Business Development Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Development Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He truly knows the business, and can assist in growing yours as well.
John is focused on marketing and business development and has been extremely helpful in assisting us in developing our strategy.
John assisted us to develop our rugged business market with success.
I owe him thanks for the business foundation and exposure he provided to me during these years and has certainly assisted in my career development.
John also assisted us with the development of strategy and roadmap.
He is always looking to see how is he can assist his clients and have them grow their business.
He has often assisted me with mentoring on business decisions.
I will recommend him to any employer who would like to develop their business fast.
He has assisted dozens of businesses – both startups and established businesses that are facing challenges.
He was charged with developing a business plan and strategy for my business.
He especially thrives in the area of innovation and business development.
John has guided me through the early stages of business development.
John has always been willing to assist employees develop in their jobs.
I was always very impressed by his daily dedication and persistence when it came to new business development.
He also let his colleagues enough autonomy, trust and confidence to develop the business.
John was truly instrumental to the growth and development of our new small business.
John brought business development to an entirely different level of the firm.
His aggression has always helped with business development activities as well.
He was instrumental in helping to develop my business and has always gone above and beyond my expectations to provide any assistance he could.
John was always willing to assist as he has a focus on delivering what is best for the business.
John will always go above and beyond to assist our brokers to grow their business.
John was our 'go to' man in the region for advice and assistance in developing new business.
The steps he will take to help someone succeed in business, and his commitment to those he assists are commendable.
John will go out of him to way assist in your business requirements and he comes highly recommended from me.
John is attentive and always willing to go that extra mile to assist you with any business needs and queries.
John has delivered many initiatives that have assisted in transforming the business into the future.
These attributes will assist him in almost any future business setting that he will encounter.
He is always willing to assist a colleague and his passion for the business is very evident.
He is currently assisting our business with our online presence & we are seeing the rewards.
John's passion and enthusiasm for assisting businesses to succeed is obvious.
John provided very useful insights which have assisted us in continuing to develop and refine our business processes.
John is one of those wonderful developers who can listen to a business problem and help determine a business solution.
He's a great business partner, an expert in small business development and immigrant/refugee needs.
I have learned from him many aspects of business development and software development.
No hesitation in recommending anybody to seek him in assisting their business growth, development and training.
His inspirational attitude to develop businesses and help them succeed is exceptional.
He's very effective at organizing and balancing business and development priorities.
I'd recommend him for any new business development, growth or innovation initiative.
John's responsibilities included member retention as well as business development.
John has lots of bright ideas and is best positioned for new business development.
John is also a strong business developer who added value to numerous organizations.
His can do attitude and strong business acumen was vital to my own development.
His leadership in business development has exceeded expectation all the time.
He basically created the business development role within our organization.
John's intellect and passion drive his success in business development.
He has assisted our organizations come up with best in class solutions for our business.
John assisted me to clarify my business goals and objectives.
A great business partner and mentor to be with if you have any new business idea/companies requiring his assistance and help.
John is very approachable and always willing to help teams and assist with their development.
John is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to business development.
He has expert knowledge in running and developing businesses.
John is loving of adventures and much of this energy is devoted to assisting others to develop businesses and his own entrepreneurial endeavours.
I appreciate all he has done to keep the records and to assist me with matters regarding my business dealings.
John was not content on just having the business survive, he wanted it to thrive as he recognized and developed new business opportunities.
John has assisted me in my business development activities over the last few years and continually succeeded in achieving more than targeted.
He has mentored clients in developing their business ideas and assisted them with patience and understanding.
John always goes out of his way to assist my business and exceed the clients expectations.
John is an expert in assisting business in crisis and those going through growing pains.
I recommend him highly to any organization or business that he chooses to assist.
He helped us find the opportunities and assisted us in driving in more business.