Business Objects Administrator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Objects Administrator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John's value to the business was measured by his incredible capability to translate business objectives into outcomes.
He is very business focused, sensitive to business demands / timelines, keeps the end objective in mind.
However, he is also very aware of the business objectives and makes sure that these are met.
John is attentive to others, yet very much on queue in regards to business objectives.
When it comes to business, he is very clear about the objectives he wants to achieve.
He is very serious about his business and he consistently exceeds his objectives.
John's overall approach has been very compatible with our business objectives.
John very quickly and clearly understands his business and its objectives.
John knows how to listen and always focused on the business objectives.
I have never seen him miss any agreed business objective or target.
He guided me in the right way to achieve the business objectives.
Most importantly, he keeps the business objective as a priority.
I have found him help to be quite valuable to meeting my business objectives.
His successes were made possible by his strong business acumen and collaborative approach to achieving business objectives.
He knows how to help a business figure out their objectives first, and then determine how he can help them reach these objectives.
Really good to have him business knowledge and administration capabilities.
John's ability to understand business requirements and business objectives of clients is excellent.
He has a unique balance of business strategy and tactics to achieve business objectives.
I have found him easy to get on with, passionate about my business and has always done his best to deliver on objectives.
He is enthusiastic, hardworking and always looking for how business objectives can best be achieved.
A rare breed who is more about the business objective and those around him than his own agenda.
John gets the best out of everyone by ensuring they know what the objectives as a business are.
Quality, business objectives and the well-being of subordinates are always his top priorities.
John has an outstanding sense of the needs of the marketplace and business objectives.
He always could be counted on to deliver on his business objectives and commitments.
He knows exactly what his business objectives are and is rigorous in pursuing them.
He understands the objectives of the business and provides strong representation.
He knows how to close business on his own and can overcome objections with ease.
He is tenacious and conscious of his objectives as well as the business scope.
John always ensured that the objectives of the business were met and exceeded.
John is precise about business objectives and always straight to the point.
He is always mindful of how his advice will impact my business objectives.
He conducts his business with objectivity and challenges in the right way.
He's very oriented to business needs and strongly focused on objectives.
He's also very pragmatic and has a feel for overall business objectives.
John was excellent at balancing the new toys with business objectives.
He knows his business and never loses sight of ultimate objectives.
He accomplished our business objective quickly and effectively.
He talked about overcoming objections and growing your business.
He understood the business objectives, and everything he did was aimed at meeting and exceeding those objectives.
John has good business acumen and is adept at integrating culture and business objectives.
He is going above and beyond to meet the business objectives by always taking over things that are exceeding his role.
John is across all facets of his business and knows everything about his clients' objectives.
He's always willing to do what it takes to help the business meet its objectives asap.
We've been able to meet many business objectives thanks to his contribution.
He understood the local marketplace as well as our business objectives.
John is enthusiastic and strives to achieve business objectives, which is helped by his indepth understanding of the business and its sector.
Most impressive to me is his a holistic view of the business and how items within his reach can help achieve overall business objectives.
John is always on top of the business, making sure that the strategy is applied properly and that we reach our business objective.
He is relentlessly focused on end business objectives and have clarity of vision on how to achieve the objectives.
John was always knowledgeable about our business, and was dedicated to our objectives.
Brilliant negotiator, he has always in mind the success of its business objectives.
John is very knowledgeable and able to help with multiple business administration challenges.
I found him to have a very effective business insight and the ability to drive changes that were meaningful to achieve business objectives.
Most importantly, he will not only achieve your objectives and enhance your business, he will also make you look good.
He can always see both sides of a reasoned argument and can always be objective about what is best for the business.
We hired him to take an objective look at our business and his insight and recommendations were very helpful.
He knows what he wants and is incredibly convincing and systematic in getting his business objectives met.
But he's always mindful of what the basic business objective and never, never lets his ego get in the way.
He has the ability to look at a business and know exactly what it needs to achieve the desired objective.