Business Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Although very busy managing several businesses, he was always available to discuss a project.
Small business or corporate management, him business acumen could be described as elegant yet assertive.
As a business manager role he balances out the business and people management role very well.
And he's liked and respected by those he manages and other departments around the business.
Internally, he is passionate with his business and the people he manages
John is impressive by the way he manages businesses and people.
He truly understands his business and manages through his people.
We started as business partners and then he became his manager.
John knows the meeting management, business and knows resumes.
He is very known in his business so doing business with him is quite simple because he knows all advantages and disadvantages of business processes.
Despite his busy schedule, he is always there for us as our manager.
Professionally, he is a kind of manager that always manages the businesses to focus on the results.
Him interest in your business will make it much easier for you to focus on growing your business than on managing your website.
Overall, he has good business judgment and does a good job of managing the business.
His course management strategies have also helped his business.
He knows how to promote the business and manage successfully.
John really understands the business of management and how to get managers of all levels of experience to maximize their effectiveness.
John is sensitive to the needs of the organizations he manages and honestly cares about those with whom he does business and manages.
John is a very switched-on business manager; he definitely has his finger on the pulse of all the companies he manages.
He managed to transmit both his passion for business management and the best practices taken from his experience.
He manages business partners/clients with a smile on his face, without them realizing they're being managed.
Instead of micro-managing he believed in hiring and then trusting he hires to manage their business.
His insights into business management and personnel management are keen and spot on.
John in business very professional manager, one of the few managers who care about the client, the business & his employees.
John is an excellent manager, with a fantastic business mind and he really knows the best way to grow and transform your business.
John manages to take very complex business problems and boils them down to tangible business issues that everyone can understand.
John takes complete ownership of his business by managing and measuring the metrics that will take his business to new heights.
In additional, he's also a very experienced business manager who had consistently delivered the results to the business.
He's a take charge business manager who does not let challenges slow him down or stand in the way of closing business.
John, in his view could be best described as a passionate business manager, committed to business success and growth.
Due to the fact that, for years he owned his own business, he understands what managing a business is all about.
His ability to adapt to business requirements has made him a very capable and reliable business manager.
Him business and management background gave him insight into the business complications agencies face.
He has proved that he not only manages current business well, but with a view to future business needs.
John has a deep well of business experience in management of seasoned businesses and start-ups.
His ability to manage businesses in difficult business environments is a clear strength.
His business ownership proves he can grow and manage a sizeable stand-alone business.
He helped shape our middle management, business and make a fledgling business happen.
Our company, John's business and management foundations make him a steady backbone for guiding business.
His understanding of the business he manages plus his solid financials skills allows him to manage profitable business growth.
He repositioned the two business units under his management and successfully managed their disasters
He is an effective business manager, as he makes sure that everyone knows what is expected of them and when it needs to be done.
When it comes to the interest of the business, he does not hesitate taking things upwards to the top management.
Not only does his imagination has no limits, but he's also one of the very best man managers in the business.
John has been very impressive with his managing of the changes in the business environment we have been in.
John is an excellent manager who always let him know that he was there to help no matter how busy he was.
John to anyone who would like to expand their management or business horizon, be if for or not-for profit.
Also, because of this he was always busy, yet always knew how to manage his time well to get things done.
As a manager, he is always there when you need him and his understanding of the business is very strong.
Stakeholder management is his greatest attribute and he uses this expertise throughout the business.
His advice is provided to make sure that business can be well managed and opportunities can be won.
Collectively, under his leadership we managed well over several hundred million dollars of business.
He is easy to manage and could be left to get on with what he did best, bringing in the business.
In doing so he has been invaluable in the growth of our business as well as the management of it.
John did not only manage the business, he also provided much needed leadership for the company.
Top all that off with his business and management experience and you have one solid individual.
John manages to do this whilst never losing the right level of fun we all need to do business.
He knows what needs to be done to allow a business to be managed proactively, not reactively.
He does all of this while also running and managing three at-home businesses simultaneously.
John grows businesses and gets things done, and manages to do so with kindness at all times.
He really helped him and so many others with his management, leadership, and business styles.
John managed requirements from many different business groups and did it with charisma.
He grew the business that he was managing as well as streamlined things where required.
John will not only help you understand the numbers, but manage your business accordingly.
He does this whilst managing objectively, fairly and with unparalleled business acumen.
Completely focused on business results, he still manages to be well liked and respected.
Was as comfortable being under the microscope as when left alone to manage his business.
