Business Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John knows the business and he is well known in the industry.
If you need to take your business to the next level, they are the go to in the industry.
His business ethics go above and beyond most of those in this industry.
He was very knowledgeable about the industry and their business.
He has contacts in just about any business in our industry.
John is one of the best business minds in the industry.
John could write for any industry or business.
John is an asset to any business or industry.
Here we go again, another business coach who wants to tell me how to run my business.
John has been my business coach from the very beginning of my business.
He was driven to help them with their business and drive their business.
Finn has challenged me to focus on the business, not in the business.
John has been my business coach and truly understands my business.
Awesome business that I will be using from now on, for both my business and home.
John is the best business coach in the business.
Excellent business acumen across a range of businesses and industries.
If he can do it for himself, imagine what he can do for you and your business.
He actually does all the writing himself, unlike many others in the business.
John was one of the first professionals to welcome me into my business.
John has always been very responsive to the needs of the business.
John knows really well his business and is very responsive.
He not only knows the business, but he also knows how to coach.
John is one of the best professionals in the business.
John is very professional and truly knows his business.
He is without question the best in the business.
His commitment was to them and their businesses.
He knows his business and knows how to deliver.
He is second to none in the business coaching.
He knows his business and is very motivating.
John is really professional in his business.
John to help coach you with your business.
I always welcome his business in my hotels.
John is very dedicated to our business.
John is the best facilitator in the business.
John really knows the business of selling.
I have also coached him and his business.
John is very reliable in the business.
More importantly, he understands businesses, business relationships and business networks.
Furthermore, he has more than succeeded in an industry that requires the best from businesses.
He went from knowing no one in our industry, to doing business with the best of the best.
John is truly passionate about making his business the best it can be in the industry.
John has been ahead of the curve when it comes to business and the game industry.
As far as card-business is concerned, clearly he is among the best in the industry.
John is very passionate about his business and is an expert in the industry.
He had not only the business coaching, but the specifics of my industry.
He is well respected in the industry and really understands the business.
One in particular is promoting the business of blogging as an industry.
He will take the time to learn about your business and industry.
John has a passion for the business, unlike many in the industry.
He's definitely one of our industry's future business leaders.
A pleasure to do business with and adds value to our industry.
I would highly recommend him throughout the business industry.
John did his homework to understand our business and industry.
Excellent professional in his area of the business industry.
I am becoming more of a leader in my business and industry.
He is definitely a connector in the industry of business.
He knows his business and industry and gets the job done.
His grasp on his business and his industry is unmatched.
He truly knows his business and the industry as a whole.
We strongly recommend him for any business industry.
John goes above and beyond for his clients so that their business is one step ahead of others in their industry.
He knows his industry inside and out and is always looking to add value to his business relationships.
Not only does he know his customer, but he is in tune with the business and the industry.
John always seems to have has a finger on the pulse of what's happening in the business industry as well as his client companies' industries.
John's business model is different to most in his industry, and this works well for his business and most of all, the client.
John's tectonic approach in building a business and maturing that same business is well known through our industry.
His knowledge of business in a variety of industries is rivaled only by his business acumen.
John always was ahead of what was happening in the industry and always looking for the next big thing to drive the business.
John understands the industry so well that he knows how to be relatable to both businesses and individuals.
Hence why he is still in business today, always driven and ever-changing with the industry.
He makes it his business to know everything about the industry he works in.
Him business expertise plugs students directly into the industry.
When looking for a broker you can do no better than find someone who has been at the top in his industry and now does business bracing for the same industry.
His industry analysis reports are thorough, well organized, and will revolutionize the way the maritime industry does business.
John's consumer database industry expertise is helping us getting the business outside of the traditional business model
He has a good understanding of many different lines of business across many industries and business functions.
He inspires and teaches business owners to make their businesses shine within their respective industries.
His passion about the industry and about what he does bring energy and dynamism to his business-to-business interactions.
His passion is to improve business collectively for the industry as well as to mentor individual businesses.
John encouraged and welcomed new business referrals between the industrial and commercial business segments.
He is an asset to your business he is always creating something to promote the industry.
His experience in the online industry is invaluable to our business.
The man never rests promoting his business or that of the industry.
He makes it his business to stay on top of what is happening in his industry while he has keen insight in how to deliver business for his company.
He connects candidates with the best businesses in each industry and creates a win-win for the business and the candidate.
John, unlike others in the industry, is always looking at the best solutions for the customer and their business.
