Business Analyst Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

I would not hesitate in recommending him to any business looking for an experienced business analyst.

John was the best business analyst at our company.

John was one of my senior business analysts and provided excellent analysis/documentation of business requirements.

Better business insight along with customer focus make him an efficient business analyst.

John was a business analyst that any Manager would love to have to take their business northwards.

That makes him one of the most consummate and thorough business analysts around.

Working alongside him has made me a better analyst and business partner.

And furthermore, per my opinion, he is the ideal business analyst.

John also has proven himself to be an excellent business analyst.

John is an experienced and very knowledgeable business analyst.

John is very instrumental in his work as a business analyst.

He is very professional and experienced business analyst.

As an analyst, he is simply without peer in the business.

John is an enthusiastic and confident business analyst.

John very responsible and careful business analyst.

He was acting both as business and technical analyst.

He is far and away the best business analyst I have encountered.

John was a business analyst on my first program at our company.

John is undoubtedly one of the best BI analyst in the business.

John is the most thorough business analyst I have worked with in the medical publishing business.

John was our business analyst and technical writer.

John is a very knowledgeable business process analyst and someone we are proud to be in business with.

John is a superb business analyst who has worked with me on several business concepts and strategies.

John has excellent business understanding and he did a commendable job as a business analyst.

He has great business knowledge and is able to apply these in him business analyst role.

He is a skillfull business analyst who has brought a new perspective to the business.

He is an excellent business analyst who can learn a client's business very quickly.

John is a very conscientious business analyst who was always willing to help wherever needed.

I am sure business analyst both experienced and new will benefit from this presentation.

John understands business analysts: their needs, their priorities, what makes them tick.

I would like to work with him again in future as he is a very good business analyst.

He is an experienced analyst, understands business and very commitment.

I would highly recommend him as an outstanding business analyst.

John was an outstanding forecast analyst for my business unit.

John's expertise as business analyst was key in our program.

He has also mentored other junior business analyst effectively.

He is a very bright, motivated, and thorough business analyst.

John is an outstanding business analyst and team resource.

John reported to me for nine months as a business analyst.

John was outstanding in his role as a senior business analyst.

John was hired to be a business analyst for this division.

Very smart, self-motivated, professional business analyst.

John's work as a business analyst is very professional.

John is an exceptional sales leader and business analyst.

John is a very talented business partner and analyst.

John is an exceptional analyst with a lot of business sense.

One of the best in an elite team of business analysts.

The business analyst training class was very helpful.

He also guided junior business analysts in the team.

I can only wish any team to have business analyst like John in the team.

He is definitely one of the best business analysts I had to work with.

His past experience has really made him one of the best analyst out there in business - not only in a financial sense but in business operations too.

As a business analyst, John always made sure the project represented business requirements.

He worked well with his teammates as well as business analysts throughout the project.

John is one of the most knowledgeable analysts within the business applications market.

You couldn't ask for a better business analyst or project manager.

Every software company wants to target the business analyst.

Perfect business analyst, good understanding of business needs, ability to listen and appropriation of subjects.

John is a good business analyst who understands business needs very well and translate into to the point document.

His brilliance as a business analyst is bolstered by an almost-innate understanding of the dynamics of business.