Business Development Executive Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Development Executive Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is a seasoned client relationship and business development executive.
He is one of the best business development executives in digital media.
I especially value his deep knowledge of executive development.
I would highly recommend him for any executive, technical business-development role.
He is good at developing plans, executing them and is committed to developing people.
His goal has always been to help people develop their business.
He is a true business executive, working in, and understanding these varying business environments.
John is a very focused business development executive with strong abilities to develop and grow strategic relationships.
John is a proven strategist that excels at developing and executing business objectives.
John made key inroads in the development and execution of satellite broadcasting for our meetings business.
He is a consummate business partner and business executive we are proud to have on our team.
John is strong business development executive that understands the wireless space and also how to close deals.
John saw the value this executive could bring to the business beyond him functional expertise.
John is a very talented executive with a flair for business and people development.
He has demonstrated that he very insightful during development and focused during execution.
John is very experienced and excels at policy development and execution.
His ability to develop executive presentations is unsurpassed.
He is well regarded by his colleagues as a strong business executive who doesn't overlook the people side of the business.
He truly 'gets' the people and business side of the recruiting/staffing business which is rare at the executive level.
He also has been exceptionally valuable in the business side contributing to the development of internal processes, as well as new business development.
I appreciate his attention to detail and consistent follow-up that he delivers as a business development executive.
He is truly a global business executive with his education, experience and execution.
John always seemed to understand exactly what was needed by the business and he executed it very well.
He is very strong in both the conceptual and executional parts of the business.
He learns the business and his role thoroughly, and executes with precision.
John has a terrific vision as a business executive and end user.
He develops strong relationships with all his business partners who recognize and appreciate his passion to execute.
He's one of the best executive search professionals in the business.
Now he is an accomplished business professional and executive.
He also has great vision for business strategy and the ability to execute business plans.
He is proactive and has contributed to the development of our business, as well as developing his own skills.
Although business development was new for him, he quickly developed his skills and became very successful.
Since then, he has significantly developed his business development and managerial skills.
John has helped me in essential development of my business development skills.
John consistently provides an executive stewardship to my business that not only invaluable in the continued success of my business, but is also key to my own personal development.
John is an energetic sales and business development executive that possesses the rare ability to think strategically while executing very complex business strategies.
He has developed his leadership competencies and has become a well rounded business executive ready to take on broader responsibility.
I have always enjoyed exploring and executing business development ideas with him - keep up your high spirits, wish you all the best.
John never makes spontaneous, rash decisions, and he can develop and execute successful business strategy for any company.
John has the type of business mind that you want at the table when its time to develop and execute a strategy.
He has proved the organization with the blueprint for developing and executing a successful business strategy.
He developed and executed the most innovative and highest economic value strategy of all business groups.
John is a rare business development executive and that score equally high in both categories.
John is sharp as a tack and in the firm grasp of his business environment and executes prompt - even when it's the toughest things to execute.
John is a business savvy executive, who balances strong visionary characteristics with the ability to execute effectively.
I always pushed the limits of what we were developing and he always was able to figure out how to execute.
John is excellent at developing a new concept and executing them to completion.
He is quick to develop fresh ideas and solid on following through to execution.
John is someone who can develop and execute a strategy to perfection.
He considers problems, develops an approach and executes that approach.
He will no doubt develop into a capable and successful executive.
He was my mentor (both for executive and cultural development).
John is a highly dedicated and motivated business executive who is passionate about driving the business to success.
John is highly experienced in the areas of business growth and business and executive coaching.
He is also very execution driven with can-do attitude, and always does whatever he can deliver the business commitment.
His innovative and highly energetic style makes him one of the best executives in the business.
John has been an executive always looking to grow the business and to push the edge of innovation.
John is widely known as one of the most ethical and morally sound executives in the business.
His business acumen is very high and he has ability to do whatever is necessary to execute.
John is an innovative and effective executive committed to your business success.