Building Inspector Performance Review Phrases Examples

Building Inspector Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John helped migrate the newspaper from their old building to the new building.
John knows exactly what he is doing and is particular about his building methods.
You can build on him and you can be sure things will be done in the right way.
John certainly knows how to get to the best out of the organisations he builds.
For example, he has done everything from buildings to trees/vegetation.
He seemed to know and be acquainted with everyone in the building.
It is not uncommon for him to be one of the last in the building.
He goes out of his way to build others up and help them progress.
John is often the first in the building and the last to leave.
But unfortunately this building cannot contain his greatness.
His insight shows not only in what he builds, but in how he helps others to understand what they can build.
He always builds his employees up and focuses on using their strengths while building their weaknesses.
He can build anything he puts his mind to, from scratch and build it to perfection.
He has a better understanding of what we have done, what we are doing and how we are doing it than almost anyone in the building.
Johns goes above and beyond and looks for new ways to build value in partnerships.
During the build they both kept him up to date with exactly what was going on.
If you ever need to build something from scratch, he is definitely the one.
He gets things done, builds trust along the way and always follows through.
Past that, his ability to look forward allows him to build things to scale.
He will always make the right decision and builds all those around him up.
He always tries to make things easier and builds value from every insight.
Give him one idea, and he would build upon it more than you could imagine.
He is willing to share all of what he had to help build someone else.
He will always build you up and tell you what it takes to be successful.
John makes it go and thus empowers to try, which is essential to build.
He always thought about what he was building and how it would be used.
It's also true that he can build just about anything you ask him to.
A year later, we are still using and building on some of his ideas.
Thank you for building confidence in him, and in many more ladies.
He knows how to build valuable partnerships that help everybody win.
You name it, he can build it, on time and to your specifications.
John's always the first one to run towards the burning building.
His experience makes him invaluable when you're trying to build.
In fact, the only thing that he couldn't do is the actual build.
Trust is something he treasures and knows how to build quickly.
John is always there for him and helped build up his confidence.
They always made him feel like they could truly build anything.
Whatever you build with him, you will have an impact for sure.
Relationship building is one of his most impressive abilities.
He came for several semesters to help build their confidence.
He always knows what is happening in his building at any time
The more challenging the problem the more value he can build.
He builds on his natural way of being and his characteristics.
John knows how to build an organization and to get the best out of its people.
He builds up everyone around him and brings out the best in people.
He builds people up and allows them to become our company self.
John builds trust through seeking first to understand where the individual is at, and then building from there.
John possesses the rare combination of both knowing what to build and how to build it.
He's helped build several successful tech firms and could help others build another.
He believes in building strong partnerships, this builds loyalty and trust.
They all speak highly of him and go out of their way to go and say hi to him if they are in the same building.
Give him the tools and he will build something extraordinary
His story has so much power not only in building him, but building those who resonate with him as well.
He is never shy in asking and building his own understanding about things that he was not sure of, or which were new to him.
By looking at him, you truly believe and understand that nothing is impossible, which also build up the confidence.
He builds trust by following through on commitments and going above and beyond to help in any way possible.
So, not only does he build excellent stuff, he makes them look better than you have in your mind.
He will not only answer these questions, but he'll also help you build whatever needs to be built.
Apart from being the best dressed man in the building, he was also one of the most respected.
He listens to their needs and builds trust by following through on all of his commitments.
In addition, he always came up with useful ideas that could further build the organisation.
John knows how to get things done while at the same time building consensus between groups.
During the builds, he would encourage employees to try things they had never done before.
He can really hone in on your very particular strengths, and help you to build on them.
John is somebody to build on as he is very loyal and collaborative towards colleagues.
He gives the best when it comes to build something new or create something from scratch.
He clearly knows what are the challenges of anybody building their internet presence.
John understands the here and now, but sees and knows how to build for the future.
He does that with patience and respect for others, and knows how to build consensus.
He also was able to help with the offers that we placed in a few of the buildings.
He says what needs to be said, but in a way that builds collaboration and trust.
