Business Development Coordinator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Development Coordinator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He runs his business the same way, doing an excellent job for his clients by helping them develop their business.
He is a great coordinator between the client, business unit, and developers.
He has exceptional business development skills in creating new business models for partnerships or new business opportunities.
I've got to learn so much from him, not just business development, but also how to see and think from a different perspective.
John has his head on his shoulders and is extremely wise when it comes to business, business development and encouraging others to go beyond.
He was able to discuss complex business problems and solutions with developers as well as business users.
John successfully coordinated the development of a business plan for a start-up company.
He was also involved in initiatives to develop the business and the teams.
His leadership of the business development team was exemplary.
I highly recommend him to business owners and entrepreneurs that are ready to step up to the next stage of development for themselves and their businesses.
John treads the gap between development and business / functional requirements exceptionally well, adding value to every element rather than merely coordinating.
He doesn't just run a business, he coordinates his friends to greatness in their business through creative promotions.
John did a splendid job of coordinating the developer summit.
He is that essential coordinating point of contact without whom offshore development often fails.
John has been very aggressive on his role as a business development front.
John guess is this man will either create something of a business breakthrough or certainly develop into a business leader.
John is an outstanding relationship-oriented business development pro.
During this period he has been responsible for the coordination and delivery of several initiatives within the business.
John started as an account coordinator and rapidly moved to the development side of the business.
He is as much focused on his team's development as he is on achieving business results.
John's position within the business development, leadership team is well deserved.
As a colleague, he's been very congenial and coordinates well with the business groups for their requirements.
Later he was also charged with business development-related tasks.
Incredibly energetic, positive and inventive in his approach to problem solving and business development, he was consistently the go-to guy for all areas of our business.
John continues to excel in both business development and recruiting.
He helped me narrow down my business focus which keeps me better on track with my business goals.
John is an experienced business development coordinator who also possesses product development skill sets.
He is able to coordinate varying areas of the business to achieve the overall goal.
He has also developed instruments that may support businesses become more innovative - something that businesses really need in the current environment.
John has developed a great business which has been of enormous benefit to graduates.
His particular area of concentration was the planning, coordination, and evaluation of a variety of business development initiatives.
He has taken specific steps to help us develop as individuals and the team's coordination.
As a good business developer, he is an expert in the art of developing good relationships.
Although still relatively young when tasked with developing new businesses in new territories he took on all challenges while developing his own team and legacy.
John has the strong capability and patience to approach and develop long-term win-win-win business and personal relationships that provides growth and business development for any business.
John is an enthusiast for local community development and business to business networking.
He understands learning development from both the designer/develper's and the business' points of view.
John, himself, is the quintessential embodiment of what efficient, coordinated development processes should be.
You can always count on him to be on top of the next steps, coordinating between different business units as needed.
John has an outgoing, collaborative style that serves him well in developing new relationships and business.
John has really helped my leadership team in developing new insights and strategies for focus and business development.
John is a smart, dynamic and savvy business development strategist.
John's capabilities as a strategist and business developer are second to none.
John's strengths in user interface development, understanding of the business requirements and coordination abilities were evident throughout our engagement.
John has an incredibly well developed focus on both business development and customer relations.
John is unique because not only has he studied the academic principles of business, but has the actual experience of developing successful businesses.
John's passion for the business and team development is evident from any dealings with him.
He set a great example to others within the team as how business development should be done.
His leadership has helped develop the team into one of the highest calibre in the business.
John is very adept at clarifying the business' requirements and developing this into a holistic business driven integrated solution.
He is a true professional, self-starter, initiator of new business development, and relationship development.
He is an exceptional at structuring and coordinating business starts and improvements.
As an example, he was able to coordinate teams across organizational boundaries to develop more efficient procedures for onboarding new developers.
From a business perspective, he has a good understanding of clients and their needs, making him a natural at business development.
He is too good in analytics, team handling, business development.
He was instrumental in coordinating the development of the website, and game guide.
John coordinated the various aspects of all partners and developed a clear and concise submission.
He focuses effort on developing good business opportunity and coordinating his sales team to pursue potential business.
John provided effective coordination across multiple development teams that were globally dispersed.
He perfectly collaborates with business clients as well as with other development teams.