If you're looking for one of the best in the industry you can count on him to deliver results that will take your business to the next level.
Couples go to him for advice when they do not know what to decide for the best and him industry and business experience is second to none.
In doing so, he's often brought together not just the best experts in the media/entertainment business but other adjacent industries.
John truly understands the business far better than most and he would be an asset to any company in the collaboration industry.
If you have employed him as bizdev you may be always be sure, that your business will be in spotlight of any industry sector.
John always went out of his way to make introductions for him and open the doors to business opportunities in the industry.
John is very respected in the industry and provides a shining example of the power of doing the right thing in business.
John's willingness to go above and beyond the 'norm' of doing business in our industry is impressive and refreshing.
Moreover, his long experience in the domain industry make you sure that you are doing business with the right guy.
He knows 'tech' from having been on that side of the business, which is why that industry turns to him so often.
His understanding of his industry is second to none, and this is reflected in any business transaction with him.
He has been effective because he took the time and effort to get to know his industry, his business and his needs.
He understands the business, the industry, listens, in particular to what is not said and importantly delivers.
His ability to see forward as what the trends are in not only his industry but business as a whole is uncanny.
He gets the industry, understands business and really makes the most of every opportunity to move the needle.
He always offered perspectives that were expressly different from his experiences in business and industry.
In an industry that revolves around trust, there is no wonder why everyone chooses to do business with him.
John understands our industry, company and responsibilities of the various positions within the business.
His enthusiasm for not only his own business, but for the whole holiday home industry is truly commendable.
He understands the fast-paced nature of our business and always knows what's going on in our industry.
He's always been one of the good guys in our industry- which always makes the business side easier.
John has always impressed him with his business acumen and his ability to adapt to new industries.
John is honest, trustworthy and has an intense passion for the industry and for his own business.
His experience and attitude makes him an exemplary individual within the business and industry.
His efforts kept growing our business while others in the industry were closing their doors.
Whether in terms of business savvy and understanding of the industry, he's one of the best.
He is also very thoughtful on industry trends and potential implications for our business.
He gets the business industry and knows the right questions to ask when pursuing a story.
He understands the business, and how to deal with outsourcing workflows in this industry.
Regardless of scope or industry sector, he will prove himself an asset to your business.
He knows our business and understands the industry trends which is very valuable for us.
It's clear this has earned him the respect and business in this industry at all levels.
John has a positive impact on all industries and businesses with which he is involved.
John's versatility, likability and business sense spans across several industries.
His expertise in his industry had driven his business success to the next level.
John is able to transcend industries because he has great business acumen.
He approaches business problems with an ambitious and industrious attitude.
A visionary within his business and quick to keep on top of industry trends.
He's dives deep into the business to understand the challenges and industry.
His business acumen, intelligence and judgement are best in the industry.
He is also keyed into any industry news that could affect our business.
He has grown two very successful businesses in the high tech industry.
We got to know a lot about the business side of the industry from him.
He brings industry experience and business acumen to the discussion.
Our participants, from business and industry, give him high praise.
He taught him how to achieve business acumen and industry acumen.
Shaping new ways of doing business in a relatively static our company industry.
John understands the our company, industry and is extremely business savvy
He understands the placement business well & has an understanding of the our company industry.
He is proficient in his industry and quickly recognizes how he can grow his business by growing his customers' business.
John has a breadth of experience in a variety of industries and business models that was useful in all areas of our business.
He knows the business inside out, gets things done both effectively and creatively and is well connected within the industry.
John's knowledge base from working with several hundreds of small businesses has given him the foundation to help any business, in any industry succeed.
His professionalism and overall attitude towards the industry and his business make him one of his favorite people to do business with.
He applied business and marketing trends from other industries to him industry, which led to great success and set him business apart.
His team has become one of the best in the industry and our business has grown by multiples.
He leads by example, and would be an asset to almost any business, regardless of industry.
John will take the time to understand your business and your people, which is something that sets him apart from others in his industry.
He knows our needs very well not just because his industry knowledge but also because he treats our business as his own too.
He can help you change the way you think about your business or industry and connect the dots to get you to that future.
He knows his business inside and out and has the ability to relate to anyone from newbies to industry veterans.
John clearly knows the industry very well and understands the businesses that he is placing people into.
His extensive experience in the industry will always be an asset in his business engagement.
He has been working with businesses for many years and knows the industry inside and out.