Business Development Associate Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Development Associate Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

And as for all those who are his business associates or clients, you are in the right hands.
I respect him and value him as a business associate, colleague and friend.
As a business associate, he was a true partner and vitally important to our business.
He started out business in translation and developed it into a multinational business trading all over the world.
He valued developing personal relationships with business associates.
I've introduced him to other business associates and found him to be quite professional.
He has developed programs that can help business owners at every stage of development.
He is a great business associate and a real asset to any business development team.
The business models he developed continue to be utilised broadly to great effect within the business.
He is extraordinarily persistent, both in developing business and in closing deals.
John's attitude towards business; he understands his business and is very passionate about it.
In his association, one gets an overall insight on economic development with the 'readers flovor'.
John has helped me with some out of the box thinking to help develop one of my associates.
I watched him develop many associates with a dedication and patience.
He is someone who is willing to go all out to meet his business commitments and ensure a winning situation for his organization as well as business associates.
I recommend him to all my business friends and look forward to continued association in the future.
I would have no hesitation to recommend him to any of my clients, and or business associates.
He is an extremely motivated individual, and this rubs off on his business associates.
I trust him with my business and those of my clients, associates and friends.
I find him to be well respected among associates in our line of business.
He always goes the extra mile for his clients and business associates.
John is one of my oldest clients and most trusted business associates.
John is definitely the type of business associate you want to work on your side.
John was an excellent business developer who always looked ahead and was finding new business opportunities in different telecom areas.
He excels in international business connections and is willing to seek new opportunities for increased business development.
John has been a key business associate for about eight years.
He's also embraced the industry association-bpma and what it offers to help develop his business.
He also provided practical strategies for business development.
He understands technology and knows how to develop businesses.
Both myself and other business associates agree in to rate him as one of the best developers in the city, and we'll be watching his career very closely.
I have recommended him several times in the past to business associates and will continue to do so.
He collaborates very well with the business to understand the business requirements, and delivers to him commitment.
I would recommend him to any business that requires turnaround / business growth leadership.
His business acumen and discipline affords him strong business results.
He is clearly extremely well connected and uses this to create business associations and opportunities where others may not have seen them.
His leadership, business acumen, communication and dedication to his associates were outstanding.
I look forward to a long and rich business association and friendship with him.
John is highly respected by his staff as well as business associates.
He has helped me develop new business and garner repeat business from existing clients and channels.
His business development focus is nothing short of passionate and it's infectious.
All of this was done for him and he was able focus on his business at a particularly busy time.
John is a solid business partner and always look forward to meeting with him and his associates.
John also has a network of business associates and friends that he has put me in touch with to help with other aspects of my business.
He was always very responsive to the needs of the development team and provided a very good bridge between development and business concerns.
He has also been very fair and balanced in resolving business negotiations which are critical to any long-term business association.
Customers and business associates look forward to his visits because they will learn something new.
He is extremely good at developing rapport and meaningful business relationship with associates and partners.
It was my pleasure to work with him as a business partner and associate.
John is a thorough professional and always keeps his commitments given to his business associates.
I am happy to recommend him to my business and professional associates.
John is a very professional business associate of mine via our company.
John is capable at analysing business needs and taking difficult and unpopular decisions when they are the best for the business.
Absolutely a great attitude, knows his business, follows up and helps grow one's business.
His business colleagues highly praised him for being business oriented and innovative.
He has always been flexible and collaborated with us to get us what we need to further our business.
John's ability to develop all of his associates through his strength in mentorship is an asset.
He has the know how to make big things happen for his clients, his business associates and him friends.
I bet anyone he has done business with has not remained just an associate or a client.
The way he is dealing with business associates and clients is simply perfect.
John is one of the best business development people in the mobile space.