Business Advisor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Advisor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He is one of those highly talented business advisor and business Networker anyone would ever wish to meet or do business with.

John is an outstanding consultant and advisor on business to business selling.

John is an excellent advisor, one of the best in the business.

John is an accomplished business professional and someone I would consider as both a trusted business advisor and business colleague.

John has years of business experience which makes him an incredible asset as your business advisor.

John is an excellent business advisor and especially understands family business dynamics.

John has been a great counselor and advisor in the business intermediary business.

John is a great business advisor and resource for any small/micro business.

John is an astute business man and highly capable business advisor.

If you are looking for a business advisor, someone who can help get your business to the next level, calls John.

John has been, and is an essential business advisor to me and my company.

John is one of my most trusted, go-to advisors and business partners.

John always adds value to our business and is an excellent advisor.

John is one of those business advisors who lives of his clients.

John is definitely on my "shortlist" of best business advisors.

You couldn't have a better friend or advisor in the business.

You would be very lucky to have John be an advisor to your business.

John is a very business savvy business person, he works very hard to be the best in business and to help other businesses achieve the same.

John has opened up my thinking about business to the new generation of business.

I would recommend John to other businesses who are looking to change their accounts and business advisors.

If there is a business advisor to whom the description of expert applies, then here is that advisor.

Use John as a business advisor or coach in all aspects of your business.

Business owners need personal support from trusted business friends, and they need experienced business advisors to help them grow their businesses.

He gives sage business advice, cares about their business as if it is his own, and becomes a true trusted confident and business advisor.

John is an excellent business advisor, working very collaboratively to help achieve business objectives.

John has been a trusted business advisor through the years, as well as business colleague and friend.

John is a resourceful and thoughtful advisor to businesses and business people as individuals.

I would highly recommend John as a business advisor to anyone who is looking to make their business thrive.

I've known and used John as a business tax Preparer and business advisor for many years.

That is why I have chosen John to be my own personal business advisor to my many businesses and companies.

Since then, he's had an unbelievable impact on our business and we're very lucky to have him as an advisor.

John has been an advisor, mentor and business associate, to me, sometimes all at the same time.

I have found him to be an excellent business advisor over the time of our relationship.

John has been a particularly useful business advisor, and we will engage him again.

He has been one of our most helpful advisors as we continue to grow our business.

John has been invaluable to me both as a friend and as an advisor to my business.

John was one of my trusted advisors and partners in all aspects of the business.

John has been an advisor and resource for me and my business for twenty years.

John has been invaluable to my start up business as both advisor and friend.

A great friend and advisor to anyone looking to get their business unstuck.

John has been my personal attorney and business advisor for several years.

I'm grateful to have him in my corner as an advisor and business friend.

John has become more than a business partner, he's an advisor and friend.

I am privileged to have him as my colleague, friend and business advisor.

John's customers and business partners, value him as a trusted advisor.

He is one of my most trusted advisors for business or spiritual issues.

John is an exceptional business technologist, consultant and advisor.

John has worked with me as both a client and an advisor to my business.

John is currently a business advisor and consultant for my company.

John is seen as a trusted advisor to all that do business with him.

John has been an inspirational mentor and business advisor to me.

I am grateful and happy that he is my business advisor and friend.

John is also a trusted advisor who knows and understands business.

John is a very knowledgeable and professional business advisor.

Fantastic advisor with real business knowledge from the trenches.

He was a trusted advisor in taking my business to the next level.

John has been a valued advisor to our business for many years.

He has grown to be a very trusted advisor to me and my business.

John is the ultimate professional and trusted business advisor.

John was a steadfast and trusted advisor for me and my business.