Business Data Analyst Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Data Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He understands the data for the business and knows what he can get from his team.
John has a rare combination of business acumen and mastery of data and data architecture.
John bases his decisions on data, but has the necessary business acumen to do what is right for the customer and the overall business.
I would recommend doing business with him because he goes beyond what is required to make his data easy to use and current.
He is inquisitive about the data and how it connects to the business and what that could and/or does mean for our results.
John is always ahead in anticipating the needs of small and big business that wants to understand their data.
John wants to know the "why's" so he can better understand the business and the data he is interpreting.
His recommendations were always well crafted, backed by data, and appropriate for the business need.
His ability to distil data and make business recommendations on the back of those, were invaluable.
He has taken the effort to really dive into the business to understand our data and our lingo.
He is driven to make an impact on the business and transform the way data is used.
He has always pushed to be data-driven and to solve the right business problem.
His passion goes beyond numbers and data, but into the business as a whole.
He is a "go to guy" and always up to date with all the business data.
John has very good business acumen and quick links to data.
He quickly understands the business issues and data challenges.
He organized demos based on our business needs using real data and business workflows.
He uses facts and data along with his extensive business knowledge to ensure his business delivers results.
John is a data guru who sees the data differently and knows how to add value with intelligence for business.
John is an excellent analyst and is exceptional at getting the data to tell the story and solving complex business problems in various disciplines.
John makes smart decisions through sound business acumen and use of data, allowing him to deliver impact to the business.
His business decisions were data driven, but also guided by common sense and the overarching business objectives.
Gifted with business intuition which allows him to see around corners, and to make the right decision with data he has.
He is passionate about the ability to transform businesses through the power of the data.
He has the ability to graph the business outcome that you are to drive through data.
He truly believes in the power of data, and how this can transform a business.
His passions were data analysis, troubleshooting business problems.
John understands the power of applying data to business problems.
In our business, the use of data is crucial, and he was a significant champion in turning this complex vision into business value.
He is comfortable with both summarizing data for reporting, and making business recommendations based on that data.
John is very passionate about data and using it as a key business enabler.
He presented data insights that were highly valuable to the business.
He is well versed in data policies, business rules and governance.
He makes decisions efficiently, but only once he has the data that will drive the business toward the best outcomes.
He translates statistics into meaningful data that can be used by government and business.
He understands metrics and knows how to use data to drive business decisions.
John understands what data his clients need to drive their business.
He has taken the customer data and turned it into actionable business facts that drive my business.
His incredible passion and curiosity for business challenges and opportunities makes him invaluable for any data-driven business or enterprise.
He is able to identify the value of actionable data in a way that can be leveraged by the business.
His ability to synthesize data quickly to keep the business on track is unlike anyone else.
He understands the business inside and out and is superb at finding ways to monetize data.
John also has a keen understanding of the business value within complex issues and data.
He was also data driven, measuring the effects of his initiatives on our business growth.
He could use any raw data, analyze & transfer them into effective business actions.
He is a quick learner and have good thought/understand for both business and data.
His business acumen, his ability to synthesize data and insight are hallmarks.
John's use of data to understand and approach a business issue was exemplary.
John's approach to every aspect of the business was data based and fact driven.
John has a tenacious approach to business and is a data junky.
John is a strong analyst who helped us bring our data to life and inspire action across the business.
John uses data to make sound business decisions, but at the same time, doesn't get held back waiting for data if it's not immediately available.
Pro is an excellent data analyst and have a broad business understanding that enables him to enrich and qualify any data set or analytical discussion.
John is a natural at deciphering data and vitally he is adept at ensuring data-driven decisions are made across the business.
John is an absolute expert in data science and applying data insights to transform the way the business runs.
Not only does he understand the analytics he can then turn it into actions for his business getting the most from the data.
John backed up his proposals based on data, and the requirements of the business.
His business acumen and understanding of data analytics is awesome.
He always takes the time to understand the business goals and not just the data.
John can easily discern which problems are important to solve for the business and can identify new ways the business should leverage its data.