Business Operations Analyst Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Operations Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is one of the best operational minds in the event business.
John digs into the overall business operation to understand the key business needs and opportunities for improvement.
John is an excellent business analyst who rapidly learns and understands new business areas.
John provides me with superior business analysis and back end operational guidance.
John is an incredibly talented operations analyst who has the unique ability to understand the business and operational elements of complex deals, and can explain the fiscal impact to stakeholders across the business.
Helping where he best could, but also challenging us to ensure that the businesses we were operating were being done so economically and efficiently.
He is very, very honest with his comments regarding your business and how you operate, this is only to be valued and appreciated.
By now he has seen so many different operations and businesses that he will throw good ideas at you from the first minute.
He would always be interested to know the business operations better and be prompt in responding to the needs.
John has become my “go to” guy for getting anything done on the operations side of our business.
He is the consummate operational guru and would do very well in any challenging business environment.
He operates several steps ahead of his competition, which is indicative of his business acumen.
He knows his business inside out and in running an operation, he always sees the bigger picture.
He has proven to be very insightful in the way he operates his business and to utilise others.
He has an amazing understanding of businesses, how they operate and what makes them successful.
He gets things done and helps the operations of the business run smoothly and efficiently.
He has an amazing macro view of the business and the environment in which it operates.
He understood the business and what it takes to progress his portion of the operation.
He is easy going and trustworthy, and would make a success in any business operation.
John is a very bright individual who thoroughly understands business operations.
He always went the extra mile to ensure that our business operated smoothly.
He's a good guy too, and he really knows how to run and operate his business.
John has opened my eyes to a whole new way to run and operate my business.
He was a big help getting my business started and operating successfully.
He is comfortable operating in diverse business and cultural environments.
He operates with remarkable efficiency and has impeccable business savvy.
John held my confidence and trust in his ability to operate the business.
I recommend him for any start up or a business expanding its operations.
He can take a business from the idea phase to successfully operate.
He is the focal point and "go to expert" for business operations.
He is extremely smart and understands how to operate a business.
John is a world-class business operator and all-around gentleman.
He understands all aspects of owning and operating a business.
He taught me how to operate a business with loyalty and trust.
It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know him and learning how he operates his business.
John knows business, operations and finances like no one else.
His operational experience and business acumen is first class.
I am sure to be hearing his name more frequently outside of my business circles as he expands his operation.
John takes the time to understand how your business operates and what you are trying to attain.
John started and operated his own business while in college; which is not an easy task.
John provides excellent insight into how clients operate and do business.
John has advanced ability of business operations and decision making.
He provides useful and workable recommendations to improve business operations.
John quickly worked out how the business operated and how to get things done.
He makes sure that business processes are operating while all are having fun.
He knows business processes well and not only for operational prospective.
He is very knowledgeable in business operations and problem solving.
John is an extremely intelligent and business savvy operator.
With him also comes superb understanding of the operational aspects of the business, we could relay the operational difficulties with him easily and he was prompt and thorough in his recommendations.
His knowledge of business practices and operations and with his operational touch he helped others and me tremendously.
John has demonstrated more than once his strong operational and managerial business acumen.
John is a consummate operator in both business and policy arenas.
He has also played a key role in creating business requirements as a business analyst.
John knows business operations thoroughly from budgets for facilitating meetings.
John has been an excellent business partner for infrastructure operations.
He gets both the financial and operational side of the business.
John is the perfect combination of business acumen, operational know-how and unstoppable tenacity that drives a business to success.
He was always happy to help me with any issues which arose, going over and above to ensure no disruption to business operations.
Building his business into a successful operation is the best manifestation of that dedication and persistence.
His nature is added value to the operation, while his perceptions and advices are precious for the business.