Business Director Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Director Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an incredible business and solution focused director.
His no non-sense approach and ethical business practice makes for better business not greedy business.
John not only advises on standard business practices, but really gets to know your business.
He encouraged him to not only expand his business, but also his business thinking.
He thinks, acts and contributes as though your business was his business.
He bridges the gap perfectly between the "techies" and the business directors.
It is a pleasure doing business with him as he goes out of his way to foster a strong business to business relationship.
His keen business acumen and focused approach to growing the business are benefiting both our businesses.
John gets to know his customers and understands what their business is all about and what their business needs really are.
He made it his business to understand his customers, business and needs very thoroughly.
John brings something to the business that is rare in benefits business.
From a business perspective, he knows business and relationships.
He encouraged us to think of new business models to drive our business.
John is a focused director and good partners with our business.
All of this was done for him and he was able focus on his business at a particularly busy time.
His approach to business focus and his influence on others within the business was inspiring.
He always puts employees first, but never at the expense of the business or business goals.
His business is one of the few profitable real estate businesses in the area.
We are still doing business with his respectful company and planning for more business to come.
He is very efficient in how he handles business and his business practices are second to none.
John thinks from a business standpoint and puts him best to make an impact on the business.
John got business thinking and comes with out of the box ideas to increase business.
John is an excellent director in that he is always striving for greatness and looking at ways to improve the business.
We were very impressed with the way he understood our business from the outset and became like a non exec director.
He provided invaluable advice to the other directors, which was based on his extensive business experience.
John in his opinion is an exceptional software business director.
John is very much focussed on what your business needs whether it be something big or small and how he can benefit your business.
John figured out that businesses can fulfill these needs and it will benefit the business in the meantime.
He knows his business and makes sure to understand the customer's business and requirements thoroughly.
His business mindset was always looking forward to provide true business value to the end customer.
He understands our business and we can always find ways to benefit each of our businesses.
We look forward to a business relationship of many years as his and our businesses grow.
It is a relationship that his business values and which adds value to his business.
His grasp of business in general and his business in particular is exceptional.
He helps his business by intensely focusing on his customer's business.
He is the senior business director of this global initiative.
John makes sure every customer has exactly what is right for their business.
John knows how to get it done, both for the customer and for the business.
He empowers people to make their own business decisions and is accomplished across all disciplines in the business.
John looked at our business set up and determined what one thing would drive in more business and get results.
John entirely understands the business, and cares for all the aspects of the business relationship
He cares not only about the business he does, but the people he conducts that business with.
It is a digital business card that has proven to be very useful to his business.
John worked with our board of directors to help us take a fresh look at our business.
He understands the digital channel very well, where other business directors don't.
John's a first rate business director who puts everything he has into his work.
His business experience spans businesses in all stages of the business lifecycle, from new start up operations through "harvest" businesses in decline.
He knows everything there is to know about the staffing business.
He certainly knows the branding business and was very helpful in showing us the course we had to take for our business in the future.
His business card now aligns with his brand and business image.
Additionally, he has excellent business acumen and will focus on identifying new business opportunities or solving business issues before they become problems.
John knew him business processes and followed them very well, but also was flexible to other business needs as warranted.
He stays current with all aspects of the business and business processes.
He understands small businesses & business process as well as anyone.
He can cut through the complexity in business to focus on what will truly, and tangibly, improves the business.
John has a huge amount of business acumen across all business functions.
John's tenacious character was exactly what we needed to help drive our business forward in all areas of our business.
Although our business fields are different, he never fails to offer us him business expertise.
That drive allowed him to achieve business success in several different business areas.
He knows his business inside out and his focus is always on results.
His success in business is testament to his trustworthiness and sound head for business which he shares through his current business.
John will help you improve profitability, stick to your business plan and take your business to the next level.
If you are looking to get clarity and improved business performance he's the man to help you grow your business.
John's leadership and business acumen were essential to the success of that business practice.
John provides good business planning advice, critical in any successful business.
His business thrives due to his honesty and straightforward business thinking.
His strategic approach to business would be a great asset to any business.
John came in as our growth director and immediately understood existing priorities to help the business succeed.
He built a successful business and became one of the highest ranking directors in the organization.
And he is a wonderful student of business - listening, learning and applying all business concepts that take him and his business to the next level.
John also has a very high business acumen with the ability to see business opportunities and drive them into successful business models.
John provides useful and practical information tailored to his business.
He thinks ahead for you, so you can go about the business of creating.
John knows and understands the telecommunication needs of businesses.
We miss him, and know that he is busy helping many in his practice.
In business him a way of thinking about everything is above the norm.
