Business Development Representative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Development Representative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

One of his many strengths is his ability to develop strong relationships between the employee representatives and the business.
John is excellent at business development and really knows how to connect with people.
Overall, his approach to developing people and business is exceptional.
He is passionate about growing his business and developing people.
John is one of the best marketing representatives in the business.
John is a great business development professional and an excellent representative for his organisation.
John is very involved and represents everyone he does business with, very professionally.
His value of any business is his ability to develop relationships and make business happen through the most efficient way possible- through people.
He represented himself and his organization within the highest standards of business etiquette.
He knows his business and he is able to represent the needs of the client effectively.
Service and a positive attitude represent the foundation of his business.
He is fast out of the gate and focused on developing new business and expanding existing client business.
He is results oriented, but doesn't let business get in the way of having fun and developing friendships.
I have constantly followed his success and adventurous business style and development.
John provides weekly thought leadership around my progress and business development.
His efforts have contributed significantly to our business development initiatives.
He was responsible for developing new business models and did so very successfully.
John was instrumental in developing our capabilities and scaling the business.
John is a visionary and consistent developer of new business opportunities.
John has developed his business in an extraordinary fashion very quickly.
He champions training and development, not only his own development, but his teams and others within the business.
He is able to successfully develop new plans for outreach and business development.
John was the representative we worked with and it was because of him we moved our business over.
His efforts alone would keep me doing business with any company he worked for or represented.
I would not hesitate to work with him or any business he represents again.
His strategic view of business has been helping the whole company gain more business development opportunities.
Him outgoing and competitive personality makes him a natural business development representative.
He was driving both, partner development and business in those countries.
I have enormous respect for him and what he represents for women who are in the sports business.
John represents all that is ethical, moral, and honest when it comes to life and business.
In short, he represented the perfect business partner to help us both succeed.
Irrespective of the company he represents he is a true business partner.
Always kept in mind the goals of the business group he represented.
John is the perfect business representative for any software development team.
He is able to capture exactly what you need to represent your business and brand.
John was so impactful as a my career development representative.
John has been an integral part of my business development as a new business owner.
He is thorough in his analysis and really "owns" and takes responsibility for the development of business.
He understands what is necessary to develop business and how to motivate stakeholders on all sides.
His motivation is mirrored in the great vision with which he is developing his new business.
John has led business development efforts for my organization in two different companies.
He was successful at driving through many business development partnerships to completion.
John brings an infectious enthusiasm for new business development to the organization.
John's passion for business development is rivaled only by his drive and enthusiasm.
John has a very tactical and entrepreneurial approach to business development.
He then proceeded to have a similar impact on my business development decisions.
He coached me to think of new avenues for developing my business.
He knows his business inside out, and acts as a representative of his stakeholders, bringing value all along the way.
John is an inspirational speaker who is passionate about helping businesses to represent themselves at their best.
He represented his company well and made us aware of the competitive advantages of doing business with his company.
I always felt comfortable that he was representing everyone's best interest in every business transaction.
John can also represent any business or institution as a very credible and sincere spokesperson.
John company and the businesses that it represents are growing, in a very challenging economy.
John represents a wonderful blend of business savvy and charisma.
John represents innovative individuals who set the foundation to improve and develop any business.
John has been my business mentor for the past few years and has helped me develop a long-term vision for my business.
John is excellent at partnering with the business to develop solutions.
His keen business development insights make sure the business grows while the team is ready to support these developments.
I recommend him to anyone who wants to develop their business and make it work for you, not against you.
He has helped me and many others to understand the business and work on self development.