Business Development Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Development Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is an exceptional account manager, client manager, conflict manager, operational manager and business development manager.
He is exactly what a business developer should be, and not what business development managers too often turn out to be.
John's business development and synchronized product development, management abilities are among the best in the business.
Him well rounded experience in program management, product management and business management make him the perfect manager for new business.
He has developed into one of the best technical, business development strategists in the business.
John is an excellent business development manager who teams well across all business lines and always looks for new ways to develop and strengthen the business relationship.
John has a very good eye for business management, strategic management and business development.
John is an exceptional manager in business and in people management and development.
He is an experienced sales manager and business development manager.
He is an astute business manager who knows how to manage and manage well.
I would definitely recommend John for your business development or personal development, he is the best in the business.
We learned he was best in the business when it came to business development.
He developed in business and we have done business together for many years.
John is an extremely talented business professional with exceptional business development and business management savvy.
John is particularly knowledgeable in website development, as well as prospect and business development management.
He has remarkable knowledge and insights on business management as well as business development.
As the general manager, he led the business to success by implementing sound business development strategies and effective business management.
He is one of the best business development managers you will find.
Gifted in relationship management, and new business development.
John was business manager for that whole busy group.
John knows and owns business development management.
John plays the role of both business development manager, marketing manager as well as a product manager.
John knows whatever business he manages inside and out which allows him to have insight into how you are managing your business and how you could be more effective at it.
He has managed transitioning, customer relationship management, business development, program & account management.
He is knowledgeable about business development and management, as well as how to use the media to increase business.
John managed several large major accounts for the business, as well as developing new business.
He is completely focused on whatever he managers, whether it is business development or project management.
He is a developer, manager, account manager, new business sales, partner manager all in one.
John is excellent at business development, I was in recruitment, and he was developing new business.
He is very adept at developing and sustaining business relationships, joint business development and growing the business with partners.
John is highly recommended for any business owner who wants to develop personally, and to develop their business.
John is a solutions business developer who also understands business, having owned his own business.
A business development manager is also known as a business planner, one who devotes attention to business development and exploiting the business opportunities that are presented to the organization.
I now focus on developing the business rather than on just getting more work for myself in the business.
Not only does he develop these areas of the business, he also develops the people.
He was instrumental in the development of my business and personal development.
John has developed and perfected the best approach for developing new business.
He is all about people development, value creation and business development.
John is the go to man for business development and business consulting.
He has developed into positions of leadership and business development.
He knows how to help me as a business owner in developing my business.
Better Networker and business development person in the business.
John is the ultimate business relationship business developer.
He shines at business development and developer relations.
I know John as someone dedicated to his own development and the development of his business.
For any business who is looking to take their business to the next level and would welcome a strategic business development manager to come in and work alongside them then you would do no better than work with John.
John is an excellent developer that has done the dual job of developing and managing other developers simultaneously.
John has good business acumen and will certainly make an excellent senior business development manager.
John's responsibilities included managing an existing book of business and new business development.
John is an assured business development manager with great business acumen and relationships.
His areas of expertise are in program management, business development, and international business.
I would urge any business to employ John to develop their business or manage clients.
I would recommend him for all the business managers who are looking for the best solution for their business.
He used to manage engagements successfully and used to do even business development.
John was not only my manager during my time in business development but my mentor.
He excels at both development and architecture as well as managing developers.
Recently he has also developed into an extremely capable development manager.
John was fantastic at managing the company and developing new business.
John was our business development manager as part of the franchise.
John is the face of his practice as its business development manager.