Business Intelligence Analyst Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Intelligence Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is extremely intelligent and knows his business very well.
John is an intelligent, focused business professional who always knows how to drive the business to get it done.
Not only for his flawless copy, but also for his business intelligence and maturity.
He is a very intelligent, reliable and very well versed in this business.
John is an extremely intelligent business man who has an undying passion to grow his business focusing on ethical, core business practices.
John is a dedicated, thorough and highly intelligent analyst.
John is intelligent in his approach to the business, using his experience and knowledge to drive new business.
John is an amazing, switched on, intelligent business professional that not only knows how to run his own successful business, he has also been instrumental in helping hundreds of other business owners succeed in business.
His intelligence and business acumen allowed him to quickly ramp up immerse himself in his client's business.
He also has provided an extremely intelligent strategy for taking the business forward into the future.
His intelligence and keen business sense allow him to see different angles on each situation.
John's strongest attributes are his intelligence, perseverance, and overall business acumen.
He is thoughtful, extremely intelligent and diligent beyond the normal course of business.
His intelligence and business capability is visible in even the briefest conversations.
He is thorough with excellent following through, business savvy and high intelligence.
He has attracted some very intelligent business folks - the sharing is great.
John approaches his business portfolio with both intelligence and vivacity.
John brings mature business and emotional intelligence to everything he does.
John is one of the most intelligent, thoughtful editors in the business.
John is an energetic, intelligent, very dedicated business analyst and a natural leader.
Professional, highly-motivated and intelligent, he treats your business like his own.
He is dedicated to the employees and to businesses, hardworking and extremely intelligent.
He is approachable, intelligent and has good, sound business sense.
John has coached me on being emotionally intelligent in business.
He is a gifted business man with sharp business intelligence and a great sense of humor.
His intelligence and passion for business is derived from his integrity.
I found him to be intelligent, savvy and very trustworthy: exactly what you want in a business partner.
His intelligence, respect and friendliness make him an easy go to the business partner.
Importantly, he is intelligent, effective and understands how to build a business.
John is intelligent, warm hearted, trustworthy business partner.
John is a lot of fun to be around, and at the same time very, very intelligent about his business.
He is intelligent, motivated, continuously looking at ways to do business even better.
John is strongly business-minded, yet has the heart and emotional intelligence of someone you can't help but want to be around - and follow.
Him business contacts stretch across the country because he brings value and intelligence to the partnership.
Throughout, he displays superior intelligence, business savvy and maturity far beyond his years.
John is a highly intelligent entrepreneur and certainly knows how to add value to a business.
His business manner is articulate, understanding, intuitive, intelligent, and conscientious.
Him contribution, intelligence and wonderful character contribute immensely to our business.
He performed the business intelligence analyst role in various projects.
His knack for business and business intelligence makes him the best talent in any organization he will work for.
John truly understands the power of business intelligence and how it can be applied to solve real business problems.
John is one of those talented, intelligent and energetic people that come along every so often in business.
I would recommend him for any testing or business analyst role.
John was very complete and detailed in his efforts, specifically around business intelligence.
His intelligence in the mobile space is only surpassed by his passion for the business.
John in a few words is "intelligence and vision" in mobile business.
He has strong knowledge in business technology solutions, especially in business intelligence.
John is an intelligent and successful business man who gives back to others on a constant basis.
He understands our business and has the intelligence and drive to be a star player, as he is.
John possesses the ideal balance of political acumen with business intelligence.
He is an intelligent business mind, and an invaluable asset to his organization.
Incredibly intelligent, he has both deep technology and business acumen.
He is very intelligent and very savvy in business discussions, presentations and negotiations.
He is intelligent, business savvy and can empathetically communicate to clients why they should do business with him instead of the competition.
He is very friendly and likeable, and an intelligent business person.
John has that perfect balance of intelligence and curiosity that makes him a great analyst that can drive a business forward.
He built networks and alliances intelligently throughout the business.
He asks intelligent, challenging questions for us as key suppliers, and makes sure that he knows everything he can about how we can help his business.
His business intelligence and continuous guidance have always encouraged and challenged me to think out of the box.
He was responsive, polite, and very intelligent about the client's business needs.