Business Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He constantly looks to add value and business assistance to members.

Although he has a very busy schedule, he is always willing to assist.

He was always willing to assist no matter how busy his schedule.

He has been of assistance to myself in forward planning changes in my businesses.

John has assisted us with business planning over many years.

John asked me to assist him with some business documentation.

He assisted us in introductions to potential business partners and his foresight and assistance are greatly appreciated.

He printed business cards for me and other items that gave me much assistance in implementing my business.

John helped me put together a business plan that assisted me in my pursuit to open my own business.

I would likely still be fumbling around not really sure how to use or engage in this vital business platform with out him assistance.

His knowledge of the business is outstanding and he always goes above and beyond to assist with any enquiry.

He has assisted me recently in my business; he has been extremely efficient and is very knowledgeable.

I am very satisfied with his works and recommended him for you if you need assistance for your business.

John has been very approachable, always willing to assist and he is up to date with business knowledge.

It has been a pleasure to work with him and assist him business.

This he enthusiastically shares with his colleagues and use to assist companies to optimize their business.

His assistance has been a great investment for me in my business.

He has always found time from his very busy schedule to assist me or anyone for that matter.

He continues to assist me in taking my business and life to the next level.

Despite his busy schedule, he will make time to assist his subordinates.

John is passionate about getting results not only through his business but also by building strong business connections that can and do assist others who collaborate with him.

John is always available to assist no matter how busy he is or even if its not part of his core responsibilities.

John has the experience and expertise to assist any small business owner looking to improve their business.

John is assisting me in a critical growth stage of my business.

John provides business/project rescue, business turnaround strategies and assists with taking a business to the next level of probability.

He has never shunned from providing assistance despite his busy schedule.

John truly understands how to apply his business knowledge when assisting entrepreneurs.

He has an "open door" policy and is always eager to assist in any way he can to help win the business.

He has assisted many businesses through offering exposure for them, through him ongoing events.

His dedication to his customers and assisting their business was undeniable.

John assisted in finding several consultants in our business.

John has recently expanded his business' capacity by training new coaches to assist him in growing his business.

He has been very supportive of my business and responding to requests for assistance.

I cannot imagine running my business without his assistance and support.

He understands business and is an advocate for solid business practices that assist both employer and employee.

John is always there providing great assistance, insight and advised on the business at hand.

He often volunteers his already busy schedule to assist us whenever and wherever we need him.

John has assisted me on numerous occasions in my marketing business.

He assisted in the formation of many new business enterprises as well as advising new start up organisations to be more successful.

He is constantly asking what else he can do to assist his coworkers, thus increasing our business unit's success.

John was innovative in his thinking and was always eager to assist in solving business challenges.

His advice proved to be practical and assisted our business in multiple ways.

John assisted me on a number of large enterprise scale new business deals.

John provided very detailed proposals and offered his assistance to help close the business.

He is a fantastic business consultant and someone who can assist you or your business in such a variety of capacities.

He is extremely knowledgeable about his business which in turn allows him to be very helpful in assisting ours.

John is not only extremely intelligent, but truly dedicated and passionate about assisting small businesses.

John was very knowledgeable and eager to assist us in finding new avenues to grow our business.

His assistance to our business has been exceptional and he has been a pleasure to work with.

I found him expertise to be a great resource in assisting the needs of our business.

John willingly shares his knowledge to assist other business owners.

He is always looking for opportunities to assist people and businesses for the good of the region.

He went out of his way to assist me in a business deal by connecting me with others in his network.

He shared some of his contacts with me to network with and assisted me with growing my business.

John is a fantastic Networker and colleague and is always willing to assist other businesses.

He is tireless in his efforts to assist all of us in expanding our business and networks.

I highly recommend him to assist your company with their business planning needs.

John's demeanor and attention to detail make him an effective business leader who will be able to assist others as they are building their businesses, or looking for assistance in getting them back to profitability.

He is extremely helpful and is never too busy to assist his colleagues or his customers.

John assisted me with forward thinking for my business in a very effective profiling model.