Business Associate Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Associate Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has also helped many others as well, including several business associates with their start up companies.
In our activities as business associates, he accomplishes everything he says he will do.
He is an affable character, and well respected by his colleagues and business associates.
His sense of serving others goes beyond any typical business or association transaction.
I have gotten to know, like and trust him-as a business associate and as a friend.
I now greatly value my association with him as a friend and business colleague.
He's a trusted business associate for anyone who is lucky enough to know him.
He fostered strong business relationships with business associates at all levels of the company.
He is positive, completely trustworthy, and very reliable business associate.
John has been and will continue to be a trusted friend and business associate.
He motivates colleagues and other business associates through sheer passion.
He is quite straightforward and transparent in his dealings when it comes to partners or business associates.
He is definitely someone you want on your connection list and as a business partner and associate.
I would never hesitate to recommend him to any of my associations, friends or business partners.
John and loyalty are the traits you look for in a business partner as well as an associate.
He is one of those rare people who you appreciate as a friend and business associate.
Not only does he know his business very well, but he also takes the time to listen and learn the businesses of his clients and associates.
I have conducted business in association with him several times, and each time it has been faultless.
John is a caring business owner with employees, as well as business associates.
After the interview, he went above and beyond, introducing me to business associates that have helped me tremendously.
John makes friends easily and has no hesitation in making conservation with soon to be business associates.
He is a refreshing business associate and will put forth his best efforts to help one succeed.
I am happy to recommend him highly both as a former colleague and now business associate.
John association with him has changed our way of doing business in a many positive ways.
John is more than a business associate he has become a close friend and adviser.
John has been a business associate now for some time through our local our company's business network.
I would highly recommend him as a person and a business associate to any prospective business or contact.
John is an absolute professional that has been successful in the association business.
I have always found him to be diligent, enthusiastic and extremely competent as a business associate.
He is extremely competent and understands his role and how to leverage his business associates.
I have seen him as a friend, as a business associate and have gotten to know his family.
John is also very well connected in the offline and online business world and has built many great life long business associates over the years.
John never fails to offer praise and recommendations for his associates and business partners.
John is one of my best sparring partners and a trusted associate in business and leisure.
John is of great asset to all his friends, business partners and associates.
John at whatever level in life will be blessed by the business association and our friendship.
He is a person you would want as a friend, business associate or business relationship.
His contagious enthusiasm keeps his employees motivated and his business associates interested.
I have been privileged to grow a friendship with him through our business association, and that is not something that is achieved easily.
He is also very amiable with a great sense of humor and well liked amongst both business associates and colleagues.
I have known him for many years, first as a business associate that turned quickly into a friendship.
His feedback and insight is valuable to me a business associate and colleague in this space.
John strikes me as a very down-to-earth and trustworthy business associate and friend.
John is a very knowledgeable business associate who is well organized and thorough.
His passion and leadership are instrumental influences to the success of any business of which he associates.
His new book, while targeting at associations and non-profits, is full of good advice for any business.
It's always a pleasure to associate with him for innovative ideas and good business connections.
John is a friend, and also a very happy, upbeat, and competent business associate.
I enjoy doing business with him, and continue to recommend his services to friends and business associates alike.
I have never hesitated to refer him to other business associates on a national basis.
I wish him all the best in all his endeavors and look forward to being associated with him as a business associate and personal friend.
John business associate / partner can expect a timely response from him all the times.
His enthusiasm in seeing new business ventures grow is infectious and the support he gives to his business contacts and associates is great.
We are very cautious with our selection of business partners and have been extremely satisfied with our association with him.
John has a very positive approach to business and to helping associates get the job done.
I have recommended him several times to friends and other business associates and each time they thanked me for the introduction.
John is very objective driven - all business objectives were largely achieved during my association with the company.
While understanding business needs he also understands associate needs and drives to continually bolster moral.
John is very, very good at taking care of his business associates and ensuring they get what they need.
He has the highest moral character and it is truly an honor to be an associate in business with this great champion of freedom.
And as for all those who are his business associates or clients, you are in the right hands.
He's a good friend, business associate, and someone you can feel comfortable about sending business to him, because you know he will always do what is best.
Our company the business side, John is efficient at understanding and associating priorities and helping the business grow.
He refrained from becoming impersonal or only about business; he kept the humanity in business.
John's focus is always on business outcomes and the future of our business.
He feels it is his business to make your business achieve its goals.
John provided excellent help and support for business associates
He understands his business and makes it his business to understand his client's business so that he can do the best job possible.
John's entrepreneurial spirit has taken him to great things, anyone who can associate and do business with him should.
John understands business better than most and would be an asset to any organization with whom he decides to associate.
He truly wants to contribute to the overall growth of the business while growing his associates at the same time.
He's one of the very few business associates who have become a friend through the course of great partnership.