He manages his business and is exacting when it comes to his expectations of perfection.
Currently, he is managing the redevelopment of the website of our business organization.
That is because he has the business savvy to manage each situation to the right outcome.
John empowers you to make the right decision whilst managing the business expectations.
John values and honors his commitments and is best at end-to-end business management.
His view of the business and how it should be managed gives him that additional edge.
His insight into different business and management situations was truly enlightening.
Business results are always above target as he is proactive in managing his business.
Contact him if you need help managing the chaos that comes with growing a business.
We often need things at short notice, and even when busy, he manages our deadlines.
Dynamic, he has experience in business management and gives some relevant advises.
John's impact an immediate and impactful to the business segment that he managed.
His management style was very effective and adaptive to the needs of the business.
He managed to do this while at the same time, fulfilling his own business targets.
Couple that with his business acumen and vision, and you've got the ideal manager.
The business has grown and over-achieved all of its targets under his management.
Without him, his ability to manage the business would have been severely hampered.
Taking his persona into the business which upgrades his position and management.
John does well what is indicated by his title as business development manager.
He manages many businesses well and is highly reliable for whatever he promises.
His style of management and effectiveness in business was an example to us all.
He is always determined to bring improvements in the business he was managing.
John managed to keep the company on course with its core business objectives.
He knows how to manage strict timelines and makes sure business needs are met.
All while maintaining the business objective of his managers and organization.
Regardless of how busy he's always managed to take the time out a check on him.
He's very experienced manager and it was his pleasure doing business with him.
His efforts have made particular aspects of our business very easy to manage.
John conducts his business in such a way that would make any manager proud.
John is a manager that has feeling for business and he knows what he wants.
John always managed to create a business where others thought there was none.
John got really up to speed fast and managed the business needs perfectly.
To him, that's exactly what business and employees want from a good manager.
He can help any business manager be more effective and create efficiency.
He tries innovative approaches to enhance the management of the business.
John also possesses the attributes of an outstanding business manager.
And above all, he manages the balancing act between business and culture.
John also has had great advice for him on business and management issues.
A pleasure to do business with, he managed his expectations and then some.
He managed him well and was always approachable, no matter how busy he was.
That is a great help to him when managing expectations with the business.
But, underneath he is very busy analyzing the situation and managing it.
He manages all facets of the business without sacrifice to one another.
John's overriding principle of business management is the "experience".
He manages them well to guiding them towards the correct business path.
John is very driven to make a difference in the businesses he manages.
John precludes all aspects of the quintessential business manager.
John's ability to manage an intensive business course is impressive.
His way of managing the business and the work/life balance is amazing.
John is initiative oriented and proactive in managing his business.
Though he is constantly busy, he manages to be incredibly responsive.
You can always count on him to provide excellent business management.
He further manages his business effectively and is highly dependable.
His years of experience in noted in the way he manages the business.
He expertly managed the dynamically across all levels of the business.
He understands and has managed all aspects of conducting business.
He handled some of our very demanding business managers with ease.
John's business card should be in every hiring manager's Rolodex
Equally impressive were his business acumen and management style.
His management style and business principles are to be commended.
He manages his business with the utmost priority and commitment.
He truly excels in managing the complexities of business growth.
John managed him at a challenging time for the new thus business.
John understands and knows how to manage a business for success.
He is an extraordinary business manager and congenial colleague.
He taught him how to manage his business and grow in the company.
Added to this is his strategic and business management acumen.
He manages organizations well while growing small businesses.
Mature for his age, he was a very ambitious business manager.
He manages one of the toughest business in our company and does it with class.
While casually managing the our company business at the same time.
He gets that business is a mix of relationship management and taking care of business.
John manages his businesses very effectively and his personal experience with him in business has been very positive.
John works in a large business, but manages budgets as if they were his own business.
He will always go the extra mile and constantly demonstrates the way business managers should behave to deliver fair management with the best results for the business.
He ran his own business, managed businesses in and on behalf of others and connected people with a good business idea to potential investors.
He not only provides great insights for the business growth but also manages the business requirements very well.
Thanks to his expertise in pharma business and excellent management, we could carry on the business well.
He managed his team and business effectively and ensured continued business growth.
Inspiring and clearly among the best in the business, whoever gets the benefit of his management next can consider themselves fortunate.
He managed through difficult changes and always did what was right for the business and our customers.
He will make you look better to your clients and management for having done business with him.
He went beyond the business to establish relationships which in this business, is critical.