Business Objects Developer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Objects Developer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is extremely well connected and an asset to any business that needs someone to deliver tangible business development results.
John is a fantastic talent that encompasses both business development strategies and business objectives simultaneously.
John's strength is his ability to find the right balance between business objectives and developer needs.
He was incredibly busy; but, never too busy for questions and he always explained the objective or the "why" behind his decisions.
He is very thorough in his understanding of the requirements and the business objectives.
John took the time to understand the main objective and business objectives.
John agreed to provide me with a few examples that would be useful in developing my business.
John has done an amazing job in developing not one but two websites for my business.
He is well versed in both the development and publishing sides of the business.
He has developed so many solutions for my business it would be hard to number.
John has been essential in the growth and focus of our business development.
He has been a very important guy in the development of our business.
He is an exceptional partner in our company's business development.
The result: he doesn't just grow the business; he develops people.
He is very bright and intuitive in developing business solutions.
He was always focused people's development and business results.
He is able to define business objectives and develop innovative solutions.
He is great with the business and with other developers on the team.
His detached objectivity is a help to a business person like myself who gets so busy working in their business that they forget to work on their business.
The John primary objective was to develop a way forward for business growth and development and define what form that model should take.
Effectiveness in identifying and developing new opportunities he would be an asset to any business.
I recommend him to any company that needs an entrepreneurial force to develop their business.
John's ability to identify and help develop business concepts is truly second to none.
I would trust him to deliver our message on any new business development opportunity.
His strengths include the development and advancement of both business and teamwork.
He thinks outside of the box to come up with new ideas in developing businesses.
John has the ability to fix, grow and develop both mature and new businesses.
He was able to help develop an extraordinary business concept and prototype.
He taught me how to position myself in those groups and develop business.
John is well versed in business development in a scientific environment.
Him strategy and insight directly resulted in developing new business.
In his business development strategies they are mutually inclusive.
John exhibits a dexterity in developing new business opportunities.
He is focused on outcomes and objectives at all times and will help develop strategies for any business to meet those objectives.
John is dedicated to the development of those processes and adding value to the business by identifying business needs and problems.
John has a strategic based approach to business and has been typically focused on business development.
Recently he has developed a functional website for one of my businesses.
John is a very accomplished business man who has helped me develop my personal business.
John continues to focus on self development as well as his business responsibilities.
He has also demonstrated strong business development competencies.
He understands the individual needs to get the best out of people and help them to develop, while always keeping in mind the business objectives.
He has an acute sense of connecting with people, their development needs and aligning both with the objectives of the business.
John's objective is to do what is right for the business without forgetting the needs of the people.
Enthusiastic and pushy, he keeps focus on business and objectives.
John was also a star performer when it came to business development.
John has excellent business development skills coupled with serious business ethics.
He continues to develop ideas and has always been best placed to respond to my business requirements.
I have no doubt that my successes in business development are directly contributable to his guidance.
I am very happy that even though he has left our business he is continuing to develop himself.
John is very aggressive in growing his business and wants to develop the best in his clients.
Does his best to get developers understand client's business needs for best results.
He devotes his most of the time in developing new techniques to grow the business.
His expertise in business development makes him an asset to any organization.
John excels at client relations/management as well as business development.
He led our new business development during an incredibly challenging time.
He was very focused on creating business and implementing its development.
He feels the overall directions and tendency of business development.
His grasp of business development for his clients is unsurpassed.
He is well organized and a highly successful business development.
He is extremely good at developing new business and new clients.