Budget Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Budget Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

While expertly managing the budget, he still managed to be fair to everybody.

Projects that he manages to just get done - and if he has anything to say about it, on time and within budget.

He is very gifted at managing people and he thrives on managing budgets.

He knows what he wants and he knows how to get it within his budget.

He also will manage the budget from conception to completion.

He accomplished his objestives, through other people, while not directly managing them, and successfully managed all of his budgets.

John managed complex teams with ease and managed large budgets that were delivered on budget.

John not only did things well, but he always came in under budget and over delivered.

He definitely made sure to maximize the value of the given budget.

He keeps things on or under budget and can think outside the box.

And best of all, he does all this without breaking our budget.

He managed to get the most out of our limited budget and always met our deadlines.

He manages his budgets well and attempts always to give value for money.

He always delivered on time, to budget and management expectation.

He understands budgets, management, messaging and so much more.

John can manage budgets and really excels at managing people as well.

John really manages to get things done, under tight timings and with tight budgets.

He consistently managed his engagements to timeline and budget.

He handles every job with passion and still manages to keep everyone on a budget.

Added to that is his excellent people and budget management capabilities.

He manages people well, with respect and great patience and also manages to budgets and timelines.

John manages many tasks well and delivers on time and on budget.

He's constantly looking out for my budget and does whatever he has to, to get to my number.

He won't insist that you do something that will take you outside of your scope and budget.

Best of all, he can do this even when the budget's low and the challenges are plentiful.

John is always very concise about what he is looking for and what his budget is.

He knows how to create value and to do so within the constraints of your budget.

John never promised anything he could not deliver - nor did he go over budget.

John promised me it could be done, and it was, quickly and within my budget.

He is always willing to figure it out regardless of budgets and timeline.

John always delivered for us, and was very sensitive to our budget.

Based on our budget and timeframe, he provided several alternatives.

He will consider your budget and spend only what is required.

If it wasn't for budget constraints, he would still be there.

John was able to manage him budgets cautiously and get the best value for money out of the agencies.

He's excellent with effectively managing budgets, and knows how to save money.

He had a command of the budget, he managed, and the specificities it entailed.

He was good at managing his budget and utilised it well to maximise results.

He also ensures timelines and budget are consistently managed and met.

He proved adept at managing within budget and exceeding expectations.

John managed to do this on a tight budget, that he watched closely.

He autonomously managed the budget for our pre-orientation summit.

John is a dedicated manager with eye for the budget and perfection.

John manages multiple budgets and maximizes each penny earned.

I will say he can be a great manager because he managed to achieve ranking for our ads within in tight budget.

He is extremely adaptable and capable of managing staff, budget and management.

He always managed within his budget and proactively looked for opportunities to better his organization.

Aside from that he is an outstanding manager who delivers results within time and budget.

He is an excellent manager who consistently stays on time and within budget.

John is superb at managing complexity while remaining on time and on budget.

Deadline driven and budget conscious- he always manages to raise the bar.

He was instrumental in organizing the workload and managing the budget.

He was also responsible for a large budget and vendor management.

He manages his budget in a responsible way and delivers on time.

He is also very organized- keeping timelines on track, managing all the deliverables and managing large budgets.

John is both thorough and deliberate while managing to organizational goals and budgets.

He is very good at presentations, budgeting, people management.

He always wants to make sure the job is done right, within budget, and on time.

He is very driven and focuses on the end goal in everything he does, while closely managing his budget.

John knows how to manage both large and strict budgets and always gets the job done fabulously.