Business Leader Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Leader Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is not only a strategic business leader, but an inspirational leader of people.
Not only will he drive business forward, but he will be an example for all other leaders strive towards.
John is one of those business leaders that you don't have the privilege to meet very often along your way.
John is one of the most effective and inspiring business leaders you'll ever meet.
He is a proven leader and will always make decisions that are right for the business.
His can-do, will-do attitude is the very definition of an effective business leader.
He has progressed and proven to the business leaders him value to the enterprise.
John is an even keeled leader who weighs the business needs in all his decisions.
John has the skill sets to be an effective business leader in any organization.
I will recommend him to any organization looking for an excellent business leader.
The whole organization was excited to have him return as the business leader.
John is the type of leader that should run his own organization or business.
I had in the past and will continue to recommend him as a business leader.
John would be an ideal colleague and leader in your business organization.
He is the kind of business leaders everyone would like to interact with.
John is a terrific leader, he is very competent and knows his business.
John is an accomplished business leader with expertise in many areas.
He's an innovator, leader, and a force for positivity in our business.
He has an entrepreneurial drive and is an excellent business leader.
John is an extraordinary, progressive and innovative business leader.
He is a leader that any business organization would like to retain.
I believe that he'll be a well-rounded business leader in no time.
John is an inspirational leader with very sound business sense.
John is an excellent example of a truly engaged business leader.
John is simply one of the best talent leaders in the business.
John an ethical, dedicated and reliable leader of businesses.
He was an award leader in his first full year in the business.
As a business owner and leader himself and someone who coaches business leaders, he provided me with practical guidance and steps to help us take our business to the next level.
John is a rare leader who has significant strengths as a business leader, across many areas.
I most appreciated his trust and loyalty, which is what every leader wants from their own leader.
John is one of the rare business leaders who have an ability to navigate through delicate and complex business challenges and do so with poise.
John is a fantastic business leader and when it comes to winning accounts/growing business, he has a take no prisoners approach.
John is an exceptional business leader that has an uncanny ability to analyze and act on very complex business issues.
He's open to novel business models and approaches and is an extremely reasonable and ethical business leader.
John is a rare breed - he has a fascination with business and with helping business leaders be successful.
John is a business leader who excels at taking on big challenges and delivering strong business results.
John consistently forces me to look at my business from the perspective of a business owner and a leader.
John is an excellent business leader who strives to create and make a fun and fast business atmosphere.
He is a business leader, an evangelist, and a dedicated student of business in all its permutations.
John is a solid business leader that brings deep insight to the business challenges that he's facing.
As a business leader, him ideas and strategy have helped scale businesses and exponentially.
He is a strong business leader who has led his business group with passion and commitment.
John is an enthusiastic, trustworthy leader respected by the business leaders he works with.
John is definitely an outstanding leader and business partner, focusing on challenging business objectives and initiatives.
He possesses the ability to collaborate and partner with business leaders to drive business forward.
Preferred globally by business leaders, he competently stands out as a remarkable business partner.
John is most definitely that leader that people will follow wherever the business needs to go.
But most of all, people come first and than a business that is what makes him a great leader.
He is an exceptional leader and well thought of both within the business and externally.
He is well liked and respected among him workgroup, peers and other business leaders.
I am very happy that he is on his own, this way, business leaders have access to him.
John is and will forever be everyone's favorite business leader and partner.
John is the best business partner, leader, and friend, you can wish for.
He exemplifies "business partner" in all that he does as a leader.
John business would be lucky to have him as a leader and partner.
I found him an impressive business generalist and a fine leader.
John is an outstanding leader and an excellent business partner.
John is that rare combination of; great business leader and great people leader.
His past successes in business have given him the experience to be an excellent mentor and inspiring business leader.
John is an individual that has passion, purpose, and the business experience to be a leader in any type of business.
In addition, having such passion for his business and the vision of the future makes all of us revisit and perhaps re exam ourselves as business leaders.
He is successful in his business endeavors as he quickly sets himself apart from other business leaders of his performance.
He got to know our business in a minimum of time, and gained respect of the most demanding business leaders.
John is an excellent leader and has business acumen, he has a vision for business and looks at the big picture.
When you have a challenging business problem to solve and need an experienced business leader, he is your guy.
This blend of business experience and passion make him a very meaningful business contributor and leader.
Combine this with his strong business acumen and business experience, and you have a great agency leader.
As a business leader, he is energetic, innovative, and has great enthusiasm and passion for the business.
He is quite business savvy, a strong leader and above all, ethical and honest in his business dealings.
He's a proven business leader in establishing new business streams and growing them successfully.
As a business leader in our company he provided vision, insight and impetus to help grow our business.
His positive approach towards business engagement & focus on business results makes him a unique business leader in the marketplace.
He partners well with his clients and business leaders to drive business results.
He will challenge you to be the best leader you can be and never let you forget why we are all in business in the first place.
