Building Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Building Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Harish is very good at relationships, building and management, which help him in managing his responsibilities.
He managed to see what's best within each individual and build them up, which is something that is very rare.
Not only did he get it done, but he managed to build consensus along the way.
John is an excellent building manager - the best of the best.
John looks out for his team, and tries to help others build while he also builds.
John is the best when it comes to managing and building university relations.
He is an excellent manager and he excels at building teams who build things.
Whether building, deploying, managing, or maintaining, he was thorough and proficient.
He can build the infrastructure just as well as he can manage others to do the same.
John is outstanding as a manager, as he builds up those around him to succeed.
John managed the build of our new website and the transition from our old one.
His experience in building management is extensive and will do what it takes.
He successfully helps build and manage both panels for these organisations.
He did this very well, managing expectations and quickly building trust.
He knows how to prioritize and manage each build from start to finish.
It was confidence building that he didn't need to micromanage him.
John and every issue were immediately addressed as building manager.
He knows how to manage the teams, build the credibility with the management and deliver the results.
Relationship building is his strength and so is managing teams.
He always tries to build the team's confidence on their managers.
He knows to build right relations with all colleagues both with a subservient and with managers.
John also build upon the positive relations that the management had with the union.
John builds consensus in all his interactions with colleagues and management.
John can manage departments and knows how to build trust and alliances.
John is very approachable manager, very good in building relations.
He not only manages, he teaches others to manage as well and is always building a pipeline of talent.
He, somehow, manages to release builds that have a little something for everyone in them.
With his dry sense of humor, he manages to build rapport very quickly with managers as well as candidates.
He knows how to build and manage strong teams, build loyalty, and delegate appropriately.
This is how he manages to build close partnerships based not only on what they want, but also on what they actually need.
He didn't manage him directly, but his group needed what his group was building, and he made certain all needs were met.
John is always amazingly responsive to his requests for yet another build along with the other tasks he was managing.
His contribution to the building and strengthening of all levels of management is beyond measurement.
His management and leadership styles are quite comprehensive and help in organization building.
He made him know of himself, he managed to build his confidence up to be strong of his level now.
Especially in difficult environments he was able to build camaraderie with those he managed.
It was all made possible through a solid foundation, which he managed and helped to build.
John made a large number of positive changes as to the way the building was managed.
John's management style makes it easy for him to build rapport with his colleagues.
At the same time, he's a collaborator manager that knows how to build consensus.
Him ability to build rapport with managers as well as candidates is phenomenal
Risk management, capability building are a few of his many strong points.
John managed to build the very structured and clear escalation procedure.
He managed to build the player well, up to the details of every pixel.
His management style is dictated by sharing and consensus building.
He builds rapport easily with both candidates and managers alike.
He understands how to build and manage a profitable division.
John is also very adept at building and managing teams; he's a strong manager, well-liked and respected.
John focuses his management hours on team building which is the tenant of his management style.
He knows how to manage up, down and all around because of his strength in building trusting relationships.
It goes without saying he's brilliant at what he does - creating, building and managing relationships.
His strength is relationship building and managing of expectations/deliverables/deadlines.
John has managed to take his relationship building savvy to everything that he does.
He builds relationships and is loyal to him managers as well as him employees.
John manages to get his point across and build an excellent relationship.
John is very good at building relationships and managing stakeholders.
He manages to build new relationships, but also maintains the old ones.
He is strong at building relationship at all levels of management.
He will go out of his way to get to know you better and thereby build bridges everywhere he goes.
In other words, he hires well and knows what to do with them once they're in the building.
John made contact with him regarding the build of his website.
John works well with all levels of management and has shown that he can easily build rapport will managers.
John is a manager who builds a consensus within an organization, his peers and the groups he manages.
John somehow still managed to dislodge them from their contract and the building was ours within days.
He builds trust and loyalty both amongst his team, and upwards into management.
As if this wasn't enough, he can also build and manage a team effectively.
He also has many years of experience in team building and management.
The same can be said for him team building experience as a manager.
He made selecting, building and now managing our property so easy.
John knows how to build and manage an effective leadership team.
John knows his team's strengths and manages to build upon that.
Along with and thanks to him, we managed to build a great team.
John is a gifted leader who not only could build anything, he could build it better.
Our company manages people, John excels at building and managing client partnerships.
From the start of the first meeting, he managed to build rapport with him very quickly.
