Business Development Analyst Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Development Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He not only understands his own business, but ours as well, and has made appropriate recommendations resulting in business for both of us.
John makes it his business to be connected and in-tune with the latest changes and their implications for business.
He obviously knows his business inside and out - and has a firm grasp of how it can add value to other businesses.
He knows his business so well that the outcome of dealing with him for your business is predictable and accurate.
He is always willing to help others to see their true business potential by helping them grow their businesses.
John knows the business, and knows how to maximize the value that business creates through the expert use of leverage.
Plus, he has quite a unique business that will help businesses identify who they are and what they want to be.
He is not only a pleasure to deal with, but definitely has one of the best business minds in our business.
John is very passionate about the business and has built the foundation of where we are now as a business.
He is also very good at collaborating with others in the business and always focuses on business outcome.
John is one of those great few guys in this business who understands how to get things and business done.
Because of the way he handles himself, you trust his business judgment and want to do business with him.
John is always able to see the difficult business choices that must be made for the sake of the business.
I would recommend his business acumen and savvy to anyone that is looking for an edge in their business.
I consider him as somebody being able to exponentially grow any business or turnaround any business.
John is very business oriented and he always also looks for new business opportunities for a company.
John was upbeat, encouraging, empowering, and on top of our business without being in our business.
John is constantly prospecting for new business, very tenacious and always hungry for the business.
I know where the business goes to and he has a strong feeling where the business could come from.
John has a keen business since that is beneficial to those who are looking to grow their business.
He always made it a point to understand our business and our business needs, which is invaluable.
His business ideas are endless and he's always willing to share them with his business colleagues.
He is an enthusiastic businessman who wants your business to succeed just as much as he wants his.
With all of this, he has great business acumen and understanding of the business and his numbers.
First of all, he's been in the world of business for years and he knows how to grow a business.
John was always responsive to the business needs and persistent in solving business problems.
John was a joy to do business with and would not hesitate in recommending him to any business.
Really enjoyed doing business with him and hope that there is plenty of business in the future.
John understands the concepts of business growth and the need not to stand still in business.
He digs deep into your business and figures out what the best approach is for your business.
John is a champion in connecting businesses with other businesses that can help each other.
He has helped me grow the business while looking at ways to better understand the business.
He gets the space and what it takes to win business and, more importantly, keep business.
John is well connected with both business contacts, but more important business needs.
He understands the business along with their needs and shows tremendous business acumen.
I recommend him to anyone starting a business, or already in business and wants results.
He always focuses on their business which typically results to success in his business.
John was referred to me by a business colleague when he was just starting his business.
John is a savvy business woman who knows what he wants for his business and excels.
His business profile is an attestation to his capabilities of running his business.
John is always about helping others grow their business, no matter how busy he is.
He not only knows his business as a speaker, but is an incredible business woman.
It is a pleasure to do business with someone who treats my business like his own.
I would recommend him for anyone in business or thinking about starting a business.
John's passion for his business was evident in all my business dealings with him.
His understanding of the business and apt use of business logic is very striking.
John is a man who understands business and knows how to help any business succeed.
John's enthusiasm and business savvy have increased our viewership and business.
I had heard that he was an expert in business etiquette, and business dressing.
He has business acumen and always finds the right way to tackle business issues.
His business ethic and modus operandi are reflected throughout his business.
John also contributed to the new business development department and the core brand development.
John is always available to work on the business processes/contracts as requested by the business, being flexible in response to business urgency.
John was extremely influential in my development as an analyst and forecaster.
He was, and still is, the go-to-guy for brainstorming as well as presentation and new business development.
John's focus is very much in 'driving the business forward' and what is best for the business.
John worked for me for over a year and a half as a business development analyst.
He has tremendous energy, passion and business development acumen to help any business or firm succeed.
He is very committed and enthusiastic, and good in developing new business opportunities.
He is consistent in his approach without missing new opportunities to develop business.