Business Development Officer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Development Officer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John quickly grasped the business rules and set to developing a solution for our office.
He understands business development and approaches business partnerships in a way that is mutually beneficial to both companies.
John, what you see is what you get, an honest open business owner & developer, with only the utmost respect for those of us in business.
He is an excellent calling officer, always following up and asking for business.
He has also helped in the development of the next line of officers.
John provides a good environment for escaping from the office and considering yourself and your business.
John is such a business-minded individual, and is always locked-in when he comes to the office.
He already has an established copier/back office business and was quite successful at it.
John is missed in our office and would be a great addition to any business.
John grew the office and business to double in less than a year.
John has gone on to develop his own business and it is good to see him channel that passion.
His presentations and dedication to business development is inspirational.
He takes that insight and develops solid positioning and messaging that strikes an emotional cord with people-whether it's business-to-consumer or business-to-business.
He is passionate about business development and started this unique business network to help business owners not only grow their business but grow themselves in the process.
John is a highly competent self starter who instinctively knows how to develop business across multiple business sectors.
John shines him best when he knows that his expertise in developing and growing his businesses, can help others.
John is very good at getting a feel for the business and its needs necessary for it to grow and develop.
John is one of those rare individuals that has the right mindset and approach for new business development.
John should be in the dictionary as the opposite of lazy, he never stops hustling to develop business.
John's success in business development can be understood from the very first moments of introduction.
He's also introduced me on many occasions with new contacts, that have developed into a regular business.
He is always striving to develop himself and those around him to add value to the business as a whole.
John goes above and beyond and exemplifies how today developer must comprehend the business needs.
Further, he is adept at business development and always has an eye towards expanding your presence.
John's ability to think outside of the box and develop business opportunities is second to none.
I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for any type of business development advice.
John is smart, enthusiastic and tenacious, which is why he's so successful at business development.
His approach to business development is excellent and if he promises to do something he does it.
I found his expertise extremely useful and helpful in my outlook for my own business development.
He has the unique ability to take the “scary” out of the challenge of developing business.
John provides unique insight to business owners looking to develop and grow their businesses.
He developed into a "phenomenal" drummer and percussionist - one of the best in the business.
It shows in the way he develops his own business and in how he helps others to grow theirs.
I am always impressed by how much he stays on top of the latest developments in the business.
John has been instrumental in helping us develop our business from its very beginnings.
John is excellent with connecting individuals and businesses to help them grow and develop.
He is an expert at developing new business and is excellent at running down opportunities.
John's catalyst session got right in the hub of what is required to develop my business.
John understands how to develop new business and has always shown success in what he does.
John's strongest characteristic is his charismatic flair for developing his business.
He is serious about his role as a business development and in seeking new opportunities.
He is always pleasant, energetic and well suited for his role in business development.
John is astute and thorough in the approach he takes in his business development role.
He has developed a deep understanding of the business and has contributed significantly.
John was very responsive and open minded during our business development discussions.
John was able to take ownership of developing and finding new business opportunities.
I observed how bright he is in developing and growing his business with his husband.
Him ability to develop business is unprecedented, as is his passion for what he does.
He also has an acumen for understanding and developing robust business requirements.
He is good at developing new contacts and increase the business through his contacts.
He has made great contributions in business development with devotion and dedication.
John brings brilliance to business development, which is almost impossible to find.
John contributes many new and valuable ideas to help grow and develop the business.
John is an exceptional business developer who understands the meaning of 'win: win'.
He can develop a vision for the business, along with the game plan to make it happen.
John truly embodies "business development" and it is my pleasure to recommend him.
He has created the momentum we needed to get on the right business development path.
John is passionate about the role he plays in developing successful businesses.
He asks searching questions to encourage you to develop both your business and you.
John has an impressive background in business development and venture capital.