Business Developer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Developer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He knows his business very well and gave a lot of good recommendations for my business and how is company can help mine business grow.

John is someone that knows his business and takes pride in everything he does to make that business grow and be profitable.

John is a pleasure to do business with and when we do business together, he is very punctual, thorough, and complete.

He never let our business down not even when under severe pressure and understand the business from all its angles.

I refer to him for business valuations and whenever someone tells me they are looking to sell their business.

John has the strengths and understanding in evaluating business changes and adopting them to the business.

He understands his business completely and also took it upon himself to understand our business thoroughly.

John is one of the online entertainment business pioneers and just knows everything about the business.

He's run his own businesses and really understands the issues and opportunities in my business.

John certainly is an expert in the fashion business from many facets of the business.

His insight to business and business opportunity is extraordinary and right on target.

He has what it takes to turn around businesses and create business opportunities.

John understands the unique business of selling businesses better than most.

John views business with an entrepreneurial, yet prudent business mind.

When others stop short, he is busy accelerating our business forward.

He is equally as strong in business acumen and business discussion.

Working with him was an absolute pleasure and really got me focused on my business goals, the right way to do business development, motivation and much more.

I always found his business plans comprehensive and well developed.

His business experience will help your business east and west.

Business development and business continuation are one of his strongest competences.

John cares about how you are and how your business is developing.

He has a keen eye for business development and can crystallize a development opportunity that most would never even see.

He went out of his way to understand the business requirements and transcribing them into development requirements.

I have since kept an eye on his development and am most impressed by his cultural and business flexibility.

He responds to emails quickly and follows up as necessary to develop business for our two companies.

John will help you develop your business and achieve the dreams you have set out for yourself.

John has proven very responsive as we look to collaborate on business development opportunities.

He developed an understanding of our business that got him involved in how we run the company.

John always participated in class and developed on his business attributes of his very best.

He is dedicated and on target to help your business grow and excel in its development.

He has developed his company and business into one of the finest firms in its space.

As a visionary, he can see opportunities in developing a business that others would not.

Exponential business growth and development is definitely an admirable forte he has.

John has been in this business long enough to have developed a great reputation.

He's very passionate about developing strong partnerships in the business sector.

John is committed to developing his business globally and he 'walks the walk'.

John is an accomplished businessman with an open mind to new developments.

He helped to grow the company through new business development tremendously.

He is a good friend of mine, but the friendship developed through business.

He has a keen sense of business and goes about developing this into action.

His out-of-the box approach to business development was truly eye-opening.

He has a solid understanding of business development with other companies.

John is exceptionally bright and has a well-developed business sense.

John is a breath of fresh air when it comes to business development.

Him ability to develop and enhance business partnerships is unmatched.

He is known as a 'door opener' and an excellent at business development.

In addition, he has successfully led our business development efforts.

He is a business development expert and an enthusiastic entrepreneur.

An hour a week with him is like gold for my business development.

He has recently helped me within my business to make me more proactive in attracting new business and referrals.

John business has gone from strength to strength and he's got me excited about the next stage in my business.

He always looks for an opportunity to better serve the business and his clients within the business.

John's contribution to our business, and our clients' businesses, was much greater.

John has helped my business and the businesses of my clients successfully.

He knew his business and my clients' business backward and forward.

He is someone you can trust to do what's best for you and your business.

Seek him out if you're considering doing business with the government.

John has always been very responsive to the needs of the business.

He knows how to get the best of every opportunity in the business.

He would always try to look for new opportunities for business.