He's an experienced and accomplished business leader in his own right, but is always willing to help others around him.
John is truly a transformational leader who will do what is necessary to get the business to the next level.
John is an exceptional leader who can do just that regardless of the situation or business season.
John is successful in getting buy in from even some of the most skeptical business leaders.
John's vision and passion are outstanding and should be followed by many business leaders.
He's the kind of roll-up-your-sleeves, leader that we all appreciate having on our business.
He commands his respect along with that of most other business leaders with whom he deals.
John's approach to business is what sets him apart and makes him an effective leader.
John can be counted on to be an authentic, thoughtful and thorough business leader.
It is no wonder he has succeeded as a well established & respected business leader.
John is an experienced business leader that always keeps or exceeds his commitments.
John is an impressive and dedicated leader that would compliment any business.
Also, he is a very inspired leader not only for the business but also colleagues.
John makes amazing connections between businesses, churches, and our leaders.
He does not hesitate to push the business leaders towards the right answer.
John has the potential to be one of the nation's greatest business leaders.
He is a thoughtful leader that knows how to create value for the business.
He could bridge the gap between the leaders at the top of both businesses.
John on it was clear that he was destined to become a leader in business.
In a nutshell, he's the leader that every business should want to have.
He's always several steps ahead, which makes him a great business leader.
Across many sectors he has an ability to connect with business leaders.
John is a leader through and through and has tremendous business savvy.
Strong ethics and business sense which makes him an incredible leader.
His passion for collaborating with business leaders is inspirational.
John is very well organized leader, very focused on business growth.
He would be an asset to any business who wants a leader with vision.
That is simply the business leader, he is, and continues to become.
He is all about business acumen and being a compassionate leader.
He is everything you expect and need in a solid business leader.
His business leaders trusted him, believed in him and liked him.
He will no doubt go far and is a business leader of the future.
This is in his view what a business leader should be all about.
John is an amazing business leader, visionary, and entrepreneur.
John is an extremely creative business leader who is willing to go outside of the box to move the business forward.
The John business leader will tell you that to succeed in business, you will need many things, but one of the most important is good people on your side.
John did this by making the business case to business leaders and executives.
He mentioned business leaders, followed up through emails, and even invited him to be his guest at a business meeting.
This, coupled with his dedication and passion for his work and business make him an outstanding business leader.
A respected business leader, expert in his area of business with passion and belief in what he is doing.
He also likes to keep the pulse of the business and act as a business partner to leaders at all levels.
He is an agile business savvy leader who is an expert at navigating business challenges and barriers.
His business experience mixed with his military experience makes him a well-rounded business leader.
John is an outstanding business leader, a fantastic business partner and he pretty much knows everything there is to know about our company.
He knows the business, is very resourceful and is an excellent leader.
He's a source for leaderful collaborations and knows how to have leaders be great and businesses be brilliant.
A true leader in the making, one will surely see him grow into a business leader role.
John is an incredible leader - someone who gets things done and drives business forward.
Him insight into what business leaders are looking for directly helped him with his campaign.
Hundreds of members look up to him and respect him as a leader in business.
His role requires interaction with leaders of different business.
He is also a very appreciated business partner for the leaders.
He also builds appropriate rapport with the business leaders.
A true leader of his organization, respected by his people, his business partners and the business leaders he worked with.
With his many connections with various influential business leaders in the valley, he has been instrumental in helping the growth of his business.
John business would benefit from his expertise and business experience.
John is a dynamic business leader who is always looking for the next business opportunity and to expand his network.
John's focus is very much in 'driving the business forward' and what is best for the business.
Extremely knowledgeable about the business, he is also a very charismatic and approachable leader and business partner.
John is the best kind of sales leader because he does not just find business, he creates business.
John is a business leader, innovator and is always looking for new solutions.
Susna is a true leader with this organization because he has the pulse of small business and knows what's best for small business.
John is a true business leader who has a passion for the business and is only satisfied when he is exceeding expectations.
A very passionate insights and business leader, he brings great depth of understanding of his business and consumers.
John proved to be a very strong business leader, helping to grow the business to new levels each year.
The second allowed him to share a business opportunity with a group of like minded business leaders.
He knows how to take care of business and drive business to your company.
He can build new businesses or take existing businesses to the next level.
John made him and all of our classmates better people, students and business leaders.
His extensive experience in coaching leaders and business owners has given him the business savvy to help anyone in business with great success.
He strives to do what is best for the business at all times and as any leader can tell you, those decisions are not always the most popular.
Like any good leader, he doesn't pertain to know everything and is not afraid to ask for help to get the right result for the business.
John proactively reached out to us to become familiar with our needs, which was very much appreciated as the leader of the business.
He is exactly what that group needed - he's the kind of business leader that we're all either trying to be or trying to find.
John took time to understand the business, to understand what we were looking for in our leaders and he actually listens.
He is always on the look out for future potential leaders and he's in the business of bringing out the best in you.