Creation, but also focussed on what was practical for his business.
He brings business relationships together and is one of the best at introducing your business to beneficial partnerships.
And, he knows business in general and is particularly an expert in what options there are for owning your own business.
His insight into the business climate and the way we do business has always made the relationship hugely beneficial.
He can seemingly enter any business and make an impact, plus every business can benefit from what he has to offer.
If you have a business it is a must to reach out to him sooner than later, your business can only benefit.
His keen business sense as well as strong customer ethic mean he is one of the best in the business.
He gets what it takes to run a business and what his customers are dealing with in their businesses.
He knows what makes customers tick and how businesses can leverage that to maximise business value.
John came in and taught a class session about business relationships and their value in the business
He gives him advice on his business and he has great talent for helping new business starters.
John's business savvy mindset and his thoughtfulness of maintaining business relationships.
He also stimulates the optimal business and relationship climate to do business in.
He brings creativity, innovation and business acumen to his business partnerships.
A business that straddles both consumer and business, our company and paid customers.
John is one of the rare few creative directors that truly understands the business rationales for what he's doing.
It's less common that you'd think in this business to find an art director who totally knows what he's doing.
In short, a bloody good art director - there should be more like him in this business.
He not only understood our business, but the business of our customers and always created a customer focused approach to the business.
He's very attentive to our business needs and drives solutions which help move our business to the next level.
John knows small business, and anyone that's interested in small business should read what he writes.
He goes over and above to let us know what opportunities are available and how our business can benefit.
He always, goes out of his way to make sure the customer, and the business are getting what they need.
He knows what exactly he wants and how to get it done from his business relationships and reports
He's one of the very few who can actually get you results (more customers for your business).
He knows his business, and just as importantly, he makes sure to know his customers.
Having had his own business in the past, he knew exactly what the customer wants.
Putting the needs of the customer first, the business second, and his own third.
He is also very business minded as he always keeps asking what is the benefit.
He goes above and beyond to let his customers know he values their business.
He made many changes in the way we did business to better serve our customers.
That's why he clearly understands the needs of the business and the customer.
John understands his business very well and is well liked by his customers.
Takes his business relationships seriously and goes above and beyond often.
John shows us that if there were no customers, there'd be no businesses.
John will always treat your business as if you are him best customer.
Instead, he focuses on what is right for our customers and our business.
Certainly, he knows how to create relationships that help the business.
He always keeps the needs of the business & customer in the forefront.
He knows his business and how to help his customers be successful.
Working with him will always be a benefit to you and your business.
And his customers and colleagues are always first in his business.
This is probably why he has so many strong business relationships.
He really used his relationships to help us to grow our business.
He made him see the benefit of the best venues for his business.
In everything he does in business, the end-customer is in the mind
His talent and ideas make him one of the best in the business.
Commitment is what he is, to himself and business in general.
John is more than just a finance director; he was a business partner who took interest in the day to day business.
John knows that business is about relationships and he can always count on his business relationship to help him as he always available to help them.
His wide experience of business and helping people to be the best they can be, is invaluable in any business environment.
He always knows how to deal with people and business matters even in the most harsh company and business environments.
His business expertise has already highlighted areas in which we can improve our business and strategies for growth.
John is business oriented, direct and contributed to the business' bottom line.
John helped him shape the business by directing his business plan and objectives.
John and his company, our company have been key in driving and closing business business for us.
Easiest way to appraise a business directory is to consider whether you were ready to work with him or with him in near future.
John and his co-director have an in-depth understanding of people and how they tick, particularly in a business environment.
John is an excellent director and was always easy to work with, on top of his business, and very driven.
John has what almost seems to be sonar senses and knows what is going on around him and how it affects his business - how appropriate that he's in the business of helping clients carefully monitor their business by the numbers.
John is a very nice person to work with, he is always busy and is a great business directory
He then helped us write our own business case to the directors and that went down very well.
He understands business and he understands how making a business brand come alive.
John's strong business acumen and ability to quickly evaluate and address business issues translates into solutions for the business.
He takes time to understand their business goals and business challenges and establishes strong business partnerships with them.
John's energy, drive, and passion for business make him an ideal candidate for any business seeking to strengthen its board of directors.
He always made himself available to him for guidance on all things business and digital.
Anyone who has the pleasure of doing business with him will be ahead of the game.
Informed, engaging, confident and all over the business, he's got it nailed.
He really, really knows his game, and also really gets the business side.
He seems to know everyone and knows people in every line of business.
He can facilitate whatever area of the business may need improvement.
John makes an effort to get to know his brokers and their business.
He knows how to negotiate and close business at the same time.