Business Development Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Development Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He's a holistic consultant; is equally good in both business development as well as delivery.
It only makes sense that he is coaching business owners and consulting businesses to get the same accelerated development everyone around him receives.
I hope others will use his abilities as a consultant for business planning, evaluation, and development.
John is a very valuable business consultant with strong expertise in team development.
He has helped me develop as a person and develop my business acumen.
John has an excellent combination of business development and consultative skills.
This makes him both an excellent developer and capable consultant at the same time.
John is an outstanding leadership and organization development consultant.
He is also very good at business development and knows how to get employees on board.
John's organizational and business development expertise are impressive.
John has an easy charm and a consultative approach, around his business development activities and we saw several successes.
He is an excellent business consultant, and is able to develop a big picture considering all lateral factors.
As an entrepreneur, he has founded several businesses and is also counted on for his consulting expertise.
John has also consulted with me on numerous occasions about different websites and business opportunities.
John is a very good listener, which is invaluable in business, especially in consulting.
He doesn't just close the business, he's a valuable consultant for the best way to proceed.
This is critical in the consulting business and this is how the company regards him as.
John is an excellent consultant with his mix of scientific and business expertise.
John is the true example of developing a business relationship and being a business partner.
John was a developer who wasn't afraid to interact with non-developers.
His strengths have translated well into campaign and new business development.
John was given a fairly board brief around trying to consult with staff on business development and fundraising.
I certainly would recommend him for any business training and consultancy.
John changed my view on business development beyond all recognition.
It is clear that his passion is business change and development.
John is a true consultative business developer with an awesome personality and an amazing sense of impending business opportunity.
His business acumen and savvy have served him well as he continues to be sought after as a business consultant and as demonstrated by the successful development of his own enterprise.
John has been a consistent performer in him a business development role and always give advice to him consultants.
John provided business and organizational development consulting services to me on several business projects.
His perseverance in developing new business and marketing our consulting firm was exceptional.
John had been always open to new ideas and would also help to develop those when they were for the benefit of the business.
I would highly recommend him as a business consultant for anyone that is serious about implementing a business plan and taking their business to the next level.
He helped the consultancy business to develop further, particularly in the corporate field.
It's been a pleasure to watch him develop into the consultant he is today.
John has always been a trusted business consultant to me and my organizations.
John is not only an excellent business development consultant, he's also a wise entrepreneurial advisor.
His knowledge of business is exceptional, as is his ability to consult.
John is a very knowledgeable, enthusiastic business consultant.
John has vast experience on both the recruiting and business development side of the business.
Not only is he an excellent developer in his own right, he pushes me to be a better developer, too.
John is an experienced and pragmatic developer who is always willing to mentor other developers.
The concept developed by him is fabulous and he constantly keeps developing it.
He's truly a developers' developer and shines the brightest when challenged.
During my internship, he developed me to become a greater concept developer.
Also, he always had the developers back in what we did and how we did it and this was very much appreciated.
John is always into something new and willing to help developing this new idea.
He always tries to do the right thing as he develops himself and the company.
John is always willing to help, especially guiding new developers.
Excited to see where and how he'll develop himself in the future.
I will always be grateful to him for his help in my development.
John is one of those developers you don't come by very often.
He is always looking for feedback to help him further develop.
John brought huge value to both the business as a consultant, and to me in my personal development and self awareness.
John has everything a business would want in a creative consultant.
He also gets the business, which allows him to provide smart development solutions.
John always led from the front in terms of business development, team development and client consultancy.
I would recommend him to anyone looking for a consultant to provide insight into developing a new or growing business venture.
His warm, friendly and consultative style puts him way ahead of the usual business development people within his sector.
He is well respected by his peers, as well as by the stakeholders in the wider business to whom he consults.
Would definitely recommend him as a consultant or contract development.