Business Architect Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Architect Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John is not only humble and approachable, but also one of the finest enterprise architects in the business.

He has the ability to understand complex business problems and is an excellent architect.

John is one of the more gifted solution architects with grounded business oriented viewpoint.

He even runs his business that way with a business model, unlike almost all of his peers.

He certainly knows the branding business and was very helpful in showing us the course we had to take for our business in the future.

He had many business value propositions and implemented them to better meet our business challenges.

John is an architect with great vision, he saw a business opportunity to expand the company's business through the use of new technologies.

John is an infrastructure architect who really gets into the business of the customer.

John is great at creating well architected solutions to solve business objectives.

He has an excellent business sense in understanding what is truly important to help drive the business.

He architected some of our latest products that have been invaluable to the business.

He regularly receives such referrals and also, provides my business with appropriate new business opportunities.

John is very hands-on with the business and it's always a pleasure to do business with him and his team.

He is a team player and always willing to learn more about new business and new business models.

I know him as a strong architect that comprehends business current and future demands.

John's drive makes him an ideal architect and a great asset to any business.

John business understanding is very high and he can comprehend some of the most difficult aspects of business.

His business practices and approaches to doing business were eye-opening and inspirational.

He is a very business focused architect having a strong bond with the business which is clear in their constant positive feedback about him.

John has a real appreciation of the business, especially anything to do with interactive business.

John is an excellent architect and, more importantly, advisor and guide for the business.

John is a hard-working self-starter who is also an amazing business architect.

He completely understands the business and has an excellent strategic business approach.

John was the architect behind many key initiatives to help grow our business in the region.

John is an innovative learning architect and knows how to apply this in the relevant business environment.

He is always investigating new way's of thinking about business and especially “women in business”.

Furthermore, he is one of the most knowledgeable people regarding business and business practices.

I highly recommend him as an enterprise architect, either in business or technology.

He really is always looking at the best way for businesses to maximize their revenue.

He empowered his staff to grow the business and take up opportunity made available for further business growth.

He provides clarity on all our business strategies & actively pursues business simplification.

John has excellent insights into the business which he can turn into real business opportunities.

John business will benefit from his review of their business' overall or departmental organization and procedures.

He is very creative however, he possesses the business acumen to drive business outcomes.

He always follows through with any potential business conversation and is open to new business partnerships that could benefit both our companies.

This ability allows him to architect solutions, rightly aligned with business objectives to come into fruition.

John is like a whirlwind when it comes to building businesses, profiling your business and employees.

He was able to close new business for himself, and help in closing business for him team members.

John is eager to learn about the business, and he actively seeks out new opportunities for the business.

John has a very professional approach to doing business and is highly respected as an architect.

John is the technology architect that will tell you what you need to hear to help your business or organization be successful.

John is an outstanding architect with a natural talent for understanding business requirements.

John's ability to analyse and architect business strategies is worth your time and money.

John analyzed our business and was able to make practical recommendations that have positively impacted our business.

John's graciously connected me with several local businesses where we can complement each other's business model.

He has a high passion toward business and is always finding ways to help fuel business growth.

He has solid business strategies with a passion to drive business and succeed.

John's role was in our business solutions group, and he served as one of our first solution architects.

John provided very valuable insight into our business, we've been one of many businesses that have benefited from his experience and ideas.

He was always prepared, organized, knew his business, knew my business, presented the business case with my company's needs in mind.

He smart, hard working and laser focused on his business and business partnerships.

I consider him very competent, and able to architect enterprise solutions, and position them to win business.

He can also architect an overall solution that meets the client's requirements and business needs.

John transforms ordinary business practices into innovative business solutions.

He does an excellent job taking business objectives and architecting those ideas into innovative solutions to achieve business goals.

John was analytical and business oriented, keen on strategic business success.

He is adept at problem-solving & architecting elegant solutions across many different business functions.

His advice has always been based on sound business practice, but with an understanding of the business needs.

He really understands the client's business and provides practical advice on how to grow their business.

I have always seen him go the extra mile to get the best practices and would try to do the right thing for business.