When the work builds up, he prioritizes and manages to get everything done by the deadline
He truly wanted to build bridges between departments and other managers and employees.
Raghu is invaluable to building and improving any person, organization he manages.
He builds confidence amongst those that report to him and does not micro-manage.
John is exceptional at building employee engagement and managing morale.
He often provides some ideas on how to negotiate with building management.
He helped him with time management and leadership building exercises.
He took time to mentor him and build him as a manager and employee.
When building something new, you really want him on your team.
At the end he managed to build and distribute the application on time.
The way he managed to build teams across the globe and effect the solution building was phenomenal.
By these inherent capabilities he stands out in building & release management.
He managed to build this model with minimal supervision and guidance.
John has an amazing ability to build, manage and teach at scale.
John will challenge his team and build each manager's competence.
He is handsome as well as good at building and managing team.
He knows how to manage, mentor and build him team at our company.
Our company with Faiz when you need someone to build and manage your digital engagement.
It's like he breaks down all the components of management, explains to us what each and every component does, and then builds them back together again.
He could build an excellent rapport with his hiring managers and also delivered according to their expectations.
He builds trust through results and consistently goes above and beyond for employees, managers and the company.
He manages to help you emphasize what matters and build upon your strengths in ways you didn't know how.
His management style has exactly the right mix of leadership and confidence building for his employees.
He values and understands how to build partnerships and manages effectively up and down organizations.
He is excellent at building trust and credibility with hiring managers and he does it very quickly.
John is a focused manager, always knows what he needs and gets it by building long term partnerships.
John goes the extra mile to build trust that other managers just don't understand or know how to do.
His management allowed him to build his potential and always pushed him to an accelerated growth.
John's leadership and management style is focused on collaboration and building consensus.
He managed to be a great asset to us as he was also building the basis of his new company.
He excels at cutting through the fluff, managing his stakeholders, and building consensus.
John builds effective partnerships with stakeholders to set and manage expectations.
His straightforward management style builds confidence and loyalty with his employees.
John knows how to build, manage, and run companies from startup to highly established.
He reduces complex things down into simple building blocks and manages this friendly.
He builds strong organizations and manages their progress on an ongoing basis.
He gave him access to the hiring managers which helped build his credibility.
His consistent and fair management style retains them and builds loyalty.
Ask him to build a plan and manage it and you'll see every angle covered.
John managed to build a very strong company in extremely short time.
Him complete trust helped him build his confidence as a new manager.
He's a straight shooter and the kind of manager that builds trust.
This included being responsible for managing the building of the company's new premises in our company.
Relationship building and pipeline management were the two key attributes to his success of our company.
He builds teams and builds consensus among all levels within the organization.
John' incredible ability to build teams yet allowing him managers the freedom to manage was so refreshing.
John did not micromanage, but instead gave him guidance and let him as a manager build and run his own team.
He brings an inclusive management style to help build strong, cohesive management teams.
John has shown the ability to manage and build relationships up and down these organizations.
He builds strong relationships with managers and they have come to depend on him.
He builds relationships and is effective at creating and managing collaboration.
He is also a strong manager of others and builds meaningful relationships.
He manages relationships tactfully, and builds them for the long term.
He can manage both large and small customers and build trust.
He managed to bring results and build relationships of trust.
John is always very passionate about what he did, and went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to the building.
But he would not be if his character which he has built up in the past years would not be as well great.
He saw beyond our words and discussions into the heart of who we were and what we were trying to build.
He made sure we had thought everything through before we started building anything on the website.
He then suggested and took it upon himself to coordinate the building of his website.
John just gets it when it comes to building bridges where opportunity exists.
Most impressive of all, he does it through collaboration and bridge-building.
John knows what is needed to build an organization with the right culture.
He got things done without burning bridges, but rather by building bridges.
He does this well by building enthusiasm and consensus within organizations.
John his words: this man is out to build something, and he will succeed.
We will continue to build on his contribution to the organization.
John can build bridges where others would merely stand and gape.
He knows how to grow and build organizations and individuals.
He pushed all of us to our limits, and that builds character.
John represents himself and builds reports that builds trust.
Our company one builds and manages external partners and vendors better than John.
He did this while building a strong team below him, which had very low turnover under his management.
He knows his stuff and, more importantly, he knows how to build trust with his team and management.
He can pull together the necessary resources to build successful and effective management.