Business Office Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Office Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is ostensibly the "office manager", but really, he's more of the "chief morale officer".
John came to the office, listened and asked numerous questions about my business.
He is methodical and deliberate in both his approach to managing his business as well as how he manages his people.
The management acumen he has demonstrated here goes far beyond that required for normal business management.
He is a very dynamic manager both in terms of people management and in getting the best in the business.
I believe he is an excellent manager when it comes to managing & devise solutions for business challenges.
He was effective at managing managers and delivering on business and people excellence.
John was a great manager in the office and a valuable mentor outside of the office.
He has managed people and offices in multiple cities and he ran his own business too.
His management style was very effective and adaptive to the needs of the business.
John is a detailed oriented, hardworking manager who runs an office as if it were his own business.
We can now easily manage what he has established to keep our office forefront with our patients and other businesses.
John knows his business like no other loan officer, he has been a true value to my clients and business.
He is a devoted business manager who goes the extra mile for our clients and for our office.
He does this whilst managing objectively, fairly and with unparalleled business acumen.
John managed to keep the company on course with its core business objectives.
His insights into business management and personnel management are keen and spot on.
John is one of those rare managers that has the right balance between people management and business focus.
He'll help you move your family across the country or manage your office while you hunt for a new manager-he might even find you the new manager.
John understands very well what the business and people managers are looking for in new hires.
He is very well regarded by his peers as well as business management throughout the company.
He manages people well - and in doing so, he transfers his own passion for the business.
He manages the business by managing people, defending them whenever needed and empowering them as much as possible.
John is an example of a great people manager, who is also capable of managing complex businesses.
John is an excellent people manager and a very effective and pragmatic business manager.
Sitting in his office for an hour, he was able to connect me to four sources that will help me in both of my businesses.
John manages to do this whilst never losing the right level of fun we all need to do business.
John is someone who understands business strategy and is an effective manager.
His energy also surpasses the business environment, which makes him fun to be around both in and outside of the office.
He is an outstanding business resource for anyone just starting out in business.
His vast business management enables him to strategically see the whole picture, what it will take to scale and grow the business.
If you have a requirement for program management officer with sensible business acumen he is your man.
Highly motivated and energetic, he was great to have around the office and an asset to the business.
John knows what loan officers need to help take them to the next level in their business.
He's always relentlessly busy, but still finds time to share in the office banter.
John was tasked with managing the setup of a new office premises following a business acquisition.
He led and managed our office with both unswerving enthusiasm and diligent business practice.
John has gone above and beyond his daily responsibilities to help manage this group out of his office.
John is very knowledgeable about the commercial/distributor side of the office furniture business.
I enjoy working with him, whether it be in the office or at a business dinner.
I was able to work with him closely as he managed the office and grew the business and always marveled at his composure.
He utilizes the expertise of those around him to effectively manage his business.
He is the office comedian, but when it comes to generating business he is as serious as they come.
He is never too busy to offer advice and guidance, while still managing to be everywhere and doing everything at once.
This can clearly be seen through his management style of colleagues and his drive to make the business better.
John is an empathetic manager while also understanding the necessity of meeting the needs of the business.
A proficient and reliable manager, he is well-liked and conscientious in all his business dealings.
John always surprised me with his insightful approach to managing business and organizations.
I highly recommend him to anyone needing help in organization and business management.
He is an excellent business manager and very effective managing clients portfolio's.
John is really business oriented and motivated person, who knows exactly his business.
John is a very conscientious, well-organized and results-oriented office manager.
He is not only an excellent people manager, but also somebody who really understands the business and exactly knows what needs to be done.
He understands all aspects of business and knows how to manage people to get the most out of them.
He has grace under pressure when it gets busy, and always manages to make my job so much easier.
John is able to balance the requirements of the business with those of people management.
John was able to provide immediate impact to the business and managers that he serves.
I recommend him without reservation for any appropriate business and/or management role.
He applies this approach to all aspects of getting the business to people management.
Have always gained from his suggestions and inputs on managing people and business.