John's passion for our business was an inspiration to his associates and to the leadership of the company.
John has proven to us repeatedly that he had our best interests at heart during our business association.
He gives his all to friends, colleague and business associates and helps you think through any challenge.
He does not mind to share what he knows and is always lifting up business colleagues and associates.
It is an honor to recommend him to his business associates as they know he must be one of the best.
He strives for perfection and will always go the extra mile for his business associates.
It is what makes him unique and a passionate business associate over many many years.
He will challenge all his business associates to keep the ball moving down the court.
We look forward to a very fruitful business association with him in the future also.
His commitment to him profession and business associates is admirable and genuine.
He has been a great associate and has always added value to the business needs.
And for that, he's got his loyalty as a business associate and lifelong friend.
He would be an asset to any publication, organization or business associate.
His circle of business associates is vast, available and extremely helpful.
Many of his business associates now use his service and are also very happy.
This has earned him the respect of friends and business associates alike.
John as business associate has shown his keen interest in the subject.
He is someone worth knowing whether as a business associate or friend.
His maturity and business acumen would make him a valuable associate.
He is not only a good friend, but an excellent business associate.
He can make an ordinary, associate into becoming a business owner.
His business expertise along with his strong sense of doing right for customers and associates is what separates him in this competitive business.
His depth of perception and keen acumen for business make him an asset with clients and business associates.
He's always been available to help him grow his business, and is a great person to associate yourself in business with.
As a business associate, he was a true partner and vitally important to our business.
He will drive new business and change old business to new heights.
John's own basic business plan goes beyond what most businesses normally provide.
He understands his business and performs very well on the business outcome.
He helped him plan in his business at the start of his business.
With him being in the picture you are sure to get the best out of the association.
John does not accept anything but the best from himself and his associates.
Should you have him as an associate, you and yours are quite fortunate.
You will become better, just because you are in association with him.
John's business insight was utilised in various other business units.
In short, he has everything that one wants to be there in the business associate or an organization mentor.
He also ensures that the needs of his business partners and associates are given equal attention.
John comes highly recommended and he will not disappoint his peers or business associates.
John is one of the most enthusiastic, and fun to work with business associates.
Get to know him, work him and include him in your circle of business associates.
His positive outlook on the business kept associates energized and engaged.
Great for new business startups as well as a refresher for people like himself who have been in business some time.
John's business acumen was stellar and he made all the right decisions for his business and his people.
He understands business, and he understands that the people around him are critical to said business.
John also has a network of business associates and friends that he has put him in touch with to help with other aspects of his business.
His expertise in business networking has translated into increased success for audiences and business associates.
He is a dedicated business partner, and deeply committed to the people and businesses that he associates himself with.
Customers and business associates look forward to his visits because they will learn something new.
John to any potential employer or business associate with great enthusiasm.
In one case he took a little known business associate of mine and put him into the business community spotlight.
John serves as a great business ambassador for our company and is a credible business associate.
He made it his business to understand his business and delivered just the right package.
And that, he's helping us realize, is what an alumni association should do - help grads associate with each other.
John is one of the best in the speaking business because he doesn't sugarcoat what really matters in each and every business.
His understanding of human nature and the cycles of business have been very useful to him and his business.
They are invaluable to him, to his business, and toward achieving those ever-challenging business goals.
Assign to him a goal or a business and he already knows what to do, how making the business fly.
He is never too busy, which is incredible given that he runs the busiest desk in the business.
His insight into the businesses and focus on providing business value is commendable.
He understands the business context and focus on things which add value to the business
He will bring vigour and business focus to any business in which he is involved.
John's business acumen and focus on business outcomes is exceptional.
It was his pleasure to work with him as a business partner and associate.
He worked closely with other associates to drive his business.
The foundation of his business is a solid business plan that allows him to overcome hurdles in the business world.
He understands better than most that if his neighbours' business is doing well then his will too, simply by association and the good will that he spreads.
John always went out of his way to maintain his business contacts with us and frequently followed up on the performance of his associates.
Anyone who does business with him in any capacity will consider themselves "blessed" to have him association, input and guidance
He gets it, and that means so much to an association-especially in today's challenging business and political climate.
John's tips for creating loyalty and retention were very useful and can be applied to any business or association.
He is always on top of his business endeavors and truly cares about everyone with whom he associates himself.
Anyone associating with him will always find profitability in their balance sheet - both in business and life.
Highly successful in whatever he decides to do he is an asset as a business associate colleague and friend.
His contributions are always well thought out and make sense from a business and association perspective.
John is easy for him to recommend based on his years of association with him and his business ventures.
His leadership, business acumen, communication and dedication to his associates were outstanding.
John to his business associates and they have all been extremely satisfied with his services.
In our association he has helped grow the business significantly through initiative & partnership.
John would be an amazing business associate for any organization as well as a valuable friend.