Business Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John knows the business and he is well known in the industry.

If you need to take your business to the next level, they are the go to in the industry.

His business ethics go above and beyond most of those in this industry.

He was very knowledgeable about the industry and their business.

He has contacts in just about any business in our industry.

John is one of the best business minds in the industry.

John could write for any industry or business.

John is an asset to any business or industry.

Here we go again, another business coach who wants to tell me how to run my business.

John has been my business coach from the very beginning of my business.

He was driven to help them with their business and drive their business.

Finn has challenged me to focus on the business, not in the business.

John has been my business coach and truly understands my business.

Awesome business that I will be using from now on, for both my business and home.

John is the best business coach in the business.

Excellent business acumen across a range of businesses and industries.

If he can do it for himself, imagine what he can do for you and your business.

He actually does all the writing himself, unlike many others in the business.

John was one of the first professionals to welcome me into my business.

John has always been very responsive to the needs of the business.

John knows really well his business and is very responsive.

He not only knows the business, but he also knows how to coach.

John is one of the best professionals in the business.

John is very professional and truly knows his business.

He is without question the best in the business.

His commitment was to them and their businesses.

He knows his business and knows how to deliver.

He is second to none in the business coaching.

He knows his business and is very motivating.

John is really professional in his business.

John to help coach you with your business.

I always welcome his business in my hotels.

John is very dedicated to our business.

John is the best facilitator in the business.

John really knows the business of selling.

I have also coached him and his business.

John is very reliable in the business.

More importantly, he understands businesses, business relationships and business networks.

Furthermore, he has more than succeeded in an industry that requires the best from businesses.

He went from knowing no one in our industry, to doing business with the best of the best.

John is truly passionate about making his business the best it can be in the industry.

John has been ahead of the curve when it comes to business and the game industry.

As far as card-business is concerned, clearly he is among the best in the industry.

John is very passionate about his business and is an expert in the industry.

He had not only the business coaching, but the specifics of my industry.

He is well respected in the industry and really understands the business.

One in particular is promoting the business of blogging as an industry.

He will take the time to learn about your business and industry.

John has a passion for the business, unlike many in the industry.

He's definitely one of our industry's future business leaders.

A pleasure to do business with and adds value to our industry.

I would highly recommend him throughout the business industry.

John did his homework to understand our business and industry.

Excellent professional in his area of the business industry.

I am becoming more of a leader in my business and industry.

He is definitely a connector in the industry of business.

He knows his business and industry and gets the job done.

His grasp on his business and his industry is unmatched.

He truly knows his business and the industry as a whole.

We strongly recommend him for any business industry.