Business Development Specialist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Development Specialist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He has done very well with business development as well as recruiting.
John is an award-winning marketing and business development specialist.
I would strongly recommend him to any business looking to develop the capability and performance of the people in their business.
As a dedicated technology specialist and business developer, he was really helpful.
He is very mature, seasoned and very experienced business development person having the knack of developing a relationship and business.
John company or business looking for business development and relationship building need look no further.
John is a polished and professional business development specialist who partners seamlessly with leadership on new business opportunities.
John is always looking for the edge in his business and the development of his staff.
I would recommend him to anyone interested in online business development.
John has a rare ability to work with all aspects of the business to fully integrate business development into business as usual.
I have watched him develop into one of the best attorneys in the business.
His understanding of business and people give him an ability to develop initiatives that move the business forward.
He is very effective in both recruiting and business development.
He has the integrity companies rely on for business development.
John is exactly the kind of person you want in business development.
John is very good at developing solutions to complex business problems.
John listened to our business challenge, then developed a solution.
He is consistently focused on developing positive business outcomes for all stakeholders, and for this reason he has been entrusted with an increasing scope of specialist activities within our business.
Not surprising that he is today head of business development.
Meetings with him have always been an inspiration and an opportunity to develop the business on multiple levels.
Working alongside him to grow the business and develop staff was so much fun.
He worked hard to develop a thorough understanding of my business and checked out other like businesses to determine what others were doing.
He has strong business acumen and uses this in a very effective manner to develop and nurture business relationships.
He has always encouraged and supported me in developing my business.
John is a creative and focused individual who has a strong grasp of business and business development.
John is a confident extrovert and ideally suited to his role as a successful business development specialist.
John is a very far-sighted business development and the most reliable business partner you can get in one person.
John is an excellent motivational speaker, business development consultant and a business networking membership development specialist.
John is practical as well as methodical in his way of solving business development challenges.
He is a business development specialist having doubled his business in a very challenging contract product marketplace.
John was hired to help the company develop business relationships within our ecosystem.
He brings in his experience and add value as business domain/techno specialists.
He quickly identifies what a client needs to develop their business, which he not only helps them with, but introduces them to the best specialists for their requirements.
John is an outstanding business development specialist and goes the extra mile to ensure his advice and recommendations are both relevant and timely.
His abilities at understanding business problems and developing solutions, go far beyond his years.
John is definitely a specialist of business development, game publishing and producing.
His knowledge is a specialist, which also makes him interesting and so useful for those looking for an expert to add value to their business.
As well, his business development skills are almost unparalleled.
John is one of those genuine, solution oriented, tell it like it is, whether it's in his best interest or not, business development folks you want working for you, and you want to do business with.
John has made it his business to know my business and has taken a keen interest in my career development with many keen observations and useful pointers over the years.
He constantly develops new tools and strategies to grow our business.
I truly value his views in business and most certainly welcome his strategic sales and business development ideas.
He communicates well with both developers and business clients.
He is very persistent in developing & closing new business to exceed demanding goals.
John is a top asset for any company who is looking for a business development specialist that will deliver outstanding results.
I have worked directly with him on new business development deals, and his support and business insights have been fundamental.
His ability to ask the right questions, understand the needs of the business and develop curriculum is unparalleled.
He effectively developed and communicated business development strategies and plans.
He has helped me develop in business and in my personal life.
John has many talents ranging from business development to helping clients understand and solve their business issues.
During his time at the salon, it was clear he was more focussed on business growth and development.
In his travels, he continually looks for opportunities for us to grow our business through networking and business development.
John is the business development person that you want on your team.
As a recruiter and business developer, he is able to get past most gatekeepers.
He is known for his excellent business development skills and the ability to develop strong business and working relationships.
Because of that he earned the respect of everyone he worked with and was therefore that much more effective in his business development efforts.
He's a strong delegate, communicator and business developer.
John was crucial in growing our business and developing our services.
His trust in you to succeed at growing both your business and within yourself through personal development.
He was always creative in his business development initiatives, along with persistence to achieve results.