Business Office Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Office Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He has been available to my office during a time of crisis and we appreciate him getting us back in business.
No matter how busy he was, he was always available and willing to assist me in my career.
John was directly responsible for growing the largest book of business in the office.
He has built his business and expanded it by opening a second office.
He is never too busy and he is never free which means you could always walk into to his office and he will provide the assistance needed of him.
I have referred a colleague to him and would do so again for anyone looking for expert assistance to streamline and augment their business and business presence.
He can spot business trends and assist business owners to adapt to changes quickly and profitably.
He is always available to assist you in strategizing and closing business.
John is a proactive and strategic business adviser who can assist businesses at every level with clear, insightful business advice.
John has been my business coach from the very beginning of my business.
He made himself available at all times to assist in both my growth and that of my business segment, even given that segment's smaller scale in the business at large.
John assisted us in deciding on what business formation best fit our needs and then assisted us with proper filings.
I recommend him to any business needing bookkeeping assistance.
John has always been willing to offer his assistance and has an excellent rapport with his colleagues in and out of the office.
He was an affable presence around the office and was more than happy to assist with anything we required.
Plus the fact that he knows his business and how to take care of business.
I also appreciated his positive attitude around the office, even when we were all busy and stressed.
I'm really looking forward to continuing to watch him business grow and to be there to assist along the way.
I truly appreciate the continued business and hope to be able to assist him well into the future.
John will add value to your business or assist you when advancing your career.
He always keeps our side of the office busy, and laughing simultaneously, which is no small feat.
He is very organised, and has great ideas and concepts to assist business owners in strengthening their business positions.
He is one of those teachers who takes your business seriously like if it is his business.
John is definitely the business coach you want by your side to help grow your business.
I would highly recommend him to businesses looking for business coaching.
He has assisted our business in the past with several candidates for a job vacancy.
He is totally committed to assisting you build your business.
Gogel comes to our business each month rather than us having to send our books and records to his office.
John assisted the committee in securing business contacts with local businesses to assist us with the program.
He was also never too busy assisting the rest of the team when required.
John is one of the best at marketing and bringing business into the office.
Not only that, he has enormous insights into dealing with the reality of politics in business and the office.
John was one of our speakers for a small business seminar our office organized.
John is consistently pleasant, opening his office to employees, even if he's very busy.
We started with the business and now he does our personal as well as other businesses that we now own.
He is very easy going person, but knows that business means business.
He takes over his job seriously and readily assist you even after office hour.
John has provided invaluable help and assistance in promoting our business and raising our profile.
John has assisted me with the promotion of my business at a number of exhibitions.
John was never too busy to provide guidance and assistance to his peers.
He has provided me assistance in all areas of my recruiting business.
He is very knowledgeable about his business and offers new ideas to us on how to make the office look great.
He brings this same dedication and standards to his business assisting individuals and businesses to reach new strategic possibilities.
He goes above and beyond to assist our office which can sometimes be a challenge because we can at times be demanding.
John fairly distributes new business leads throughout the office.
I have never known him to be "too busy" and he is a very busy person with his own international business to oversee.
He is very accessible and has always assisted me in any way he could increase my business and help clients.
He always has the time no matter how busy to help, teach, and assist in any way possible.
He came up with copywriting ideas and assisted with our business idea at the time.
He was wise beyond his years, with many insights into not only the business, but the people in my office, I included.
He makes it a point to be available and present in the office as well as reachable outside of business hours.
He is genuine, honest, and straightforward in his approach to business and life outside the office.
He truly cares about those he brings on in the business, and wants to see them and the business be successful.
John is taking great care of my company and if it wasn't for him my business might not be still in business.
John treats the business with the caring and dedication, as if it was his own business.
He genuinely cares about others, their business and future of their business.
He is very business oriented toward helping others grow their businesses and networking people so businesses can help each other.
He went well beyond the normal call of duty to make sure our office was ready for business.
John regularly assists with office organisation in our business and provides a valuable service.
He already is a very successful person in the office and out of the office.