is someone that is broad-minded and can take on even the most challenging projects.
Eslambolchi has done it all by himself and through his brilliant mind.
He is broad-minded and has the ability to think outside the box.
He is ever mindful of budgets and deadlines, and always kept the client's best interests in mind.
John's mind is like a magnet that your own mind won't be able to get enough of.
John is an extremely detailed minded person with your best interests in mind.
He always says the right things to calm him down and always has his best interest in mind.
John is one of the few participants you somehow as an instructor can keep in your mind.
John is not only an intelligent and broad-minded, but also an inspiring perfectionist.
John should be your first on your mind if you want to grow your business.
He follows up with his customers and keeps their concerns and needs in mind.
He wants to know our concerns, suggestions, and anything else on our minds.
John is very committed and very practical for anything he has in mind.
He is also very thorough and helpful and has your best interests in mind.
A broad-minded professional, who drives him to do better things every day.
He is well organized, very broad minded when it came to problem solving.
John is a broad-minded perfectionist that cannot be overestimated.
Energetic and broad-minded at every position he embraced - that's him.
John is hardworking, broad-minded and forward thinking individual.
He keeps the broad context in mind, and can our company through the details.
John is one of those inquisitive minds that always wants to explore.
Imaginative and inquisitive, he has the mind of an anthropologist.
He is someone who always has the client's concerns first in mind.
John is one of the best minds and best managers in the business.
John is and is still in his mind the most inspirational manager.
John always has the best interests of the organization in mind.
John is an insightful, experienced and broad-minded co-worker.
If you need a resource, he's the first one that comes to mind.
Creative and resourceful come to mind when you are around him.
John is broad-minded, knowledgeable and visionary in his field.
For one, he will be able to charge ahead with an end in mind.
What also comes to his mind is his patience and perseverance.
John is one of those very talented artists who always seems to know what you had in mind.
He is also quite conscientious and mindful of the needs of his clients.
For every task he comes with broad minded and facilitative approach.
Creative, careful and broad-minded, he is an asset to any company.
His broad-minded and straightforward manner is always stimulating.
He is well educated, broad minded and self motivated humanist.
Somehow he does this while being mindful of our company and schedule.
He is self-motivated, independent, broad-minded and creative.
John will always say what is on his mind, while remaining respectful.
A brilliant idea came up from his mind and actually he's a person that always can speak up his mind.
John has one of the sharpest minds in the city, and reasoned opinions without being closed-minded.
He is able to be fiscally minded as well as keeping patients and the greater cause in mind.
He is very business minded and an experienced entrepreneur with an honest mind-set.
Really recommend him as someone that will always have your best interests in mind, and will always go above and beyond to do what he can to help.
Not only is he concerned with doing things the right way, but making sure to do it with the customer in mind.
John is very forward thinking and broad minded when it comes to transformation and striving for results.
If you are like him you need someone to lead you, coach you through this with your best interest in mind.
John always has in mind what is best for the company and is always looking for ways to make us grow.
He always had our best interests in mind and didn't rush us in any way, unlike some other consultants.
John gets things done and does so with professionalism, efficiency, and with the customer in mind.
A great friend at the same our company and has the broadest of mind to help others without expectation.
He always has your best interest in mind and makes sure everyone is happy at the end of the day.
Deadline oriented and broad-minded engineer, that never refuses you when you ask him for help.
John has been ever mindful of those around him, be it client or agent, and always willing to help.
He is always very helpful and professional, and he didn't seem to mind the interruptions.
John is probably one of the most unique and brilliant minds when it comes to our company.
Appreciated by many, his advices always managed to make their way through people's mind.