John builds on our own potential, collaborates with others, and get things done.
John, however, basically told us that if we could think it, he could build it.
He will literally tear it apart and use it to build something you actually need.
He sees what others don't see, or aren't able to currently build for themselves.
His passion for building, for creating and seeing things through is remarkable.
John will go far & faster, he is smart, knows how to build on past experiences.
John really encouraged him to build on his strengths and take on new challenges.
He can build the necessary bridges and influence others without much effort.
He will definitely continue to build many more successes in his next endeavor.
We are very grateful for his help with building out our foundational approach.
He is the best at building camaraderie because he is so genuinely likeable.
He showed us how to build on the fundamentals and use them to our advantage.
John gets to the heart of the question and everything builds from there.
Reach out to him if you want to ideate, co-create and build something fresh.
John came to us a couple years ago when he found out what we were building.
Because of this, he is effective in building trust and getting things done.
If you are building something new, he can help wrangle the folks necessary.
He builds others up, but without the fanfare and bravado one might expect.
He builds consensus and is always looking for positives in any situation.
He didn't leave the building until everyone understood their next steps.
John knows how to create ideas, and how to help you build on your own.
He strives to help others succeed while building on his own achievements.
John will provide an immediate impact for anything he pursues or builds.
John knows how to build rapport with any demographic in any situation.
He will build the ramps to get there, and then deliver on the vision.
John helps you build on your own ideas and will help with other ideas.
And then he'll help you build that list, it's up to you to complete it.
We could not have been happier to be a tenant in one of his buildings.
He went on building on top of his strengths that had taken him places.
He is also very receptive of other ideas that he can use and build on.
He gets on well with colleagues and builds teamwork very effectively.
That background will be an asset to him as he builds out his company.
He builds rapport quickly and always follows through on what he says.
John knows how to build culture and maintain it even in trying times.
He liked expert managers/directors who can build from his own vision.
He truly understands that there are 'no facts inside the building'.
He's as buttoned-up as they come, building on proven methodologies.
John can build things from scratch, very quickly and with substance.
He also thrives in helping and building others in any way possible.
It was amazing how much he found every time he went through a build.
He goes so much beyond and builds deep connections within the org.
He brings value, builds value, and inspires others to do the same.
Then, he proceeded to build the right alliances and make it happen.
John is responsible for building out the capability that we need.
He also stepped in to help with difficulties during the build out.
He gets women, and will help you build up your selling abilities.
The first was going through a course he created on list building.
He serves and builds those around him without worry for accolades.
He elevated him and challenged him to be better and build his legacy.
A lot of that has to do with him building an environment of trust.
He gave us many things we need to build on and think deeply about.
When they aren't, he inspires us to build on previous breakthroughs.
He builds alliances around ideas and then just makes them happen.
He builds trust over time and that is one of his best attributes.
He advises about the path that you can take to build your future.
By putting others before himself, he builds trust and dedication.
John is very good at helping him build his own value proposition.
He's truly and inspiration and an honor know and build with.
His efforts on building up people/culture have been outstanding.
He can build consensus in even the most contentious situations.
John is full of passion when it comes to build up connections.
He builds trust quickly because he makes and keeps commitments.
He builds confidence and the courage to think outside the box.
Small wonder then that he excels at building trust and loyalty.
John is our go to guy when we met challenges during the build.
He is great at building connections and is very inspirational.
The relationships he builds on the principles of commitment and trust.
He builds commitment around him by his enthusiasm and example.
He can build an excellent rapport with with anyone in minutes.
John's ability to build both in minutes is what makes him unique.
Also, he respects each other to build up the trust between us.
While building trust through him facilitation of conversation.
He showed him that little-by-little, the bird builds him nest.
Dariya introduced him to the basics of building an opportunity.
John's experience has been truly helpful and profit building.
He truly understands how to build and maintain relationships
Has been able to re-build his group more or less from scratch.
He builds up easily contacts and does do what he is promising.
He comes across as very unassuming and build rapport quickly.