Business Development Director Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Development Director Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is good at developing relationships and knows his business.
John provided me with the guidance, exposure and development necessary to help me become one of his director colleagues.
His value to a company is not only in the business, but in developing the people.
I would strongly recommend him in any business development jobs.
John is a very dedicated and a very well connected business director.
John is the hardest working business development director in his field.
His business acumen goes far beyond mere business development, he knows and understands marketing.
John has been invaluable in developing the region for our business.
John is great business development director, he is always professional and is very goal driven.
He knows more about the countries he was doing business development for than anyone else and you would be unprofessional not to listen to his advice.
The way in which my business has developed thanks to him expertise and passionate enthusiasm for his subject.
He is always developing himself as well as the business and stakeholders just loved dealing with him.
John is also highly energised and across the latest business and leadership developments.
He is a developer who has bags of passion and enthusiasm and will do well in any business.
John provided the initial business insight that allowed us to develop the first cubes.
He capably navigates the complexities of entrepreneurship and business development.
He consistently was adept at developing new methods and approached to the business.
His passion for developing others has shown massive results for his own business.
John's extensive leadership and business development expertise are second to none.
John is an expert at making connections; the consummate business developer.
His enthusiasm and vision makes him perfectly suited for business development.
Him new business development for our resort has allowed this resort to grow.
He is tailor-made for any growth hacking or business development role.
John breathes business development and delivers excellent results.
John encourages his developers to take pride in the code they develop.
John was instrumental in his role in both business development and product development.
John also excelled at developing new business, which he had little experience with when he was hired.
John brings with him vast experience in business development.
As our business development director, he was very focused on leveraging strategic partnerships and is accomplished in this role.
He is very brave in business, as he is forward-looking and seeks opportunities to develop further, not only his businesses, but also his own skills.
He is not afraid of trying out new ideas and is innovative in his approach to business development.
He uses his expertise to develop new and innovative ideas to grow the business.
John is motivated, proactive and committed to developing business opportunities.
He continues to be an instrumental force in my business and its development.
John has a passion for innovation and developing new disruptive businesses.
John is exceptional at strategy, tactics and business development.
He takes an innovative approach in developing business alliances.
His solutions are developed by both people and the business in mind.
John can be very useful in business development and being able to form valued business relationships with clients.
I was always impressed at the business he brought in and the relationships he developed.
John always impressed me how he has developed many positive relationships in business.
John does not just create business relationships he develops friendships.
John also excels at developing and maintaining business relationships.
I look forward to further developing a business relationship with him.
This serves him well in developing business and valued relationships.
He knows how to win business and develop strong relationships.
He understands the relationship side of business development.
John seems to know almost everybody and has helped me to develop my own business network.
He has helped my company with new business development, establishing better business practices and new partner introductions.
John did an excellent job of balancing business and development needs.
John has done a tremendous job helping me with my business development.
John is a terrific negotiator and an accomplished business developer.
John was an inspirational and incredibly effective company director of my business for three years.
John has been a dedicated new business director, never leaving any stone unturned.
The area is deeply committed to not only his own continued development, but also the development of his colleagues.
I have seen him develop several online courses each development cycle.
John made contributions within business development and innovation, helping the business to identify potential opportunities for future growth.
He is able to see beyond the horizon and is always on the cutting edge when it comes to business leadership and development.
John is something of a wunderkind, punching well above his weight in the various worlds of business development.
John is tenacious in the pursuit of better ways to do business and the development of leadership potential.