Broker Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Broker Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is very organised and skilled broker.
John was the first banker that came through with everything he said he would do.
John was one of the best agents in my team.
He is highly respected by our agents as well as agents and brokers from other companies.
John is always available for his brokers and his team of broker consultants.
He is definitely one of my strongest brokers.
He is definitely one of the best agents I have ever come across.
This is something that other agents did not ever provide.
I really appreciate his bankers and financial insights.
I'd recommend him to anyone looking for an agent.
And thank you for your trust of being your agent.
I would definitely recommend him to become your agent.
He is an all around very professional agent.
He is an example of what agents should be.
John will always be my insurance agent.
He makes himself available to the agents 24/7.
The agents really like going to his sessions.
He was hired by my broker for training agents.
John has been more than an agent for me.
John is an outstanding leader and banker.
He wasn't just our agent, he is our friend.
An experienced banker with great leadership skill.
Wish all the best to John and recommend to anyone who is looking for a skilled broker.
John is an extremely conscientious and highly skilled agent.
I would recommend this course to all agents even new ones like myself.
I am a new broker and also new to the industry.
It is a must for any broker, not just those new to the industry.
John is an agent of the highest caliber.
John is one of the best insurance agents around.
He was not the first broker with whom I had spoken.
John is the change agent everyone needs around them.
He was inspirational to many agents in the company.
John is my go-to banker for all of my financial needs.
Honest, ethical and all around great broker.
In any market, John is our go-to agent.
John often says that he's "the bankers best friend".
John is an enthusiastic, experienced banker.
A must for any new or experienced broker in the industry.
He is my insurance agent for that reason.
I wouldn't even consider using another agent when moving home.
John was recommended to me by my literary agent.
He would make an amazing literary agent.
It was made up of mostly brokers and some hand picked top agents.
I have tried various brokers and bankers and John topped them all.
John lists himself as an agent of change.
Hands down the best buyers agent in the inner west.
There are many banks, but only one banker for me.
He was the seller's broker and was very professional.
John was an agent for change within our organisation.
John goes beyond what most mortgage brokers do.
You won't be sorry when you select John as your agent.
John is the best mortgage broker on the planet.
John makes himself readily available to myself, our agents and staff.
He knows the banking industry better than most bankers.
John was one of the best dealers in our company.
John was and continues to be an agent of change.
John is an exemplary buyer's broker.
He is, quite simply, an agent of change.
John is so much more than an insurance agent.
John is truly an agent of goodwill.
He gets results and is one of the most skilled real estate brokers around.
John is much more than just a broker, he has become his mentor.
John is a knowledgeable broker with excellent interpersonal skills.
John's skills and leadership qualities make him an invaluable broker and one you can trust.
John's skills as a broker are surpassed only by the quality of his character.